How to Convert an Old Dresser into a Bathroom Vanity


In the realm of interior design, repurposing old furnishings into practical and elegant items is a pattern that never seems to go out of style. One such job that has obtained popularity in the last few years is converting an old cabinet right into a bathroom vanity. This do it yourself task not just includes a special touch to your bathroom but additionally offers ample storage space. This article will assist you via the process of changing an old dresser right into a shower room vanity.

Why Convert an Old Cabinet right into a Bathroom Vanity?

Before we look into the how-to, it’s vital to recognize why this task deserves your time and effort. To start with, it’s an outstanding means to reuse and also repurpose an old furniture piece, minimizing waste and advertising sustainability. Secondly, it permits you to add an individual touch to your shower room decor, developing an one-of-a-kind piece that shows your design. Finally, it can be an affordable option to acquiring a brand-new vanity, especially if you currently have an old dresser available.

Selecting the Right Dresser

The first step in this task is choosing the ideal dresser. The dimension of the cabinet ought to be proportional to the dimension of your restroom. It should be large enough to accommodate the sink as well as leave sufficient countertop area, however not so huge that it bewilders the area.

The design of the dresser must additionally enhance the overall decoration of your restroom. Whether you favor a vintage, rustic, or contemporary visual, guarantee the dresser’s style lines up with your vision.

Finally, the dresser should be durable as well as in good condition. While minor aesthetic problems can be taken care of, architectural problems could make the dresser inappropriate for this project.

Prep work and also Planning

As soon as you’ve chosen the best cabinet, it’s time to prepare it for its brand-new role. Beginning by removing the cabinets and hardware. If you prepare to repaint or refinish the dresser, currently is the moment to do it.

Next off, determine the space where you’ll set up the vanity, including the height, size, and also deepness. Additionally, gauge the sink as well as tap you’ll be setting up. Utilize these measurements to intend the design of your new vanity.

Customizing the Cabinet

The next step involves modifying the cabinet to accommodate the sink and plumbing. Beginning by marking the area on the dresser top where the sink will go. Use a jigsaw to eliminate this location.

Next, change the cabinets to include the plumbing. Depending on the design of your pipes, you might need to eliminate areas of the drawers or eliminate them entirely.

Bear in mind, the goal is to preserve as much storage area as possible, so be strategic with your alterations.


With the modifications complete, you’re currently all set to mount your brand-new vanity. Start by positioning the dresser in the wanted area. After that, set up the sink and also faucet according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Next, attach the plumbing. This step may call for some pipes knowledge, so don’t wait to call a professional if required.

Lastly, re-install the cabinets and hardware. If needed, change the cabinet tracks to guarantee they glide in and out smoothly.

Finishing Touches

With the installment full, it’s time to add the complements. Seal the cabinet top with a water resistant sealant to protect it from water damage.

You can additionally include added storage solutions, like baskets or organizers, inside the drawers.

Finally, accent your brand-new vanity with an elegant mirror, soap dispenser, and also other shower room essentials.


Transforming an old dresser into a washroom vanity is a satisfying job that includes personality as well as capability to your restroom. With cautious planning, a little imagination, as well as some elbow grease, you can transform an unused furniture right into an elegant as well as functional addition to your home.

Bear in mind, this job is not just about producing a distinct piece of furniture; it’s additionally regarding advertising sustainability and also reducing waste. So, the next time you discover an old dresser, do not be as well quick to discard it. Instead, think about offering it a new lease of life as a washroom vanity.

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