9 Easy Steps How to finish a beaded bracelet?

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How to finish a beaded Bracelet

In today’s world, who doesn’t know about bracelets? It’s such a common piece of jewelry for both men and women. And a perfect gift for your beloved ones. Yes, you can give a self handmade bracelet to your sister, friend, or anyone.

Therefore, it would be something new for them and you as well. I’ll suggest you, you should definitely make one. It’s such fun art. But do not worry, we will tell you complete steps on how to make a beaded bracelet.

A beaded bracelet can be made of many things like thread, string, wires, clasps, and much more. Therefore, it depends on you what looks more good to you and long-lasting. I don’t think there’s much to introduce you to the beaded bracelets because I’m sure you already know much better.

However, if you’re interested in arts and crafts, and rather than buying jewelry from stores, you prefer to make your own handmade jewelry.

Then this article is perfect for you if you’re new to making bracelets and necklaces and you’re wondering that how to make your DIY and handmade beaded bracelets and attach them, I’ll teach and guide you in this article. So worry not, grab your crafts and beads and follow me ahead.

How to finish a beaded bracelet?

Beading bracelet steps:

Step 1:

You gotta use a soft flex beading wire. Because it’s a flexible beading wire and very strong as well. Moreover, you can put a selection of beads For your bracelets in various styles and shapes. So Let’s go ahead and string some beads on your line.

Step 2:

Interestingly, you don’t need to use a needle, you just gotta put beads one by one in your strong flex wire.

The design part of the bracelet is up to you. The only tools you gotta need are a wire cutter and crimping pliers and you must have a good vision. Because sometimes the beads are too small and it’s holing as well

Step 3:

At the end of the beading wire, I’m having a stopper. It’s such a small handy gadget that keeps the beads on the wire. While you’re stringing the beads you don’t want the beads falling on the other hand of the wire as you’re creating your design.

You must know the size of the wrist of someone to whom you are gifting the bracelet. Then create the bracelet according to that length. use the wire and beads according to that length.

Step 4

Once you’re done with the length, the next thing that goes on with the beading wire is the crimp bead. The crimp bead comes in different shapes and sizes. The best crimps to use for this beading wire are two by two-millimeter sterling wire crimps.

The one’s silver sterling Crimp beads will always Hold on to the soft beading flex wire. Furthermore, You don’t have to worry about breaking, cracking, or falling off.

Step 5:

One crimp bead goes on the wire, and the next thing that has to go on the wire is a wire guardian. It’s a small Horseshoe metal piece that protects the wire as it goes through the hole of your clasp.

Step 6:

So the beading wire gotta simply go on one side down The other of that horseshoe-shaped thing. It’s called a wire guardian

Once you did that, nextly you gotta put The clasp on the wire guardian so it sits through the hole of the clasp. You gotta pull it tightly To the bracelet.

Seeding the beading wire back to the crimp and back down a few beads. You don’t have to cut the wire off at the right of the crimp.

Step 7:

Now you are ready to close the crimp. The crimp bead is that little small two-by-two sterling piece right there next to the bead. You can use crimping pliers. These are basic crimping pliers. You don’t need huge crimping pliers. Be sure to get the ones that are branded, crimping pliers.

Step 8:

There are two holes in it. The first hole closest to your hand is in the shape of a seed. That’s the hole that you gotta use first. You have to simply line up the hole of the plier over the crimp tube and press it down gently.

Step 9:

The crimp has now been closed. Now take your crimping plier and crimp the print tube again which will now fold it in half. Now it’s secured. You have to complete the other end of the bracelet in the same manner. There you have a very neat string beaded bracelet that is going to stay together.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. What is the most secure bracelet clasp?

The most secure clasps that are recommended are hooks, spring rings, or lobsters which keep the beads secure and altogether without falling apart.

Q2. What can I use instead of crimp beads?

If you’re not having crimp beads, you can also use screw tite crimps. It not only secures the soft flex wire of your bracelet but you can also change your clasp for a different one as well.

How do you resize the beaded bracelet?

For resizing your bracelet, you gotta put your bracelet in a box so that it may not scatter. Then remove the beads and measure the elastic length and leave 2 inches extra for the knot. Lastly, tie a loose knot on one end of your bracelet and string your beads.

 Here is a complete guide about the best bead loom and if you want to read about looms for beginners, you can also visit this.


Beading bracelets are such a super amazing task to create. It’s also a great idea to give as a gift to your beloved ones.

Although, it’s not an easy task to finish the beading bracelet. So in today’s article, we have shared with you an easy and professional way of finishing your beading bracelet with the use of soft flex wire and crimps.

Do let us know what you think about this easy method in the comment section. I hope it may be easy for you to create your bracelets in your style and size with professional finishing.


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