How to Decorate the Top of Your Bedroom Dresser


When it pertains to bed room style, dressers and also closets frequently take a rear seat. However, these furniture can end up being the centerpiece of your room with a little creative thinking as well as interest to information. The top of your dresser, especially, uses a blank canvas for showcasing your style and also personality.

In this blog post, we will certainly check out different methods to enhance the top of your bedroom cabinet. Whether you choose a minimalist technique or a much more fancy arrangement, these ideas will certainly aid you transform your dresser into a trendy and practical piece of furniture.

Understand Your Room

Prior to you start embellishing, take a minute to analyze the area you have. The size and shape of your cabinet will certainly determine what kind of style you can fit. A lengthy, low cabinet might be the best place for a collection of mounted images or a row of publications, while a taller, narrower cabinet could be better matched for a solitary declaration piece.

Take into consideration the wall surface area above your cabinet also. A large, blank wall surface may require a bold item of art work or a mirror, while a smaller sized space could be far better matched for a couple of tiny, meticulously selected items.

Select a Theme

Having a style can aid guide your decorating choices as well as develop a natural appearance. Your style can be as straightforward as a color scheme or as details as a certain design or age. As an example, you could pick a vintage theme and also screen antique fragrance containers, or a coastal motif with coverings and also beach glass.

Keep in mind, your motif ought to show your personal design and enhance the remainder of your bedroom style.

Equilibrium as well as Symmetry

Equilibrium and also balance are crucial principles in interior design. When enhancing the top of your cabinet, think about just how your items will certainly look en masse. Try to stabilize bigger items with smaller ones, and also expanded products of the very same shade or style to develop a sense of consistency.

Proportion doesn’t always mean having a the same item on each side of your dresser. Rather, aim for a well balanced appearance. As an example, if you have a tall lamp on one side, balance it with a pile of publications or a vase of flowers on the other.

Function and Design

While the top of your dresser is a fantastic location to display decorative things, it can also offer a sensible function. Think about integrating items that you use daily into your decoration.

For example, a stunning tray can hold your jewelry as well as watches, a fashionable box can hide your push-button controls, and a stylish dish can contain your keys and loose change. This way, your dresser leading ends up being not simply a screen room, but additionally a functional part of your daily routine.

Layering and also Elevation

Layering products and having fun with various elevations can add deepness and also passion to your cabinet top. Beginning with larger, taller products at the back and also work your method onward with smaller sized things.

For instance, you may place a high mirror or artwork at the back, a medium-sized light or vase in the center, as well as a little tray or decorative box at the front. This creates a tiered result that draws the eye in and makes your screen more interesting.

Much less is Extra

When embellishing the top of your dresser, bear in mind that less is commonly much more. Overcrowding your cabinet can make it look cluttered and chaotic, rather than fashionable and also curated.

Choose a couple of key items that you enjoy, and give them room to beam. If you have a large collection of products, consider turning them seasonally or whenever you seem like an adjustment. This maintains your decor fresh and also allows you to showcase different items throughout the year.


Decorating the top of your bed room dresser can be a fun and gratifying project. With a little idea as well as creative thinking, you can transform this often-overlooked room into a trendy and also useful part of your bedroom.

Keep in mind to consider the size and shape of your dresser, select a motif that reflects your personal style, equilibrium and also symmetry, integrate useful things, have fun with layering as well as elevation, as well as avoid overcrowding. With these ideas in mind, you’re well on your method to producing a dresser top display that’s distinctly you.

Whether you’re going back to square one or just wanting to freshen your present arrangement, we really hope these tips inspire you to watch the top of your dresser in a whole brand-new light. Pleased designing!

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