How To Make A Lockpick? ( 4 Easy Steps)

How to Make a Lock Pick

If you have lost keys to your main door and are stuck in and stuck out, it becomes challenging to call and wait for a locksmith. To be locked in your place might feel suffocating, and mostly we hate to take help from others. So, we should solve this problem by ourselves. In this article, we’ll let you know How To Make A Lockpick.

Moreover, it is an exceptionally delicate and quiet strategy, yet it likewise gives up next to zero hints of indeed being performed. Using insignificant gear – regularly two little bits of metal – lock picking can frequently be performed anyplace without drawing consideration. How can we do that?

How To Make A Lockpick

That’s the question in everyone’s mind right now. We can do that by making a lockpick and if you want to make a lock pick, then keep reading this article. We’ll let you know how to make a lock pick step-by-step.

If you have a Bobby Pin, you can make a lockpick for yourself.

You may follow the following steps to make a lockpick from a bobby pin.


First of all, you need to remove the rubber tip from the bobby pin’s straight side. You can do that by using pliers, and you can use your fingernails and even your teeth.

If you are removing rubber tips or bobby pins by your teeth, try to do it gently. So, you may not swallow it or harm your teeth.


A bobby pin has two sides; one is straight, and the other side has wavy curves. After removing the rubber, tips try to undo the bobby pin’s curly waves by using your fingers, and if you have a plier, your work would be much more comfortable.


  • Now at the straight end of the bobby pin, you need to create a 45-degree hook at the last 1cm.
  • If you are using a plier, then clamp its jaws against 1cm on the end that is without a rubber pin. Tightly grip the plier and bend the pin at a 45-degree angle.
  • You can make a hook at 45 degrees upward or downward— make sure it is at 45 degrees angle.
  • If you don’t have a plier, don’t worry, we have another solution to do this. If you don’t have a plier, you do have a lock you are trying to unlock. You need to stick the bobby pin’s tip into the lock and try to bend it at a 45-degree angle.
  • You have now made a pick from a bobby pin.
  • Now you need to make a tension wrench with a second bobby pin.


You can make a tension wrench by placing the bobby pin’s tight end into your lock keyhole just an inch away. Apply substantial pressure downward until you bend the pin at 90 degrees. Your tension wrench is ready. Now you have a complete set to open the lock.

How to open Lock with Bobby Pin

Remembering the coupling pin’s idea, as we apply rotational pressure on the fitting, the coupling pin will… indeed tie and prevent the attachment from pivoting. While the pin is bound, we push the pin to the vertical line utilizing our pick. It is here that everything meets up.

As the principal restricting pin arrives at the shear line, the fitting will turn somewhat as it finds the following uttermost pin from the open focus line to tie on. Yet, something different unprecedented occurs.

Since the attachment marginally turns, the pin we constrained up will choose top of the fitting; thus long as you keep up the right measure of pressure, it will remain there.

How to use Tension Wrench

First, take our bobby pin strain wrench and insert the shorter, shut end into the lower part of the keyhole and start applying slight pressure toward the path the key would turn.

The measure of pressure we apply is the key to whether we are effective at picking a lock. A general rule for using the pressure wrench is to begin light, expanding tension as necessary. Since we have a slight amount of strain on the fitting, our next stage is to find our first binding pin and set it with our newly made bobby pin lock pick.

Picking the lock

It’s the part that we all have been waiting for, and that is picking the lock. There are many methods to open the lock using different sorts of pins, but as we have learned how to make a lock pick from a bobby pin, this method of unlocking the door is called “Single pin picking.”

Start by pulling the bobby pin separated and generally fixing it. Next, stick the straight finish of the fastener around one centimeter, or around 1/3 of an inch, into the keyhole of your bolt and apply enough strain to twist the finish of the pin into a hook.

The whole cycle of picking a lock is rehashing these two stages of finding the coupling pin and setting it. When all the pins are set, the fitting will completely turn as though we had a key, and the lock will withdraw. If this occurs, Congratulations! You have picked your first lock!


Are looking picking tools legal?

 Yes, lock picking tools are legal. There is no such rule that says the sale, transfer, and possessions of lock picking tools are illegal.

 Is it easy to pick a lock?

Some locks are very easy to pick and some that are made for more security purposes are not easy to open.

How can we pick a lock without breaking it?

Insert tension wrench into the bottom of the keyhole of the lock and just apply little pressure.

Insert pick at top of the lock

Scrub your pick back and Forth in the keyhole while applying slight torque.

Repeat until the pin is set in the lock

 Can you ruin a door lock while picking it?

 Lock picking is a method to open the door without keys. It does not damage the lock in any way. However, if you are doing it wrong and forcefully then you may damage the door and lock.

Summing Up

Suppose you’ve lost your keys or locked yourself out. In that case, it’s possible to pick the lock yourself with professional lock picking tools and make a lockpick by yourself instantly if you follow the given instructions for making a lockpick. Lock picking is simple, reasonable, and – which is the special case of a couple overseeing guidelines in a couple of areas – absolutely legal and moral to learn.

Moreover, if you found lock picking interesting, then you can have a professional lockpicking set tool. This set contains different pins to open different locks. This set will help you in both pickings and will develop your skill.

I would be best if you never tried to use these skills for immoral purposes. It’s a good skill so, try to use it for good people and useful ways.

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