How to Hang a Hammock Chair( Two Methods)

How to hang a hammock chair

You have arrived with your hammock hanging chair and now you don’t know the engineering behind its installation? No worries. In this article, we will remove the obstacle between you and your hammock chair that is its installation.  We will tell you the complete method how to hang a hammock chair.

The hammock chair is a relaxing bit if you have one in your home. You can hang it anywhere in your home if you know the simple oasis behind its hanging. The chair can be installed in your yard so you can breathe the fresh air, or in your bedroom so you can relax in your private place.

How to hang a hammock chair

Hanging a hammock chair:

The hanging technique is different depending upon where you want to hang it. It is different for indoor hanging and so than of outdoor hanging.

Indoor hanging:

Indoor hanging requires the following simple steps.

  1. Choose the most appropriate area; Before hanging the chair choose the most appropriate area inside your home that should have a vertical height of 6 feet. And there must be 3 feet distance behind the chair.

These distances allow the chair to swing and sway properly. Also while measuring, check that the chair doesn’t hit the surrounding antiques to make a disturbance.

  1. Choose a material for hanging; Mostly hammock chairs are hung with the rope. This is because it gives a total esthetic look to the chair and enhances its appearance.

The knots make on the rope while hanging is a tricky thing to do. If you don’t do it properly it may causes injury to the person who is using the chair at that time. If you are not sure or satisfied with the rope hangings switch to chains. These are more reliable chances of felling the chair down with the chain decrease tremendously.

  1. Drill a hole in the ceiling; By using a power drill. Build a small hole in the ceiling. This hole must be smaller than the eye screw’s width.
  2. Install the eye screw; Now install the eye screw into the hole that you have made with the drill. The screw should be 2 to 3 inches long. Tighten it by moving the screw anticlockwise in the hole.

Ideally, the screw tightens in a way that its ring should touch the ceiling. Use a screwdriver to tighten it properly.

  1. Attach an s-hook; Now assemble an s-hook with the eye screw and knot the rope on that s-hook, proper and tight. You can directly knot the rope on the eye screw also. But the s-hook is beneficial to have in many terms.
  2. Test the weight, the chair can bear; Test the weight by adding it to the chair little by little. If it holds the initial one add more until you get fully supported by the chair.

Outdoor hanging:

Follow the following steps to hang the hammock chair in your yard.

  1. Choose an appropriate area; For outdoor hangings choose a spot that is strong enough to bear a person’s weight. Oak or maple tree can do the best for hanging the hammock chair.

Once you find a strong spot. Measure the dimensions as mentioned above with the measuring tool.

  1. Adjust the rope on the branch; Throw the rope over the branch that you have chosen. Make two to three rounds of the rope over the branch so that all weight doesn’t beard by a single point on a branch. More rounds of the rope divide the weight on the overall branch.

Make sure that the rope you have, will be in excess because outdoor hanging requires more rope instead of indoor hangings.

  1. Attach the rope to the hammock chair; Attach the hammock chair’s hanging end with the rope and make a tight knot on that point. The half hitch note is recommended to make on this point.

Now the chair is hanged on the branch of a tree.

  1. Weight testing; The chair is hanged successfully, now test the weight by adding force on it gradually. Try to sit on the chair by taking all your weight on your legs and adding the weight on the chair little by little with proper focus until you all sit in the chair with all your weight.


How can I hang a hammock chair without drilling?

You can hang it without drilling if you buy one with a stand. The hammock chair with a stand doesn’t need any hanging procedure; they don’t want power drillings, heavy knots, and weight testing. You simply buy one and can start your chilling time with it.

How much weight does a hammock chair hold?

The weight-bearing capacities of the hammock chairs are different depending upon their size. In general, a hammock chair properly hanged, can bear a weight up to 250 pounds.

How can I tie a knot for hanging a hammock chair?

  • Pass the rope from the hanging rink of the chair on the upper side
  • Flip the webbing over the top from right to left or vice versa
  • Make a loop with the end of the rope passing from top to bottom of the ring.
  • Pull the rope tight from both ends.


First, choose the most appropriate spot for the chair hanging if you don’t do the first step well you will not get entertained by the chair to its fullest. It needs a proper place for its swing and swaying feature.

Rope tying looks insecure, but it is reliable if get a proper knot. In outdoor hanging, it may get weak due to direct environmental exposure. So it is recommended to change the hanging rope after some time.

Test the weights properly before getting fully into it. Slowly adds your weight to the chair. It is recommended to not jump into it because this can let the chair to fall off and you can get a serious injury as result.

Thank you for reading the article. If you like it let us know in the comment section below. Your response will be appreciated.


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