3 Easy Ways How to Hang a Wreath on a Screen Door

Wreath hangers over the door are a great option to welcome your guests at any event. A wreath is everyone’s choice as no one wants to have a permanent hole in their door. A wreath hanger is a good choice but in the case of a screen door, you have to opt wisely.

As screen doors are more fragile and lightweight than the others so we have to go for other ways rather than traditional over-the-door hangers or nails.

In Covid-19 when we are stuck in our homes. You want to decorate your house for the festivals. You want to hang a wreath on the retractable screen doors. Don’t know how to start it? No worries just read the 3 easy ways to hang a wreath on the screen door and enjoy having it.

3 Easy Ways to Hang a Wreath on Screen Door:

Before choosing any of the ways to hang a Wreath over the storm door you must know the weight of the Wreath, and the product used for hanging the wreath. It is recommended to hang a wreath weighing less than 15 pounds and may also keep in mind the type of material used in making the wreath.

  1. Use of suction cup hooks: Suction cup hooks are ideal for lightweight Wreath hangings. Mark a hanging spot inside the door and make sure to clean the door before hanging. Make sure to soften the inside of the suction cup hook with warm water and then stick it to the door for some hours without the wreath.
  2. This will help in making the best seal. Hang your wreath and enjoy the charming look of your door. But make sure to check the suction cup after every few days.

2.Wreath Magnet Hangers: For screen doors, you should buy two pieces of the magnetic disc. One Plain disc must be placed inside the door and the hook disc outside the door. In the case of a magnetic door you just need a hook disc. It will stick strongly to the metal door. Make sure to prep before sticking the magnet hooks.

Hang your beautifully crafted wreath and have an amazing entrance to the living room. But many magnet hook users are advised to use a magnet pad in between the magnet and door. As it may cause scratches on the glass and peel off the paint.

3. Adhesive Hooks: They come in various types of sizes and shapes. Mark the spot where you want to hang the Wreath.

Peel the back of the adhesive from the side and stick the plastic insert to the door firmly. Attach it a few hours before hanging the wreath. You must know that when you remove the adhesive it might peel the paint from your storm door.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are prime doors the best option to hang a Wreath on?

This solely depends upon the type of Wreath. If you have to choose between a storm door and a prime door then we will advise you to hang it on the prime door. It will protect your door from outdoor factors. But If your wreath is a tight fit then you can hang it on the storm door without any worries.

Final Verdict:

So, you can have a Wreath on your screen door without damaging it. You can attach it where you want for any festive.  Now you can hang a wreath without making holes in the door. Adding a wreath on your front door is like adding your personality to the front of your home.

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