Improve Your Match: How to Measure a Laptop Size-Easy Steps

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How to measure a laptop size? This is one of the most common questions people ask when looking for a new laptop bag or to confirm laptop dimensions. It is simple to figure out what size laptop you have. This article will discuss how to measure your laptop size and what factors need to be taken into account.

There are two main ways to measure a laptop size: the first is by inches, and the second is pixels. The most common way of measuring your laptop is with an inch display, which means you will need to find out how many inches wide it measures on one side.

How to measure a laptop size? Follow the steps outlined below, and you will know the perfect size of bag pack or sleeves for your laptop.

Before Taking The Laptop Measurements, There Are a Few Things You Need To Know

Before measuring your laptop, there are a few things you need to know. There is no correlation between body measurements for a laptop bag because screen measurement does not contain any bezel or border areas of the laptop. When purchasing bags, it is also imperative that we add an inch or two extra for our laptops to avoid handling them by packing too tight.

The standard unit most places use for these measurements is Inches; however, others also exist, such as centimeters (cm). Conversion from one type into another will take place quickly once the size is completed. We now measure the laptop’s dimensions, which comprise diagonal, depth, width and height.

What You Need To Measure a Laptop Size:

  • A tape measure or ruler with both inches and centimeters written on them.
  • An open space large enough that does not contain any obstacles. Your laptop table would be a best choice.

Step-1: Laptop Diagonal Measurement

The diagonals are the first and most important thing that you need to measure when it comes to laptop size or even screen sizes. This will give an accurate reading of where your device can fit in with other models on hand. The process is not too complicated, but understanding what needs for accuracy does matter at times.

For this tutorial, we will be using an HP laptop. However, steps are suitable regardless if measured against DELLs Lenovo or any laptop brands. To improve accuracy, you have to close the laptop screen.

  • Now, as shown in the illustration, place the measuring tape on both the left and right corners.
  • This will give you an estimate of the size of the laptop. You can also use cms or inches. Alternatively, you can convert to any unit you like.
Diagonal Measurement

Step-2: Laptop Width Measurement

I know this is not rocket science, but I thought there might be some clueless people like me who want an easy way to measure their laptop width. It is pretty simple.

  • Lay the measuring tape on the top-middle of your laptop or Macbook and drag it downwards towards the bottom to get an accurate measurement, as shown in the picture.
  • This is the width of your gadget.

Be sure if looking at bags that each time adds just a little more than what’s required, so there are no mistakes with measurements due to rounding off numbers.”

Laptop Width Measurement

Step-3: Laptop Length Measurement

Now we measure the length by using a measuring tape or ruler.

  • To calculate it, you have to place the measuring tape right from left to right of your laptop and then note down its size (in centimeters, inches, or mm).

Ensure not to overdo it and add more than needed since this can make carrying difficult for people with bags that are too wide or long in size.

Laptop Length Measurement

Step-4: Laptop Thickness Measurement

Now measure the thickness by using a measuring tape or ruler.

  • To calculate it, you have to place the measuring tape right next to the front or backside of your laptop vertically and then note down its size.
  • For better understanding, check the below picture and follow it.

To change inches to centimeters, multiply the length in inches by 2.54, and the answer will be in cm. If you need help converting measurements, Click Here.

Laptop Thickness Measurement

How Can I Figure Out The Laptop Bag or Skin to Get Based on My Laptop’s Size?

One of the most confusing parts about purchasing a laptop is figuring out what size skin or bag you need. The answer is not as straightforward since most people select them without first understanding their device’s dimensions, including height, Width, and depth. You will need measurements from your actual laptop to figure this all out, just like taking measures above step by step. So, they are pretty much everything you need to choose a laptop bag depending on size.

Also, the right Laptop Skin can be chosen based on measurements. Measure your device to find out which skin size is best. You can either cut them to fit your machine, but if they have custom measurements, this may not work for everyone who wants an exact match with their device’s dimensions.

The market is filled with many different bags and sleeves, but it may be challenging to know which one would suit you best. So choose the right one by simply following the above steps.


How can I determine the size of a laptop screen without measuring it?

You can determine the size of a laptop screen without measuring it by looking at where you purchased your computer. Google will also tell by just putting the laptop model number.

The most common sizes are 11″, 13″,  15″, and 17″with multiple variations in these sizes.

How to Measure Laptop Screen Size?

The best way to measure the screen size is with an approach similar to how we measured for its diagonal dimension as above. Place measuring tape or ruler diagonally on both edges so that it spans across both widths without being overlapping.

How Big is My Laptop Screen?

Follow the above diagonal method with mearing tape or rule and check how big your laptop screen is. Or check the manufacturer site.

How to measure laptop size for skin?

To find the perfect size for your laptop skin, measure both its Width and height.

Also, if you are looking to buy new computer sleeves or water-resistant protectors, then remember that size matters.

Can a 15-inch laptop fit in a 15.6-inch Bag?

The majority of 15-inch laptops have a 15.6-inch display. As a result, it should fit a 15.6-inch laptop. It works perfectly on my computer.

How do you measure a laptop for a bag?

Read this article from the start, you will easily measure your laptop before selecting a bag.


There is no complicated procedure for determining the size and shape of a laptop that comprises its screen and side corners and bezels. This blog was created specifically to assist other users familiar with taking accurate measurements when needed. It can also help you choose the right backpack or case for your needs.