How to fix a gurgling kitchen sink? ( 4 Easy Steps)

How to fix a gurgling Kitchen sink

Probably, the annoying noises from your sinks are such a different type of headache for you as well. But have you ever thought about why your kitchen sinks gurgles?

Well, there are different reasons some sinks gurgle because of the drainage pipe which used to become blocked because your pipe becomes overfilled with water and other junk so the air becomes blocked and your sink starts gurgling and makes annoying noises with a bad stink. If you want to know how to fix a gurgling kitchen sink, then you have to wait no more.

At first, it might not be a big deal for anyone. But if you keep ignoring that problem, it could become a major plumbing issue. Therefore, you gotta fix your sinks and pipes.

Alright, I know, it would be a new task for you so hold on. No need to be overwhelmed. In this article, I’ve brought you some tips to fix your gurgling kitchen sink. These 5 tips are super easy and effective as well.

And hopefully can repair the gurgling of your kitchen sink. If the gurgling is only in your kitchen sink, the chances are there are issues in your drains and pipes. Or the installation of your vent. For repairing, do follow the tips given down below.

How to fix a gurgling kitchen sink?

Check for obstructions in your drainage pipe.

The water keeps flowing at a low speed because your drainage pipe is not receiving enough air. Thus, the result is the junk starts integrating that causes obstruct in your pipe and your sink starts gurgling.

In this case, you often gotta clean and sanitize your p-trap pipe so it may not cause blockages. For cleaning your pipe all you gotta do is, disassemble it and place a bucket or container under the pipe.

With the help of pliers, open the nuts and screws of the p-trap, eliminate the trap and clean the debris and junk from inside with the nylon brush. Make sure your pipe is neat and immaculate. Then assemble the nuts back and attach the pipe. Open your sink and notice if it’s making any noise or not.

Check the installation of the sink vent

If you hear the gurgling sound from your sink only when the water is drawn out from the sink. This means the only problem is with your vent. And it’s possible either your vent was not stabilized properly or your vent is overflowed.

If you are having a drainage pipe of 1.5 inches, then ensure your vent is fixed 3.5 feet from the downward part of your p-trap. By doing so, your vents will be vacuumed and cleared, and your sink will stop gurgling.

Regardless, when you poke the hole on the lowest part of the bottle, the water will smoothly come out with a flow without any blockage. Therefore, your vent is similar to the bottle hole. If it’s obstructed due to some reason your sink can possibly start gurgling.

Check your air valves

Sometimes, the problem is not with your vent but with your sink’s air admittance valves. As it is placed underneath your sink so its pressure is activated all the time. Make sure your air admittance valve is in a good condition.

Because if it’s inflexible and rigid and the air is trapped, it may cause gurgling in your sink. Oftentimes, the valves are congested which may also result in gurgling.

Flush your sink

Sometimes, In order to fix your gurgling sink, all you gotta do is properly flush your kitchen sink.

Firstly, open your sink and let your water run for a couple of minutes so that it may go into the main sewer pipe and eradicate the blockage. Oftentimes, the excessive and irrational pressure of water drifts out the debris and garbage from your drainage pipe.

Damaged and obstructed pipes can also interrupt the water flow and airflow within your plumbing system. Make sure they are cleaned and in proper condition.

If you have tried all the above tips I’ve mentioned and your sink is still gurgling, you gotta call a professional plumber as soon as possible.

You can’t ignore it for a long time. It’s possible that there could be a blockage in your pipes or any type of error. Whatever the problem is just don’t ignore it if you can’t fix it. Ignoring it can cause some major problems as well.

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Frequently asked questions

What causes gurgling in the kitchen sink?

Your kitchen sink can gurgle for a ton of reasons. Either, your sink is not vented, or there’s an obstruction in your pipes, however, if your sink drain is not vented or the pipes are not unobstructed, the air will start being filled by the water and it will cause blockage issues and gurgling which comes from the p-trap.

Is a gurgling sink dangerous?

A gurgling is a warning of a dangerous sink problem in the future if you keep ignoring it. The gurgling can cause blockage in your pipes. You gotta call a professional plumber as soon as possible. However, Ignoring it can cause some major problems as well.

Where is the kitchen sink vent?

A kitchen sink has a vent that is concealed in the wall that is connected to the pipe. The vent has to raise 6 inches above the excess level of water of the sink before the line goes smooth and straight.

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There are different reasons some sinks gurgle because of the drainage pipe which used to become blocked because your pipe becomes overfilled with water and other junk so the air becomes blocked and your sink starts gurgling.

Or there is an installation issue in your vent. To fix these issues and gurgling of your sink we have brought you some tips that might help you fix up your drain.

However, If the gurgling still doesn’t fix do call the professional plumber as soon as possible. Don’t ignore the draining and pipes issues, these small problems can create a massive problem in your sink. Hope this article will be helpful for you. If you’ve any questions regarding this article feel free to ask.


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