How to Cook Steaks on a Pellet Grill( 5 Easy Steps)

How to cook steaks on a pellet grill

You love steaks. You are fed up with dried and overcooked beef steak. You want to enjoy the tenderness and juiciness of the freshly grilled beef steaks on a pellet grill. Stop! What to stress about?

You can easily enjoy it just consider the preheated temperature and the marbled meat. We will tell you a complete guide on how to cook steaks on a pellet grill.

So, without wasting our time let’s learn some tips and steps to enjoy the perfect beef steak.

How to Cook Steaks on Pellet Grill

Steps to fire up a perfect steak on your pellet Grill:

  1. Meat preparation: Selection of the meat is very important.

2. Buy fresh meat: The most important thing is that we recommend is to buy the beef steak early in the morning on the same day you decide to enjoy the beef steak cooked on a pellet grill. Make sure to buy beef steaks that are very much marbled with fats it will increase the tenderness of your beef steak.

3. Thaw at room temperature: If you have a frozen beef steak make sure to thaw at room temperature about 5 hours before cooking. It will help in even cooking your steak throughout.

4. Season your meat: Here comes the point where you have to season your beef steak according to your choice either with salt and black pepper or other spices of your choice.

5. Start Up your Pellet Grill:

First of all, make sure that the hopper is filled with wood pellets.

Now plug your smoker into an electric switch.

Press the power button and wait until the first few pellets ignite and you see the smoke. It may take few minutes soon fire will be established. Let the lid open for few more minutes when a fire is established.

Now close the lid and preheat the grill to the desired temperature of approximately 400°F.

Once the grill is preheated, place your beef steak on the grill. And let it cook until it reaches your desired temperature about 125°F. Make sure to twist the steak after 15 minutes and the same for the other side.

Once the beef steak is cooked take out and wrap it in the aluminum foil for 15 minutes.

Serve with the Barbecue sauce and enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Reverse Sear method of pellet grilling?

The reverse sear method requires more time than the traditional method and involves double cooking. In this, you have to preheat your grill at a relatively low temperature around 220°F. Then smoke your beef steak until its internal temperature reaches 100°F. Then take it out and let it rest until the grill internal temperature reaches more than 450°F. Now place your steak back and let it grill for about 3 minutes per side. Take out, slice, and serve hot.

Final Verdict:

In this article, we have described all the tips and steps to sear the beef steak on the pellet grill. Internal temperature and meat freshness should be kept in mind to enjoy restaurant-style beef steak at home.

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