How to Fix a Leaky Shower Faucet: A DIY Guide


A leaking shower faucet can be a nuisance, causing unnecessary water waste and increasing your energy expenses. However, you don’t always require to contact a professional plumber to fix it. With the right devices and a bit of patience, you can handle this job on your own. This thorough do it yourself guide will walk you via the steps on just how to fix a leaking shower tap.

Understanding the Essentials

Before you dive into the repair procedure, it’s important to understand the fundamentals of a shower faucet. A common shower faucet includes a deal with, a stem, and a washing machine. The handle is what you transform to regulate the water flow, the stem is the part that relocates when you turn the handle, and the washing machine is a little rubber piece that seals the water in when the faucet is off.

A dripping shower faucet is normally as a result of a damaged washing machine. Gradually, the washer can become rigid, torn, or displaced, causing the faucet to leakage.

Gathering the Necessary Devices

Before you begin, guarantee you have the following devices:

1. A screwdriver
2. An adjustable wrench
3. A set of pliers
4. A new washing machine
5. Plumber’s grease

These tools are easily offered in a lot of equipment stores. If you do not have a new washer at hand, you can take the old one to the store to locate a matching replacement.

Shutting down the Water System

The initial step in taking care of a leaking shower faucet is to shut off the water. The shut-off valve is generally situated in the basement or the utility room. If you can not locate it, you can shut off the primary supply of water for the whole home. After shutting off the water, activate the shower faucet to drain pipes any continuing to be water.

Disassembling the Tap

Next off, remove the tap manage. A lot of deals with are attached with a screw, which you can loosen up with a screwdriver. As soon as the screw is out, delicately pull the take care of off the stem. If it’s stuck, make use of the pliers to wiggle it loosened.

With the manage eliminated, you can now access the stem. Make use of the adjustable wrench to unscrew the come from the tap body. Take care not to damage the threads as you do this.

When the stem is out, you’ll see the washer at the end of it. Utilize the screwdriver to remove the screw holding the washer in place, then get the old washer.

Changing the Washing machine

Since you’ve removed the old washer, it’s time to mount the new one. But before you do that, apply a small amount of plumber’s oil to the brand-new washer. This will aid it seal far better and last much longer.

Place the new washing machine where the old one was and safeguard it with the screw. Make sure it’s tight however not excessively limited, as this might create it to fracture or tear.

Reconstructing the Faucet

With the brand-new washing machine in position, it’s time to rebuild the faucet. Screw the stem back right into the faucet body, after that move the manage onto the stem and safeguard it with the screw.

Turn the supply of water back on and test the tap. If it’s still dripping, the trouble can be with the stem or the faucet seat, which is the component the washer presses against. In this instance, you might require to change the stem or the seat.

Final thought

Repairing a dripping shower tap is an uncomplicated job that you can handle with a couple of basic tools. However, if the leak continues after replacing the washing machine, it’s ideal to employ an expert plumber to avoid causing additional damages.

Keep in mind, regular maintenance of your shower and bath tub components can protect against leakages and conserve you from pricey repair work over time. Constantly keep an eye out for any indications of damage and address them quickly.

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