How to Connect & Play PS4 on Laptop With HDMI? Easy Steps-2022

How to Connect & Play PS4 on Laptop With Hdmi? Well, Today I will teach you the actual way to connect consoles like PS3, PS4, and PS5 or any other console like an HDMI port with a laptop for playing games. So, it proves helpful whenever you want to play games anywhere anytime. The hack which I am going to describe is fantastic, and it works.

PS-4 application is used to control PS-4 for impressive gaming, although it can be installed only on Mac or PC. But due to its unique qualities, people want to play it on their laptops and often ask can we play? Yes, you can, but the process is a bit tricky. As the game is demonstrated on the screen of the laptop, we need a video card. It’s not a problem, and the real problem is that notebooks have no video input.

Further, there is another option to connect ps4 to laptop hdmi, and it is a simple but quite complicated process to obtain a perfect laptop screen for gameplay. Let’s come, and I will guide you on how to perform this task step-by-step to enjoy games on PS4. Two methods are commonly used. The first is to download a remote app then connects with PS4 and a computer or laptop to play streaming games.

For this purpose, first, you need to make your internet connection strong, but our main motto is to connect PS4 with a laptop HDMI port to play smooth gaming without the internet. To connect ps4 to laptop using hdmi and get desired gaming results, follow the steps given below.

Through Video Card:

Before starting, here is some necessary equipment without which we can’t begin to work. First, you need to console the HDMI port with the laptop through USB cable C i3 or i5. Sometimes more than one cable is required, which you can get only with an efficient laptop. Importantly, you need to have a capture card to show images and video in real-time. For game enthusiasts, it is easy to play games on LCD or PC, but some also want to play on a laptop. Using this video capture card, you can enjoy seamless gaming on a computer but with an HDMI cable. Primarily, you need to be focused on every step that I am going to describe below. Things required to start this procedure are:

  • Laptop
  • Video capture card
  • PS4
  • Enable file sharing
  • Internet
  • Dual functioning HDMI
Activate Your Primary PS4

Step 1: Check connections

To enable the sharing file in PS4, move to settings, open internet settings, and ensure your device is connected. In some cases, some people have no wireless connections, so they should go for Ethernet cables.

Step 2: Software installation

To connect ps4 to laptop with hdmi with a video capture card, ensure the premium card quality. Because this card also constitutes an S-video, install the software carefully and make sure it works correctly after installation.

Step 3: Connect PS4 and HDMI with video capture card

The third step is the connection of the PS4 to the video card. For attachment, you require an S-video cable. Now on PS4, attach the HDMI-OUT, and on the video card, attach HDMI-IN.

Step 4: Open it and run

Open the app that came by the video card and then power up the PS4; this software itself finds the PS4 to show it on the screen. Display it in full mode for high screen resolution. Then make sure that the software runs smoothly after the completion of this process. All the above-written steps tell you how to connect ps4 to laptop via hdmi with speed and ease? But the process is a bit pricey.

Via Built-in Recording Function:

The PS4 can be captured via its built-in recording functions to the laptop system. Start any game you want to record, enter a share page to click a share button over the controller. Then move to the settings, broadcast sets, to include a microphone to record players’ voices. Specifically, this technique helps you to capture video without having any HDMI.

By OBS Recording software:

For professionalism, advancement, and premium features, you can think about OBS recording software. Moreover, it is used by professional software users and is quite simple.

  • First, install PlayStation 4 remote play, then connect it to your laptops PlayStation 4
  • Open OBS to add a menu, click ok to start capturing gameplay
  • The OBS allows the user to make all types of customized video by making changes in settings
  • Moreover, it is the most cheaper and functional technique for gameplay recording

Also, try some other methods; maybe they might be more helpful and functional to meet your basic needs.

By Using Remote Play:

PlayStation 4

Remote play application let you play unforgettable gaming as it connected remotely on PS4; before starting, you need the following materials

  • PS4 system
  • Laptop
  • Wireless USB adapter and DUALSHOCK 4
  • Fast internet connection
  • Eventually, an account on the PS network

Step 1:

Visit the Sony app and download its latest version for Mac, PC, and laptop; this app will help you stream your gameplay on the computer. Now for starting the process of installation, run the installer. Consequently, if you have more than one PS4, follow the step; otherwise, move towards the third step.

Step 2:

If you have multiple PlayStation 4, then as an initial console activate one, after completing this process, go to settings navigate PS network settings, now move to account management here you will see primary PlayStation 4 Activate enable it. Besides, it is necessary to update your PlayStation to 3.50; if you do it, it’s good; otherwise, go to settings and manually update it.

Step 3:

In this step, you have to enable remote play in PlayStation 4 settings, then move into the settings, then go onto the remote play settings and check if it is enabled or not.

Step 4:

Rest mode should be activated, navigate to settings, then move to power save settings; nowhere do you see multiple features set according to your need. Also, confirm the enabling of turning on PlayStation from the Network. If it is enabled, it provides streaming gameplay on the laptop.

Step 5:

After tweaking up all the necessary features in PlayStation 4 settings, you must transfer the remote play application to the laptop. See, on the left, here is a setting option. You need to set various things like RPS up to 1080p which is usually about 720 p, but it requires high resolution. Also, select the higher frame rate of 60 fps which is pretty good.

Step 6:

Utilize DUALSHOCK 4 for hooking up ps4 to laptop, hence for connecting wireless connectors follow these steps:

  • Consequently, hold down the circular and share button of PS 4 until the controllers get highlighted with the flashing of the light bar
  • Then, plug in the adapter ( USB ) in the laptop for at least 3-4 seconds for the strong pairing of the controller

Step 7:

On the remote play application, you will see a start button, first log in to the PS network while pressing the start button. Notably, this application starts to recognize the first PS4 then takes you to its home screen. More so, you can use the keyboard and mic of the laptop for text typing and chatting.

Step 8:

In some cases, the user wants to turn off the PS4, and this process is quite simple

  • Press down the PS4 on DUALSHOCK 4
  • Now move to the power setting to press the rest mode; this will terminate the streaming connection

This step is necessary for those who want to stop the remote play application. This whole process from steps 1-7 tells users how to play ps4 on laptop screen with hdmi?

How to Connect & Play PS4 on Laptop With Hdmi-FAQs:

Can I play my ps4 on my laptop?

Yeah, you can play PS4 on a laptop by using the HDMI port, and it functions as an impressive gaming device. 

How to connect ps4 to laptop using hdmi?

No, you can’t connect PlayStation 4 to a laptop using HDMI and never get video signals via this method.

Can HDMI be used as an input on a laptop?

Specifically, every laptop has an HDMI port, but this is not used as an input. There is another procedure to check laptop production.

Final words-How To Connect & Play PS4 on Laptop With HDMI:

Amazingly, two primary techniques are using remote play and via video card; additional methods that we describe in this article are to offer extra features for expanding your knowledge. But we recommend you stick with two primary techniques to make your practice strong. Video capturing is a bit pricey than remote play, but both of these are more authentic.

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