How to Create a Child-Safe Bathroom with the Right Shower and Bathtub


Washrooms can be a hazardous place for children, with slippery surface areas, sharp corners, and potentially dangerous substances. However, with cautious preparation and the ideal devices, you can create a child-safe restroom that decreases threats and ensures your youngster’s security. This short article will certainly guide you on just how to produce a child-safe shower room with the right shower and tub.

Comprehending the Threats

Prior to we explore the specifics of producing a child-safe shower room, it’s important to comprehend the possible threats that shower rooms present to youngsters. These consist of slides as well as drops due to damp and also unsafe surface areas, unexpected ingestion or call with hazardous compounds, as well as the threat of sinking in bathtubs. By understanding these risks, you can take the needed steps to mitigate them efficiently.

Picking the Right Bath Tub

When it involves creating a child-safe bathroom, the bathtub is just one of one of the most crucial elements. Below are some elements to take into consideration when picking the ideal bathtub for your child:


Choose a tub made from non-slip material to prevent slips as well as drops. In addition, the material ought to be resilient as well as simple to tidy to preserve hygiene.


The dimension of the tub should be ideal for your child’s age and size. For babies as well as kids, take into consideration using a little, mobile tub that fits inside your routine bathtub. As your kid expands, you can transition to a bigger bathtub with safety attributes such as non-slip surfaces and also hand rails.

Shape and Design

The bath tub’s shape as well as style should be child-friendly, with no sharp edges or edges. Some bathtubs come with integrated seats or supports to help maintain your child safe and comfortable throughout bathroom time.

Choosing the Right Shower

The shower is another crucial part of a child-safe restroom. Here are some aspects to take into consideration when choosing the right shower for your kid:


Select a showerhead with a mild flow to prevent water from splashing also vigorously on your kid. Some showerheads include adjustable circulation settings, allowing you to regulate the water stress.

Temperature Control

To avoid scalding, install a thermostatic blending valve (TMV) that manages the water temperature level. This device makes certain that the water temperature level stays at a risk-free degree, even if another person in your home uses hot water concurrently.

Shower Doors

If your shower has doors, ensure they are made from shatterproof glass to stop injuries. Additionally, think about using a shower curtain as opposed to a glass door.

Additional Safety Measures

Along with choosing the appropriate shower as well as bathtub, right here are some extra measures you can take to develop a child-safe restroom:

Set Up Security Latches

Install security locks on closets and also cabinets to avoid your kid from accessing possibly damaging materials such as cleansing items as well as medications.

Use Non-Slip Mats

Place non-slip floor coverings in the tub as well as on the shower room floor to prevent slides and drops. Make certain these floor coverings are cleaned regularly to prevent mold and mildew and also mold development.

Maintain Electrical Home Appliances Away

Maintain electrical devices such as hair clothes dryers and crinkling straighten out of reach to prevent electrocution. Also, make certain that all electric outlets are covered with security caps.

Set Up Commode Locks

Set up toilet locks to stop your kid from opening the commode cover. This can stop unintentional comes under the toilet and also discourage your youngster from having fun with bathroom water.


Developing a child-safe shower room entails careful preparation as well as the appropriate devices. By selecting the best shower and bath tub and also carrying out added safety measures, you can develop a shower room that is not just practical however also safe for your child. Remember, child safety is a continual procedure that needs normal checks as well as updates as your youngster grows and also their needs change. With these ideas, you can develop a shower room that gives assurance for you and a secure environment for your kid.

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