How to Fix Common Toilet Problems: A Step-by-Step Guide


Toilets as well as bidets are crucial parts of our daily lives. However, they are vulnerable to various concerns that can disrupt our daily routines. The bright side is, you do not always have to call an expert plumbing professional to fix these problems. With a little knowledge as well as the right tools, you can handle most usual commode problems on your own. This step-by-step guide will certainly walk you through the procedure of detecting and taking care of typical commode issues.

Comprehending Your Toilet’s System

Before we look into the specifics of repairing commode troubles, it’s vital to understand exactly how a bathroom functions. The bathroom device is rather basic. When you purge, the take care of lifts a chain, which increases the flapper. This action permits water from the storage tank to flow right into the bowl and flush away the waste. When the tank is vacant, the flapper secures the container, as well as it starts refilling for the next usage.

Common Bathroom Problems and Just How to Take care of Them

1. Continuous Running Water

A toilet that consistently runs is not only aggravating however also wasteful. This issue typically develops when the flapper stops working to seal the tank after purging. To repair this, first, check if the chain linking the flapper to the handle is tangled or as well short. If it is, untangle it or adjust its length. If the chain is fine, the problem could be a worn-out flapper. In this case, you’ll require to change it.

2. Weak or Partial Flushes

If your commode isn’t purging as incredibly as it should, the issue might be in the flush shutoff system. Over time, mineral deposits can accumulate and block the flow of water. To fix this, switch off the water supply and also flush the toilet to empty the storage tank. After that, tidy the rim holes and also siphon jet with a tiny brush as well as vinegar to eliminate the down payments.

3. Commode Will Not Flush

If your toilet will not flush in all, the concern may be with the deal with or the lift chain. Examine if the take care of is loose or if the lift chain is separated or broken. Tighten up the take care of or change the chain as needed.

4. Bathroom Keeps Obstructing

A blocked commode is an usual and also irritating issue. If a bettor isn’t addressing the problem, you may need to use a commode auger. Place the auger into the bowl and also transform the manage to separate the blockage.

5. Commode Leaks Water

If you discover water around the base of your bathroom, the wax ring that secures the bathroom to the flooring might be broken. To change it, you’ll need to eliminate the commode from the floor. This task is a little bit difficult, so you might wish to think about calling a specialist.

Avoiding Bathroom Troubles

Prevention is constantly much better than cure. Regularly cleansing your commode can prevent several problems. Stay clear of flushing anything aside from bathroom tissue to avoid blockages. Examine the toilet’s elements periodically and also replace any type of worn-out components immediately.


Repairing typical toilet issues doesn’t have to be a challenging task. With this guide, you can identify and repair most concerns on your own, saving time and money. However, if an issue lingers or if you’re dealing with a significant issue, don’t wait to call a specialist plumbing technician.

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