How to Install a Dimmer Switch for Your Lights


Setting up a dimmer switch for your lights is a fantastic way to add ambiance as well as control to your house lighting. Dimmer switches allow you to adjust the illumination of your lights, developing an extra comfortable and also enjoyable atmosphere. In this post, we will certainly lead you via the procedure of mounting a dimmer switch for your lights.

Action 1: Gather the Necessary Tools and Materials

Prior to you start installing your dimmer switch, you will certainly need to collect the needed tools and products. Below is a listing of what you will certainly require:

– A dimmer switch
– A screwdriver
– Cable strippers
– Wire ports
– Electric tape
– A voltage tester

Action 2: Shut Off the Power

Before you start servicing your electric wiring, it is essential to switch off the power to the circuit you will certainly be working with. You can do this by shutting off the breaker or eliminating the fuse that manages the circuit. When you have shut off the power, use a voltage tester to confirm that there is no electrical energy streaming to the wires.

Action 3: Remove the Old Change

As soon as you have validated that the power is off, you can remove the old button. Use a screwdriver to eliminate the screws that hold the button in position. Thoroughly pull the switch out of the wall, exposing the cords behind it.

Tip 4: Identify the Cords

Before you can mount your new dimmer switch, you require to recognize the cords that are connected to the old switch. There must be 3 wires: a black cord, a white wire, and a green or bare copper cord. The black cable is the warm wire, the white cord is the neutral cable, and the environment-friendly or bare copper wire is the ground cable.

Tip 5: Attach the Cords to the Dimmer Switch

As soon as you have actually identified the cords, you can attach them to the dimmer switch. Begin by linking the black cord to the black cord on the dimmer switch. Make use of a cord adapter to protect the cords together. Next off, link the white cable to the white cord on the dimmer button. Once again, make use of a cable adapter to safeguard the cords with each other. Finally, attach the environment-friendly or bare copper cord to the eco-friendly or bare copper cord on the dimmer button.

Action 6: Install the Dimmer Change

When you have connected the cords to the dimmer switch, you can set up the switch into the wall surface. Meticulously push the wires back right into the electrical box, seeing to it that the button is flush against the wall surface. Make use of the screws that came with the dimmer button to safeguard the button in position.

Action 7: Check the Dimmer Switch

As soon as you have actually set up the dimmer switch, it is very important to check it before you transform the power back on. Transform the power back on and check the dimmer switch by turning the lights on as well as changing the illumination. If the switch is working appropriately, the lights must dim as well as brighten as you adjust the button.


Mounting a dimmer button for your lights is a basic as well as easy method to include atmosphere and control to your house lighting. By complying with these steps, you can install a dimmer switch in no time. Keep in mind to constantly turn off the power prior to servicing your electrical wiring, and also to test the button prior to transforming the power back on. With a dimmer button, you can develop an extra comfortable and stress-free environment in your house.

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