How to port a Chainsaw ( 4 easy Steps)

If you’re a woodworker, the chainsaw is such a useful and convenient piece of equipment for your woodwork. While some of the woodworkers are not satisfied with their compressors ratio. This means the ability of the power of their chainsaw is not so daring.

Therefore, it requires knowledge and skill for the process of porting the chainsaw. We will tell you the complete guide on how to port a chainsaw .

So would you waste your money buying a new chainsaw? No, you do not need to go for a new saw. Therefore, in this article, we’ve brought you the guiding process of porting a chainsaw with steps and instructions which will help to give a higher compressor ratio to your chainsaw.

How to port a chainsaw in 2022

 Let’s go through the guiding process. Well, wait.  There are several guiding steps for porting a chainsaw but it depends on the type of your chainsaw. Moreover, depends on what purpose you would use your saw after its modification. Before starting the procedure make sure the temperature of the saw stays low.

Then, follow the guide.

Step 1:

As you all know, the exhaust is the access to the inside part of the chainsaw. So, this process is actually known as the opening and widening of the exhaust way. Hence, you gotta open up the muffler carefully. Further, you can search the process of opening as there are grinding, drilling and many other ways to open that. The next thing you need to make sure of is that the exhaust side is wide open so that your hand is easily accessible. Once you do that, come to the next step.

Step 2:

As soon as you’re done widening the exhaust side, then you need to free up some room inside the intake and exhaust port of your chainsaw. To do so, there are various machinery techniques you can follow to free up space but what I’m suggesting to you in this article is the squishing method. Yes, you can try it as well.

Step 3:

Accordingly, in the process of squishing, what you need to do is lower the jug of your saw. Therefore, for lowering the jug you have to buy an item called a thin gasket which is not so expensive at all. Well, this procedure is known as milling.

Step 4:

Once you’re done with the squishing method, then you’re almost there to end the wood porting guide. Therefore, you’ll notice now your compressor will show up at a higher ratio.

However, If you want to have some more improvement, you can try improving the transfer ports of your compressor as well. For your ease, we’re listing down the improvement tips down below;

  • Try eliminating the coil from the RPM limiter.
  • You can try altering the mechanical timings of your ports.
  • The excessive element from the piston of your chainsaw can also be removed for better modification.

Try these tips as they will help you in better modification and a much better compressor ratio as well. Which will lead your chainsaw to cut the wood more efficiently and effectively and work with more durability.

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What does porting a chainsaw mean?

Porting a chainsaw means modifying or polishing the parts of your saw. If it’s not cutting the wood as good as it should or its compressor ratio is low, in this case, you gotta port your chainsaw which means upgrading it to the new version rather than buying a new one.

What is the most powerful chainsaw?

Nowadays STIHL MS 881 is playing an important role as the most powerful chainsaw out there in the market production. Therefore, most foresters, loggers, and industrialists use and highly recommend this powerful chainsaw.

What is the purpose of a chainsaw?

Interestingly, a chainsaw is an electrically powered machine. That comes with sharp teeth to cut the wooden stuff and battery. It is generally used in forest industries for harvesting firewood and cutting trees and making wooden furniture.

 How often should I sharpen my chainsaw?

Normally if you’re a woodworker and have to cut wood on a daily basis, your saw might get dull and need to be sharpened for a higher ratio. Therefore, you can sharpen your chainsaw up-to 10 times. But if you buy a new one it can work for years with new bars.

 How long should a chainsaw last?

Generally, most chainsaws last for probably 10 years of use but it depends on the quality, and second, if you’re taking good care of your saw I mean you’re sharpening it, porting it, and modifying it, then it could work more than 10 years.

 Why do loggers run their chainsaw bars upside down?

Chainsaw bars are designed and featured in such a way that they can be used upside down or right-side up easily. But most of the loggers run their chainsaw bars upside down because it gives them relief from much hard work like wear and tear. Simply, you can mean, it saves their time and energy from more exerting.

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In the end, all I will say Is, in these hard days when your city is all locked up and one is working hard day and night just to shelter his family, it’s better to save your money and spend it on the right side rather than wasting your penny on buying new tools when you can repair and modify it by yourself.

Therefore, if you’re a woodworker and your saw is not working perfectly in a higher compression ratio, then this blog is a short and simple guide for you on How to port a chainsaw.

With this easy modification, your chainsaw will be upgraded to a new version. Moreover, it works with a higher compressor probability and your money is saved as well from wasting it on buying a new saw.

Do let us know if this article is helpful for you in the comments section. If you have any questions regarding this blog feel free to put them down as well.


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