How To Play Pubg Mobile on PC or Laptop?- Simple Steps Guide

Pubg is a free-to-play online multiplayer game that lets players build their own community and fight other players in intense battles with various weapons and vehicles. Millions of players across the world have played it.

The Google Play Store presently has the mobile version of Pubg Mobile accessible to download.

But the question is how you can play pubg mobile on PC or laptop. If you have an excellent laptop for pubg or computer, you will flawlessly enjoy the game on the system.

How to Play Pubg on PC or Laptop Using GameLoop: An Official Pubg Emulator

You can use GameLoop to play Pubg on your PC or laptop. GameLoop is a powerful and feature-rich game emulator that lets you play pubg mobile on your PC or laptop. The game emulates the entire game environment on your computer. You can play Pubg for PC on your laptop with GameLoop. It is an official Pubg emulator by Tencent Games. The emulator is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

How to Download Pubg Mobile on PC or Laptop Using Gameloop

Here are the steps to download Pubg for Laptop or PC:

1: Download and Install GameLoop Emulator from the official Website. To download, go to the Website and click the download option. The process of downloading will begin automatically.

Pubg Mobile For PC

2: Now, install it by clicking on the download file and clicking on the the install button. Wait for the installation process to complete.

Pubg Mobile Download PC
Click on Install Button

3: Again go back to the page and click on Pubg Mobile PC Download button OR Open the game loop software by clicking the Gameloop icon on your desktop and search Pubg Mobile in Search Bar

Pubg on Laptop

5: Installation Will Start automatically.

Install Pubg On PC

6: If you are experiencing problems while trying to download the game, you may need to confirm that you have a decent internet connection. You may be prompted to re-launch the game if it has received significant modifications.

7: I shall recommend you and your gaming teammates to use this official emulator. Otherwise, you can face problems during gameplay once pubg servers detect unofficial emulators. 

8: You can also join those teammates playing the game on mobile.

Play Pubg Mobile on PC or Laptop Using Bluestacks

You can use the popular Android emulator BlueStacks to play Pubg Mobile online on your PC. Any Android app can install on your PC with the emulator. You can install the Pubg Mobile for PC in your BlueStacks and play it on your PC.

The BlueStacks is available in both Windows and Mac OS. BlueStacks is a powerful Android emulator that allows you to run Pubg for Windows and Mac OS.

Download BlueStacks

Download and install the latest version of BlueStacks. After installation, launch BlueStacks.

After that, click on the “search bar”, and search for “Pubg Mobile”. Now install the pubg mobile on laptop or PC.

Once you install the Pubg Mobile App on BlueStacks, launch it and play Pubg Mobile on the computer. However, only use Bluestacks if your computer can handle the game’s graphics.

Pubg Mobile Game Controls on PC and Laptop

Gamepad, Mouse, and Keyboard are the three control modes available in Pubg Mobile. The controls are simple to operate.

You can also use the Keyboard to jump, shoot, and perform other actions. “W” to move forward the character, “S” for backward, “D” for right side moving, and “A” for left side movement. If you want to move your character quickly, press “Shit+W”. “C” to sit down the character, “Z” to lay down your character. Use the “Esc” button for game settings. For the backpack option, use the “Tab” button. To jump your character, use the “Shift+Space” button. 

Using an external keyboard is the best way to play Pubg Mobile on PC. External keyboards have their advantages. You can type quickly and press the keys you need to use in the game.

The gamepad is the most commonly used control scheme. The gamepad is also the default control scheme in Pubg Mobile. It allows you to move, aim, and shoot your character. You can also use the gamepad to perform particular actions.

In the Pubg Mobile game, the crosshair appears when you aim. The crosshair also occurs when you perform particular actions. It occurs when you desire or complete special actions.

How to Play PUBG Mobile on PC or Laptop Without Emulator?

You can also play pubg without an emulator. For this, you have to install steam. Steam is a popular gaming platform for PC and Mac OS.

Go to the steam Website and install it for PC.

After installing steam, Sign in the steam or Create a new steam account.

Once you sign in, you can download pubg mobile from the steam store. Search Pubg in the search bar.

Purchase the game. After purchasing the game, you can play pubg mobile on your PC. You can also play the game on your laptop.

Commonly Asked Questions

Should I use a controller or Keyboard and Mouse to Play Pubg on Laptop and PC?

The best way is to use Keyboard and mouse to play pubg, because Keyboard and mouse give you full control over the game. A controller can also be used. However, it has fewer buttons. Therefore, many functions will not be mapped.

How to Play Pubg on Laptop and Mobile Free?

You can play the pubg free on your computer. For this, you need to install the Pubg Lite from here. This is a free pubg version for computers. But for a better gaming experience, go to the pubg mobile.


The Pubg Mobile is a battle royale game that gives you a unique experience. You can play the game with friends and family on your computer or laptop.

This tutorial shows you how to play Pubg Mobile on your laptop or PC. If you are a novice, you can initiate with the Pubg Mobile game on a PC and laptop.

To play the game on the computer, the ideal method is to use the keyboard and mouse.

If you have any questions regarding this article, please feel free to comment below.

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