How to Make a Temporary Tattoo 2021 (Easy Method)

How to Make a Temporary Tattoo

A tattoo is a type of body alteration. In this process, we make a design or picture by embedding ink, colors, and shades, either permanent or transitory, into the skin. These pigments penetrate the dermis and change the color of the skin. In case you need to explore different avenues regarding body craftsmanship. You can make your beautiful tattoo with only a couple of family unit supplies and things from the art store. We are here to teach you how to make a temporary tattoo.

If you are thinking about a tattoo yet, you do not want to make all the necessary recommendations, then having a temporary tattoo could be a decent spot to begin. Making your impermanent tattoo is easier than you might suspect — and you likely have all the provisions you need at home. Furthermore, with all the time we are going through inside nowadays, it very well may be a pleasant action to take a break with your family. Follow this helpful manual to make impermanent tattoos all alone.


There are many types of temporary tattoos. You can make printed tattoos using inks and henna tattoos that last longer. However, there are some commonly used methods explained below.


Several methods can be useful to make temporary tattoos. Stick-on tattoos stay for 3-7 days. Henna art can stay up to 4 weeks. Other printed or ink tattoos have a variable span. You can choose the method which suits you the most. The first step you need to get baby powder, alcohol wipes, and a liquid bandage. Clean the area with alcohol wipes and dry. It will help the tattoo to adhere to the skin. After making a tattoo, sprinkle some baby powder and let it sit.

Printed tattoo 

If you need to make tattoos that look closer to the real article, we suggest you do it with a printer. It could be another good thing to expect. Here is how to make tattoos with a printer in these simple steps.

  • Take a water slide paper. It is a paper on which temporary tattoos come. You attach the tattoo where you need it and then wet it with water. Water slide paper is available at stationery stores.
  • Do something in Photoshop or sweep your program into a PC and print it out. Just remember that what you see will be shown reflected in the drawing. So, make or write whatever you want in a reflected position.
  • Print your tattoo on paper. Cut out the tattoo along the borders. However, do not over-cut or damage your design.
  • Put on your tattoo. Wet a paper towel or cotton ball and press it on the tattoo until the paper comes off your skin.

Any tattoos you make with your printer will expire after some time. However, if you need to speed up the evacuation cycle, you can use alcohol to clear it.

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Waterproof eyeliner tattoo

Draw the tattoo design on your skin with the eyeliner pencil. Take as much time as necessary and ensure that the tattoo design is applied correctly. Still, you can wash it off and begin once again. This method is easy and smudges-free.

  • You can draw your tattoo on any aspect of your body, yet territories without a ton of hair may be simpler to work. Ensure the skin is perfect and dry when you draw your plan.
  • Utilize a Q-tip to mix hues and make concealing.
  • Splash the design with hairspray and let it set. Similar synthetic compounds that help hold your hair set up go about as a sealant for the tattoo to shield it from falling off for a couple of hours. There’s no compelling reason to splash it; give the region a light application. You can likewise utilize a reasonable nail clean/top-coat rather than a hairspray. The topcoat of nail paint can be matte or shiny; it is up to you.

This tattoo will last about a day before it starts to smear. It washes off effectively with warm, lathery water. You might need to eliminate it before hitting the sack to abstain from getting eyeliner on your sheets. In case you’re utilizing clear nail clean rather than hairspray, you can strip it off or eliminate it with nail polish remover.

Stencil tattoos

You can make proficient-looking impermanent tattoos by making a stencil. Choose what shape you need your tattoo to be, draw it on a record card, and draw it on your body. Bold shapes are the most effortless ones to make with this strategy.

  • Cut out the shape utilizing a cutting blade or some little scissors. Try to make squares, circles, and other mathematical shapes.
  • Pick at least one marker hue to use with your stencil. Dark colors are a good alternative. They are perfect to design and crave genuine-looking tattoos. Utilizing other shading or color can also be fun.
  • Permanent markers contain synthetics that are not good to use on the skin. Search for the color markers that are safe for this sort of use.
  • If you do not want to utilize permanent markers, washable markers are additionally fine. The tattoo won’t keep going very as long.
  • Another good option is stepping ink. To utilize this kind of ink for your tattoo, press a cotton ball onto the ink cushion and use it to wipe the ink over the stencil. It will leave the design imprinted on your skin.
  • Spot the stencil against the aspect of your body where you need the tattoo to be. Utilize one hand to hold it against your skin and the other hand to shading in the shapes with the markers you picked. When you complete shading the design, lift the stencil away and permit the marker ink to dry.
  • Ensure you apply the tattoo to spotless, dry skin. Shave the hair in the territory for a more even application.

If you have trouble holding the stencil set up, use tape to attach it to the territory. You could likewise try applying the tattoo to an aspect of your body with a compliment surface. When you want to remove this tattoo, you can use warm, sudsy water, or you dip a cotton cushion in oil and ‘clean’ your tattoo off.

Tracing paper tattoo

This type of tattoo is the easiest to make.

  • Design the tattoo shape on your computer in mirror-image form.
  • Take the printout onto an adhesive paper.
  • Cut the tattoo with the scissors and place this design on the body part where you want to crave this design.
  • Place the tattoo ink on this design and press it with a warm damp towel or any cloth.
  • Hold it until the paper becomes translucent.
  • Now remove the sticking paper and clean the tattoo with a wet cloth.

This type of tattoos lasts for a week. If you want to remove it, you can scrub it with soap and warm water.

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How Long Does Temporary Tattoos Last? 

These transitory tattoos last between 3-5 days depending upon care and area. Metallic hues (gold, silver, rose gold) will last 1-3 days.

Are Temporary Tattoos Safe for our skin? 

Indeed, transitory tattoos are made with soy ink and adjust to industry well-being principles. They usually use press-on water to move decals, which is a layer that sits on the head of the skin. There is no skin penetrating or cut. To be additionally careful, we don’t suggest a use for youngsters under 3-years old because of aggravation or sensitive skin.

How can I Remove Temporary Tattoos? 

Eliminating a small tattoo couldn’t be more straightforward. You can tenderly rub on the tattoo with some cosmetics remover or cleanser and water.


After making these tattoos on your skin, you can use talcum powder and liquid bandage if you need them. If you are suffering from any skin condition, try to avoid using any irritating chemicals on your skin. These tattoos are easy to use and gentle for your skin. They are also easily removable. You can have a temporary tattoo just using some easy household stuff. So, grab the pen and draw a cool design to crave on your skin.

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