How to Make Sims 4 Run Faster on Laptop and Computer-7 Tested Ways

Explore the gaming world with the lively simulation game Sims 4. Where people can spend their lives with their own inclinations and selections. Also, they can live with the people they adore and ruin someone they hate. People enormously love this Sims 4 game. As it completely pleases the human wishes to relish these activities.

Moreover, you can do all this fun without any restrictions. As, in actual life, no one can do such things. In simple words, it is impossible to have all this fun saga in your real life. But the Sims 4 game allows you to cash such happiness and contentment in your life.

However, how will you feel when you are unable to accomplish your desires even in this amazing game sim 4 because of lagging or tediousness? Of course, it will be only disgusting.

We can imagine that you too have faced these problems. So, this is the reason that you are here in search of how to make Sims 4 run smoother? Or how to make your Sims 4 game run faster?


Consequently, if these are the causes of your arrival here then let us congratulates you. As you are going to discover the answers here. Many crazy gamers of Sims 4 complain about the pauses problem. As it creates frustration while playing the sim 4 games. Absolutely you do not have to burdens yourself, because we are presenting some amazing solutions to you. We hope after applying these tricks, you will forget this question forever, that how to make Sims 4 run faster on a laptop?

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Minimum System Requirements:

As it is absolutely not astonishing to knock into the speed problem if you have a low-power computer system to run The Sims 4 game. So, afore going to other solutions, firstly, let’s pay attention to the lowest necessities of a computer system for sim 4 game.

• Firstly, the OS essentials to be 64 – bit and it should be Windows 7 at least or 8, 8.1, or 10 for a better gaming experience.

• Secondly, you must have an Intel Core i5 or a central processing unit better than this one. Furthermore, just be confident that the speed of your central processing unit is a minimum of 1.8 or 2 GHz.

• Thirdly, your computer system requires you to have 4 GB random access memory for gaming sim 4 and additionally a good HD display.

• Fourthly, a minimum of 15 GB space should be obtainable with 1 GB additional space for customization of content and also for extra conformations.

• Last but not least, you need a capable graphics processor unit like ATI Radeon X 1300, NVIDIA GeForce 6600, and Intel GMA X 4500.

If you have all these recommended requirements on your computer for gaming Sims 4. Then already you have passed level 1 successfully for how to speed up Sims 4.

Nevertheless, your computer system has all the requirements for gaming Sims 4 but still, you do not acquire the desired speed or your system is lagging again and again. At that point contributes to scroll down to see the additional methods to speed up Sims 4.

How to Make Sims 4 Run Faster and Smoother with Custom Content:

There are few approaches that are used generally to answer how to make Sims 4 run faster with custom content. These methods will help you to speed up the sim 4 games. So, you can follow them to acquire the sim 4 game smoothly.

Merge the custom contents of your favorite game sim 4 such as packages files but never merge the mods. Follow these steps for merging:

• First of all, you have to download the Sims 4 studio package on your computer device. For This Go to: Click on Top Right Corner: Logon or Register

• Then open this program and in the navigation pane search for the content management option.

• Now open it. At this point you will have the merge package choice.

• Further, you will have a file browser option there.

• Choose and merge the packs which you need.

• Lastly, rename this merge folder and save your changes.

Follow pictorially for more clear visibility.

After Downloading Sims 4 Studio, open it and follow below instructions.

In this way merge your all CC Files.

Techniques – How to Make Sims 4 Run Faster and Smoother on Windows 10:

These techniques will help you to reduce the burden and will also eventually increase up your sim 4 game speed.

1. Cling to Updating Mods for Gaming Sim 4 Load Faster:

Every time you see any fresh change or update or something new in your sim 4 game then you should apply this update option in your game’s mods. Also, keep in your mind that the latest patches do not bear the older alterations.

Consequently, meanwhile, you will stretch a command in your sim 4 game, you will not be able to catch the reaction because of the updates of the game. Therefore, we suggest you update all the mods of the sim 4 game.

Also, do not create a load in your record container. Always custom all the figurines frequently. Additionally, regularly clean the game inventory to relish the smooth and light gaming of sim 4.

2. Clean up Your Computer for Gaming Sim 4 Load Faster:

If you will clean up your laptop or computer system frequently then you will able to increase your game speed to a greater level. As, we all see that there are loads of junk files, temporary files, and needless files continuously accessible in the system. Which surely supersede the excessive space of your computer system.

So always clean and throw these files out from your system. As it is very compulsory, not only to attain the swiftness of your game but also the complete presentation of your computer system as well.

2.1. How to Clean up The System Storage:

Furthermore, if you are a windows 10 user and you need to style the Sims 4 run smoother and faster than track the given instructions to increase your system storage:

• Go to the settings and search for the system option.

• In the system option, there is a storage button on the left side.

• Touch on this button. Now you will have all the temporary files, unnecessary files, and junk files here.

• Just select all these unwanted files from your computer and delete them.

However, you have to remember that all these files go into recycle bin. So clean up your system recycle bin also. After succeeding all these directions, you will be capable to have a lot of free space for gaming sim 4 faster and smoothly. Now start your sim 4 game and feel the change.

3. Update the Graphics Driver for Gaming Sim 4 Faster:

If you have an old version of the graphics processor in your system then you will have to face extra lagging, interruptions, and delay while gaming sim 4. So, kindly venture to have an efficient graphics processor as it shows an important part in the gaming performance of sim 4.

3.1. How to Update the Graphics Driver?

If you are using windows 10 then you have to know how to update the graphics driver in Windows 10 operating system. So, let us provide you a slow but sure method to update the graphics driver. What you have to do is:

• Go to the taskbar and search for device manager here. Here you will have a lot of different choices in the appearing window.

• Choose the display adapters.

• Now, double-click on it. Then you will have a drive-down default graphics processor option.

• Just click the right button of your mouse on it and you will have the update driver option.

• Touch on this option and go for the next step. There you will get 2 choices here. You will go for search automatically to update driver software.

Become Happy! Because you have successfully updated the graphics driver. Now, play your sim 4 game and observe if the gaming becomes improve or not.

4. Change the Graphics Settings of the Game for Gaming Sim 4 Faster:

We think that mostly the gamers of sim 4 do not take care of this factor. However, according to our research, it is a very easy method to boost the speed of the sim 4 game. Moreover, it will not only work for the sim 4 games but also for other good games as well.

4.1. How to Change The Graphics Setting of The Game:

If your sim 4 game lags while playing. Then fix its graphics setting to the medium or lower stage and then witness the change in your gameplay. Track these phases to modify the graphics settings of sim 4:

• Open your sim 4 game.

• Do not start the game. Just search for the menu and in the menu, search for the gaming options.

• Hit on the graphics choice. There you have each and every option related to graphical settings.

• Now, you have to fix the light, objects, Sims, and all other things to either low or choose the medium settings.

Primarily, this is something fairly easy to brand the game smoothly. However, absolutely it arises with certain effects such as you will have to bear or trade-off on your graphic excellence now.

5. Execute a Custom Content Check For Gaming Sim 4 Faster:

As already we have a conversation about the merging of the custom contents at beginning of this paper. However, now we are going to do a trial and toss out the inaccurate custom contents or mods. For the reason that a faulty custom content or mod can similarly have a harmful touch on your gaming.

5.1. How to Execute a Custom Content Check

As it is good for your gaming system to have superbly functioning custom content only. So, remove the additional and strange clutter. Here we are going to escort you about how to execute this test. Just follow the instruction below:

• Search for the program or game file by using this pattern.

• Go to my documents and open your games folder. Now search for the sim 4 game and open it.

• Now, there are multipurpose files and folders available here. Search out the 3 that are 1. Saves are the entire configurations and customizations for backup. 2. Tray that are the entire stacks, rooms, Sims, Et cetera. 3. Option.ini that are the elementary project settings.

• When you find out these 3 folders then select all 3.

• Now copy and paste these folders at a different location on your computer or laptop.

• After pasting, remove the entire subfolders and scrape folders or any other things from the original location.

• Now carry those 3 folders and paste them again in their previous place.

Just run the game now. We are confident that you will acquire ample of a fast and smooth comeback now. Afterward, if you realize the change in sense of smooth and fast gaming. Then it shows that there were certain specious and contradictory mods or custom contents. Which you have to remove now successfully.

6. Renovation of The Game For Gaming Sims 4 Faster

Moreover, you can repair the sim 4 game to play fast and smooth sim 4 games. This fixing will eliminate all the flaws and malfunctions in the sim 4 game. Which will profits you a lot in your gaming sessions. After this renovation of the game, you will have a lot of stimuli, and smooth replies, and extraordinary speed in your gaming.

6.1. How to Repair The Game:

Follow these instructions:

• Firstly, search for the origin of the game.

• For this purpose go to the C drive of your laptop program files. As the origins are located over there by default.

• Now open the origin folder of the game and hit the right button on Sims 4.

• Then choose the repair game option. You are ready for the further process now.

Chiefly, we are advising you to not panic or do something in a hurry because this process will take a long time perhaps. As it all depends on the packs and expansion of the game. Moreover, do not be upset at all. As it will not disturb any changes, configurations, and saves Et cetera. Which you have done earlier.

When you will complete all this process. Then you are ready to have a smooth and faster game ride. Congratulations to you and we already know that after this you will say thanks to our efforts for an amazing gaming experience.

7. Upgrade Your System:

Lastly, if all of these techniques or methods which we have mentioned above do not make any difference for you. Then the last way is to elevate the hardware of the processor or laptop. You have to rise the memory, storage space, and up-to-date central processing unit. So, take all important measures for making your laptop or commuter compatible with gaming sim 4 easily.


Though Sims 4 game is fairly unflappable and appealing. However, this game rarely performs badly. Sometimes it may work slowly on Windows 10 operating system and on some laptops also. Primarily, this is the simple main fault of this game sim 4. So, most people search for solutions to speed up the sim 4 game on their laptops and windows operating systems.

All the solutions or ways in this article will defiantly help you to elevate the sim 4 game performance and to boost your gaming experience as well. As we have given you all the possible operational methods to support your gaming fondness of the sim 4 games.

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