How to mount radar detector (Rear view mirror)

Radar detectors are a must for many drivers. The best radar detector is the one that you can easily mount to your car and that has an easy-to-reach mute button.

If you have a rearview mirror, then there are two ways to mount your radar detector: on top of the mirror or below it. If you do not have a rearview mirror, then use an adhesive hook or suction cup to securely attach the device in place.

How to mount a radar detector

How should I mount my radar detector? There are two ways to do it: on top of the rear view mirror or below it.

If you have a regular, flat rearview mirror, then there’s no problem installing your radar detector 2022 in either of these ways. You have to just make sure that you mount it in a location that is both out of the driver’s line of sight and within reach of an easy-to-reach mute button.

If you’re using an angled rearview mirror, or if your car does not have any mirrors at all, then there are two options. You can use adhesive hooks to secure your radar detector in place, or you can use a suction cup.

The best way is the one that’s both out of your line of sight and easy for you to reach with your hand from any seat position. So if your car has no mirrors at all, then it’s a good idea to mount the radar detector as close to the driver’s side of your car as possible.

Mounting THE Radar detector High on the Windshield ( Correct Way)

The radar detector should be mounted as high up on the windshield of your car as possible. This is because how fast a car is going towards you can determine how long it will take for that vehicle to hit your front bumper.

If they are driving at or above the speed limit, and so having the device higher up may allow more time to react accordingly.

Can you mount a radar detector upside down PROPERLY??

No, radar detectors cannot be mounted upside down. The sensor must point outwards to receive the signal so if you mount the detector upside-down it is useless and will not work correctly when trying to detect how fast a car is coming towards your vehicle on the road or highway. Always make sure that the angle of the device corresponds with how high up on your windshield is being placed.

Can I have two different types of mounting for my rearview mirror? Yes! If you want to use adhesive hooks for one type of installation but also need an easy way to reach your mute button from another seat position in case someone else drives.

In this case, go ahead and get both styles installed simultaneously! You’re just going to need more than one set

Frequently asked questions

Does Tint of window Affect My Radar Detector?

No, window tint does not affect how the radar detector functions.

What should be the direction of my radar detector?

Point the radar detector straight outwards from your car and at an angle.


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