How to frame Diamond Painting ( 5 Steps)

Have recently completed your classic piece of art and still wondering what to do? So Stop we’ve got the best solution so that your masterpiece can be cherished and treasured. The Solution is to FRAME IT. Here is a complete guide on how to frame a diamond painting.

Diamond painting is actually applying hundred of sparkling resins rhinestone on color-coded adhesive canvas painting. It will give your painting a sparkling effect and make it look like diamonds in the sky.

Those diamond paintings hung in your living and dining room will give it an aesthetic look. Amplify the beauty and become a focal point. DO NOT worry if you do not know how to frame it. Here are some easy and to-the-point steps to guide you in such a situation.

5 Steps to frame diamond painting:

Framing format:

Firstly decide which type of frame you prefer for your art piece. It can either be customized or standard frames bought from the market, glued on canvas paper, or put in stretch bars.

Frame in Stretch Bar:

Stretch bars do not contain actual frames but are wooden bars used by an artist. They stretch their painting on a wooden bar. Use U nails or staple guns to hold it and give it neater look. For hanging, attach wall mounting hardware on wooden bars.

Gluing on Art Canvas:

Premade canvas can be used to frame a diamond painting. It should be smaller than your painting so that it can be stretched easily. Apply craft glue on the back of the painting evenly. Now put the blank canvas in such a way that it is in middle. Let the glue dry before hanging it on a wall.

The frame on a standardized frame:

Standardized frames are available in the market. They can be of different sizes. Purchase them, make your painting accordingly to their size and just put them in it and hang them on the wall.

Frame in customized frames:

If you want to give your painting a professional look, a customized frame will be available in a craft store near. They will frame your painting regardless of shape and size and frame of your own choice. They will turn your art piece into a show-stopping masterpiece you will be proud of.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What really diamond painting is?

It is an application of hundreds of sparkling resin rhinestone on color-coded canvas paper with the help of glue to make it look like a painting.

Why Diamond painting is getting more popular?

Instead of drawing color blocks on canvas, a diamond can be used in addition to giving the painting a sparkling and gleaming look, and it is quite easy to start with.

Does the Diamond painting have a therapeutic effect?

Diamond painting does affect your anxiety and stress. You just feel free and relaxed during diamond painting.


You have created a masterpiece with great effort and spent your valuable time on it. Don’t let it waste by putting it in your storeroom, just frame it and give your house an ethereal look. Just follow the steps above and get it framed.

If you like our article and want to learn more about diamond painting let us know in the comment section below it will be highly appreciated.


How to frame Diamond Painting (5 Steps)

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