How to Know The Screen Size of a Laptop Without Measuring-Latest 2022

From purchasing a new laptop to defining the right resolution of the screen size, there are various conditions where the handler may question, how to know the screen size of a laptop without measuring or how to find out laptop screen. Even if you want to call technical facilities service about your laptop screen or match your machine with another device, it is a superb notion to find out what is my laptop screen size.

Furthermore, once you are required to replace or fix the screen of your laptop or purchase a cover for your laptop, you enquired what size is my laptop screen. You may possibly not have remembered the dimensions, and obviously, you do not have any type of measuring apparatus or ruler.

Laptops come in different screen sizes, but how do you know which one is right for your needs? This article will show the best way to identify what size of laptop display (and corresponding keyboard) that matches up with. We hope they work as well for everyone else who has tried them.

Mainly, there are many kinds of measurements to check computer screen size. Therefore the measurement relies on the requirement. Pixels, Body size, per square screen size in inches, ratify what specific laptop dimensions you want.

To measure physically the real laptop screen sizes, remember that it will be essential to escape the plastic bezel round the screen of your laptop and just check laptop screen size or area.

But, it does not certainly apply in case you want a dimension for practices like a laptop bag or case, or for a laptop screen protector that can similarly be used on the external side of your laptop screen. However for else stated, your laptop screen’s exact dimensions have to be dignified from top to bottom.

How to Find Out Your Laptop Screen Size Without Measuring

Now, we will confer other means for determining How to know the screen size of laptop without measuring.

1. Identify With Model Number

Firstly, all the laptops arise with their exclusive model number. So, you can find your screen size by utilizing the model number of the laptop. For instance, the screen size of the Acer laptop with the S291HL model number is 20 inches.

So, you will be able to find the screen size of the laptop instantly by the number of 20. Which arose after the letter S. Usually, the model number of laptops starts with 1 or 2 letters afore the number. Hence, the number afterward the first letters typically shows the size of your laptop screen.

2. Using the Specifications Details of The PC Model

Secondly, an easy yet simple method to find out your laptop screen size without measuring is to search the laptop model’s specifications. Which will be available on the covering or in the user manual of the laptop. These specifications show the screen size of your laptop. 

Step1: Go to your Laptop Settings and Click on System:

Step2: Click on Display:

Step3: Now click on Advanced Display Settings

Step4: In Advanced Dispplay Settings, you will have complete information about your laptop screen:

Furthermore, a rapid hunt should be done on your laptop’s settings for the information of a model. In case you do not have the laptop’s packaging. So, the screen size of your laptop can generally be discovered in the “display settings” folder. In case you do not find then try to search in the advanced display settings button.

Sometimes, the search might reveal model specifications but not the screen size. In this situation, you can use the model number and search online to know the screen size of your laptop. If you find a general website then it might not have the completely correct info. Primarily, you must find an exact manufacturer’s website for correct info, there you can take help from the customer service and ask them what size is my laptop screen is.

3.  Download a Software

Mostly, the software offers you facts about your laptop and delivers screen size with additional display features also. Just install the software, enter the model number of the laptop and find out what screen size is my laptop.

4. Search Online For The PC

For this purpose, you have to be familiar, with the name of your PC and furthermore the model number. Mostly, you can treasure the model number on the hatches of the bottom panel.

When you find the required info, pass it into Google search. There you can click on the top results that resemble the best. Consequently, this result can offer the riders of your laptop’s display and also extra essential hardware information as well.

5. View The Laptop’s Manual:

Chiefly, to inquire how to find my laptop screen size, you can take help from the laptop’s manual, which comes with the laptop when you bought it. Open the laptop’s manual and check the screen features. This manual will defiantly help you to find laptop screen size.

6. Inspecting The Backside of Your Laptop

Furthermore, turn the rear of your PC and search for labels having laptop models and certain best laptop features. It similarly comprises screen size on the laptop.

Likewise, the screen size in few laptops is shown by a figure in the top right corner. For instance, the H213HX shows the screen size is 21 inches.

7. Measure Laptop Screen With Any Standard Object

An easiest, simple and non-technical method to measure your laptop screen is to use any standard object which is easily available at your door step. You can use A4 white paper for this purpose. A4 size white paper is 13 inch in standard. Your laptop screen would be small or larger from A4 size. Normal standards of laptop screen which are mostly used are 10.1, 11.6, 13.3, 14.1, 15.4 and 17.3-inch.

Other Features to Consider in Screen

In calculating to find out laptop screen size, there are certain additional features you essential to consider.

1. Screen Resolution

Primarily, the screen resolution is a word that is used to define the number of pixels in your laptop’s display area. Mostly, laptops arise with 1920 x 1080 resolutions power. While the inexpensive choices arise with 1024 x 720 resolution power. Hence, to mark the word more comprehensible and regular, mostly the producers reduced it to Full High Definition (FHD), 4K, 1440, and so on.

Therefore, the higher price and also the faster display are the overall impression with screen resolution. With it, you have to best choose a laptop with the best screen resolution to engage yourself in the vigorous, bright, and cheerful display with more specifics. 

Additionally, some laptop systems derive a complete 4K resolution. Therefore, these laptops emanate with a top price tag. Yet, a screen resolution of 1080p will do maximum laptop jobs, even in case the visuals are intense.

2. Contrasts Ratio

Moreover, another feature you essential to search for is the contrastsratio. In which, you will have the difference in light among lively colors associated with the dark color. So, the displays with advanced contrast ratios generally interpret into more precise color depictions.

3. Nits

Furthermore, brightness is perhaps one of the vital features in the rulings of the world’s users. Just like mobile devices and smartphones, we hunger our gaming laptops to be delivered with bright screens. That can precisely show the bright light display.

Nit is a component used to quantify the level of brightness of a screen. Overall, a laptop with a great nits score means a bright and happy screen. Currently, mostly the laptops arise in the series of two hundred to three hundred nits. So, in case the laptop is more than three hundred nits, it is far well than the regular rating.

4. Black and white precision

Especially, another factor of screen excellence is in what way it can display a black surface. Moreover, this feature is fairly alike to the contrasting ratio. But, it is extra connected with determining in what way the screen can display black. So, a figure calculates it. The lesser the figure. The improved black surface depiction.

Besides, the level of white, in comparison to black, a greater value shows a more effective depiction of white. So, the number of 255 is the supreme level discover on an RGB scale. At this point, the screen can display an additional true white color.

5. Refresh Rates

Lastly, there are some features you have to ponder, counting the HDR, SRGB graph, and others. But, we will only stress the significance of the refresh rate of the screens. So, the refresh rate is a word, which is used, to define the beat of the display to revolute the image. Furthermore, it is quantified in Hz. Most importantly, the normal refresh rate for your laptops is 144 Hz and 60 Hz.

Primarily, it is very significant for gamers. Because a greater refresh rate interprets into superior gameplay and fewer crashes. Also, with it, you do not need to fear endless delays and breaks, every time the graphics processing unit is executing at its best. Particularly for games and tasks which are graphics-related.


Normally, it only grosses a small number of minutes to measure laptop screen size. Now as you know very well how to know the screen size of laptop without measuring or what is my monitor size. We strongly suggest you try these things to know what my computer screen size is.

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