How to Measure For a Storm Door (4 Easy Steps)

How to Measure For a Storm Door

Storm door protects you from harsh weather conditions. Installing a storm door is a good investment. It brings security and proper ventilation to your house. But before installing you need to measure the area required for the storm door. Without this, you will not be able to install the storm door properly. But do not worry, we are going to tell you how to measure for a storm door.

This can save you time. You just need to follow our step by step guide. Here are the following steps you need to follow for the measurement of the storm door.

How to measure for a storm door

1.Checking for obstruction

First of all, you need to check for any kind of obstruction to your storm door before installation. You need to check the placement of door handles, doorbells, exterior lights. In some cases, you need to check the pillars also.

You need to make a general idea of opening the door if these things are present. If the above- mentioned things cause an obstruction in the opening of your door. Then you need to adjust these doorbells, exterior lights for the proper installation, and opening of your door.

2.Measuring the height

After the first step, you need to measure the height of your storm door. You need to take measurements from the top of the bottom to the underside of the header (top piece of trim). After that, you need to take measurements on the left, right, and center of the door opening. You can do this procedure with the help of measuring tape.

The measurements are between 80 to 82 for modern houses. While some old houses have a wider door. They have a measurement between 96 to 97. 1 Inch × 1 Inch deep mounting surface is required for the installation of the door.

3.Measuring the width

The third step is to measure the width of the door. You should measure the width of the door in three places. Measure the width of the door at the top of the door opening, middle of the door opening, and bottom of the door opening. Then note down all three measurements. You should be using the smallest one.

4.Estimation of Final Door measurement

After measuring the width and height of the door, you need to make an estimate of the final door measurement. You can do this by multiplying width × height. Suppose your width measurement is 38 and your height measurement is 82. Then you need to write them as 38 × 82. Always take proper measurements. If you are not sure about the measurements, then repeat the whole process again. You do not want a door that is not fit for your area. So better to do it right the first time.

How can we choose the right storm?

Here I am going to tell you about the whole procedure of choosing the right storm door.

The purpose of your storm door is to protect you from hurricanes and thunderstorms. You need to keep this in mind. So, your storm door must be made of multiple layers. It should block ultra-violet rays, noise, from outside. Always buy standard sized doors. The storm doors come in a variety of standard sizes. The 35× 80 and 36× 81 is a good standard size. You can buy doors in these sizes

You need to keep these things in mind before choosing the right storm door. Otherwise, you are going to lose your money. You need to look at quality brands. These brands should have a good reputation for making storm doors.

Ocean Impact and Larson are high-quality brands that make awesome storm doors. Never compromise on the quality of the product. Always believe in performance. Some extra bucks are not going to harm but a faulty product can cost you money and time.

Types of storm doors

There are three types of door

Full view storm door

The door provides you a full glass panel due to which you have a full view outside. You can also change the glass. But you need to store it in a safe place.

Ventilating Storm door

This storm door consists of two glass panels and a screen panel. You can change the glass panel to reveal the screen panel. You do not need to remove the full glass panel. In addition to that, you just need to move the glass panel up and down to properly ventilate your house.

Roll screen storm door

This type of storm door provides facilities for ventilation and full view.  It contains a full view glass panel but the screen can be pulled down to show the screen panel for ventilation.

So, these are types of storm doors that you can buy for your house.

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Frequently asked questions

What to do if your door’s width is more than the storm door size?

Then you need to buy a z bar extender. The z bar fills the extra space between your door trim and the storm door. This can help you to save money and time. You can avoid the trouble of ordering the custom door in this way. It can also save you money.

Can I order the custom storm door?

Yes, you can order the custom standard door. This is most probably in cases when your door width is more than even with the Z bar extender. You can choose a variety of sizes in the case of a custom door. The only disadvantage is that the custom door is costly than the standard sized storm door.


So, this is a complete guide about how to measure for a storm door. We have also told you about how to select the right door. The door is an essential part of house security. A storm door can save you from a variety of calamities. So, it is worth having one. I hope you like our guide. Feel free to drop a comment, it will be highly acknowledged.

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