How to Connect PS4 to Laptop Without Remote Play-2022 [Latest Guide]

Everybody knows to play ps4 with the help of a remote control. People enjoy playing the games. If you want to get rid off the remote and want to use a ps4 in your laptops without a remote control. Then you are in the right place.

In this article, we told you about how you connect a ps4 to the laptops without using any remote play. For this purpose you must read this article attentively. People enjoy playing ps4 on their Laptops. Therefore we give you this idea according to your needs.

How to Connect PS4 to Laptop Without Remote Play

For this feature you need many things like Wi-Fi, laptop, Capture Card, Dual-function HDMI, PS4 console.

Especially children enjoy ps4 games and pass their time playing ps4 games. If children tease you. Then you play games with them on their laptop when you do not find remote play. Then children do not tease you because their all interest is in playing games. They enjoy it a lot. So you do your work easily, which you do.

How To Connect a PS4 to a Laptop Without Remote Play?

In this article, we will told you through which steps you connect the ps4 with your laptop. To know this, follow these steps;

  • Over all, you go to Google and search for an official website, Open Official Website and Download the Game Capture Application.
  • Secondly, attach the capture card to your laptop. When you complete the process. Then attach the PS4 with HDMI OUT Port and the capture card with HDMI IN Port.
Capture Card Connectivity with Laptop
HDMI Cable At Capture Card Input
  • Attach USB-C type cable to the capture card. Then attach this to the USB-A Port with the laptop. You can directly attach Your capture card with laptop. If your laptop does not support capture card directly then arrange USB-C Type cable. Then the laptop gives the power to the capture card. This same cable carries the video signals.
  • You just need to attach the USB-A cable to the USB 3.0 port of the Laptop.
  • You launch the Game Capture Application. Then you join the ps4 to the laptop through the capture card. Capture Cards take just a few minutes to catch the video signals and work.
  • When you precede the process you should check and ensure that the capture card catches the signal. The one and only way to check the signal is through the capture card.
  • For this, you just open the settings of the app or software and click the option of Gear. It is the time to select the PS4 which is available just underneath the card.
  • When the process of connecting the PS4 to the laptop without a remote controller is completed then you open the Game Capture Card, using the keyboard of the laptop for playing games.

Suppose you have no remote play with your ps4 just because you forget remote play to your home and somewhere else. To avoid this problem we give you the idea to connect the PS4 to your laptop and enjoy your time and make your time become memorable. You use the keyboard of your laptop to play video games. But it does not mean you get the same result and will face some problems.

From Which Technique Do You Use For Hook Up a PS4 With Laptop?

  • For this create an s-video attached to the connection cable. Now HDMI IN is attached with the Capture Card. Then attach HDMI OUT with the ps4. When the process completes then the software opens and supplies the power to the ps4.

Software opens to the search engine and shows the ps4 to the Laptop Screen. Now you use ps4 to their Laptop and marvel at the video games.

Methods to Arrange HDMI:

There are many methods for attaining the HDMI. So therefore we mention many methods for attaining the HDMI.

1. Convert DVI To HDMI :

Both HDMI and DVI run on digital signals. When we use both there is no issue in quality. But the main issue of DVI is the audio signals. For solving this issue you buy a sound bar with an optical option.

  • First of all you purchase the converter cable of HDMI TO DVI OR DVI TO HDMI. Now connect the HDMI Cable to the HDMI ps4 output port and then the other end is joined with the DVI port of TV.
  • The other way to convert DVI To HDMI is directly purchasing the converter. You  join one end of the converter and DVI to show or TV.
  • Now you show the display and display turn on and choose specific input and switch on PlayStation. Then you watch Sony Logo on display and now you check the volume. Then check if the sound is coming or not.

If the sound is not coming out then you use a sound bar. Attach the sound bar to your monitor and then check the sound.

2. Composite Converter is used to connect HDMI :

If you have no money and no expense to purchase a sound bar for the volume issues then you must have HDMI Cable, if you want to solve this problem. For this you search for some composite cable with high Quality therefore you did not face any audio issues.

So you must follow the steps to use the converter as a HDMI.

  • Now join the one end of HDMI Cable to the PS4 and the other end to the HDMI to composite converter Cable. You get USB cable with the converter then attach this to the HDMI.    
  • Attach convertor according to color code and composite cable with the TV. 
  • Now switch on your TV and set specific input. You are connected and you can watch the Sony logo.

FAQs About How to Connect PS4 to Laptop Without Remote Play

I know as a reader you have many questions in your mind.  Here we are available and trying to answer the questions which are in your mind as a reader. There are some questions through which we try to clear out your doubts.

Yes, you use your ps4 on your Laptop Screen because you do it easily. Many video games are played on Laptop just because of attaching the ps4 to the Laptop and it is easy to play games on Laptop.

Yes you play ps4 games on their laptops and enjoy your time with the games. you just
go to google on their official website and know the procedure how it is possible.

Yes, We already mentioned how it happens in this article.

Yes, you hook a ps4 to the laptop because the procedure is available above with detailed steps. If you want this then spare your 2 minutes and read this helpful article. Otherwise you will be so confused about how it happens.

Yes we face issues with sound signals. But do not take tension. Every problem has a solution. For this you purchase a sound bar for sound signals. Now there is no issue. The quality is not compromised when we use DVI and HDMI.

No, when you attach the ps4 to a laptop. It does not run smoothly. You face some problems but you manage the problem through some settings.

Wi-Fi, Capture Card, Laptop, HDMI and PS4 console.

Follow the above mentioned steps that are given under the section How to connect Ps4 to laptop without remote play. You can easily play ps4 games without remote play.

Conclusion of How to Connect PS4 to Laptop Without Remote Play:

Hence you are able that How to Connect PS4 to Laptop without Remote Play. Thus it is the most convenient way to attach the ps4 with Laptops because you understand the things so easily after reading this article.

Therefore you can easily connect this PS4 to PC and other devices. All details are mentioned in this article.

Sometimes we forget the remote play in your home and need some technique from which we used the technique to play ps4 to the other devices for playing the games and pass our time and make our time memorable with the friends and other family members.

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