How to Install Retractable Screen doors ( 3 Steps)

Are you someone fond of leaving your front door open but scared of unwanted guests creeping the heck out of you? Well, we have found just the perfect thing to facilitate your desires. Retractable screen doors serve the purpose of perfèction.

They keep the cool breeze flowing in simultaneously and keep the bugs and crickets away while maintaining the beauty. Here is a complete guide on how to install retractable screen doors.

How to Install Retractable Screen doors

Prefixatiom process

Unfold all the accessories and lay them down on the nonabrasive and non-damaging surface for their protection from any scratch.

You can place them on a rug or mat for safety. The accessories include a screen, screen housing, drill bits, screw bits, and screws you need. A good screwdriver and efficient electrical drill will make your effortless tiring and super easy

Fixation process

Lay all the pieces out and follow the instructions to assemble them before installation. Look for A and B indicators insert the housing tab into the track on the top side as well as down.

Make sure the retaining clip is not closed, once you get the screen track inserted only then lock them up in their respective positions. As soon as you are done with pre-assembly, then lock the bits as per your desired size settings

Next use the provided drill bits to pre-drill the holes. Both screen housing and latch housing has holes that fix the door. Insert the screws and tighten them up. Make sure you latched the screen closed and tight against the frame while you drill against the holes.

Post fixation process

After fixation cleans the threshold to prepare the door for the slip adapter. Measure dimensions and put a marker on desired position drill the holes using the provided drill bits and tighten the screws your retractable screen door is ready to use

Following are some benefits why you should install such doors:


  • Ensure protection from creepy creatures
  • Available in all standard sizes
  • User friendly
  • Energy-saving, when there are hot summers, provides you with fresh and clean air while saving your bills
  • Fresh air

Factor of consideration

Are you the one who adores the uses of the retractable screen doors but is puzzled about some factors and the installation process? You don’t need to worry to fulfil your wish. All you need is to order a retractable screen door.

They are available in all sizes in the market. You just have to take the exact of your fulfilments and place your order at one of the top vendors in the market.

Once you receive your ordered shipment, it is an easy project to install on your own. Isn’t it surprising and facilitating you don’t need an outsider but you yourself can be the one.

Just follow the instructional manual given and the job will be done within half an hour.

The instructional manual is extremely user-friendly and easy to comprehend. For your ease, the installation process is explained below.


 How to choose the best screen door for yourself?

You just need to measure the size of the door you desired to pair it up with the one matching the size in your best interest.

Is it easy for cleaning purposes?

Yes, of course, you need a track with canned air a vacuum with a soft brush, or a soft clean damp cloth to clean and keep it healthy and safe

Which screening door is highly recommended?

The overall best one that is available in the market is the Andersen LuminAire Retractable Screen door.

Is it protected by the lock system?

Yes, it does have a latch for security reasons. You do not need to worry

Where to install this screen door?

It’s all your choice but it is best suited for the front entrance door where it is appealing and also serves the purpose at the top.

How long does it take to install a retractable screen door?

It is very easy to install and not time taking you just need 40 -45 minutes for its installation purpose


All in all to keep your housing ventilated and get rid of those irritating creepy creatures to enjoy the everlasting beautiful weather none other than this efficient durable, protected, highly maintained, and super easy installing a door is the best option don’t wait a minute just go for it you will just adore it and love to install by your own and will enjoy the installing process.


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