How to Install a New Toilet in Your Bathroom


In the world of residence renovation, setting up a new toilet is a job that many property owners find overwhelming. However, with the right tools and a bit of knowledge, it’s a work that can be achieved with loved one simplicity. This overview will walk you through the procedure of installing a brand-new bathroom in your restroom, supplying you with a thorough understanding of the job handy.

Comprehending the Fundamentals

Prior to we delve into the specifics, it is essential to comprehend the standard elements of a toilet. A toilet contains 2 almosts all: the dish and the storage tank. The dish is the component you remain on, as well as the container is the part that holds and launches water throughout flushing. These 2 components are attached by a collection of pipelines and valves that manage the circulation of water.

Tools as well as Materials Needed

To mount a new bathroom, you’ll require a couple of basic tools as well as products:

1. New toilet (dish and also storage tank).
2. Wax ring.
3. Bathroom installing bolts.
4. Flexible wrench.
5. Screwdriver.
6. Level.
7. Plunger (just in instance).
8. Towels or dustcloths for cleanup.

Removing the Old Bathroom

The initial step in setting up a brand-new bathroom is eliminating the old one. Begin by turning off the water system to the toilet. This is generally done by turning a valve situated on the wall behind the commode. Once the water is off, flush the commode to drain pipes the water from the container and also dish.

Next off, separate the supply of water line from all-time low of the tank. Make use of a flexible wrench to loosen the nuts holding the commode to the flooring. Once the nuts are removed, delicately shake the commode to and fro to damage the seal of the wax ring. Lift the toilet straight up as well as move it out of the way.

Preparing the Location

With the old toilet got rid of, it’s time to prepare the area for the new one. Start by cleaning the flange, the steel or plastic ring that holds the commode to the flooring. Remove any kind of old wax with a putty knife and examine the flange for damages. If it’s cracked or broken, it will require to be changed.

Next, insert the brand-new toilet mounting screws into the ports in the flange. These bolts will hold the toilet in position. Placement the new wax ring over the flange, making sure it’s focused over the opening.

Installing the New Bathroom

Currently it’s time to install the brand-new commode. Begin by meticulously lowering the bowl onto the wax ring and placing bolts. Apply also press to compress the wax ring as well as produce a water tight seal. As soon as the dish is in location, include the washers and also nuts to the mounting screws as well as tighten them with a wrench. Beware not to overtighten, as this can split the bathroom.

Next off, put the container on the bowl, aligning the installing openings. Place the bolts and tighten the nuts to secure the tank to the dish. Once more, be careful not to overtighten.

Finally, connect the water system line to the base of the tank. Activate the water supply as well as allow the tank fill. When the tank is complete, flush the bathroom to check for leakages. If there are no leaks, congratulations! You’ve efficiently mounted a brand-new commode.


While mounting a brand-new bathroom might appear like a daunting job, it’s actually fairly uncomplicated with the right devices and a little of understanding. By following this overview, you can save on your own the cost of employing a plumbing professional as well as obtain the fulfillment of completing a house renovation project on your own. Bear in mind, the trick to an effective setup is taking your time and also not rushing via the steps. With a bit of perseverance as well as effort, you’ll have a new, working bathroom in no time at all.

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