How to Clean a Tattoo ( 5 Easy Steps)

How to clean a Tattoo

Aftercare is very important if you want a cool-looking tattoo. To heal your tattoo, it is necessary to clean and take care of your tattoo correctly and how often one should clean.

Therefore, cleaning is essential throughout the whole healing process. In this article, we are providing you with an easy way to clean your tattoo properly which will prevent infection and heal your tattoo.

How to clean your tattoo?

This question is often asked by most people about how and when to clean a tattoo. And everyone has different opinions and various suggestions. However, what we are going to tell you is an easy and effective way of instant healing.

So basically the person should clean his skin once it is inked. Also, it is said to be the first wash. Further cleaning steps are given down below:

1 Wash your hands:

Washing your hands is the first and most important step to do when cleaning your tattoo. Because what’s the point of cleaning your tattoo when your hands are dirty?

All you are going to do is make your wound more bacterial. So make sure you clean your hands properly with antibacterial soap and rinse them.

2. Use lukewarm water:

Once you have washed your hands, now it’s time to open the tap for warm water. Make sure it may not be cold or too hot but should be warm.

Too hot water can damage your wound because your skin will be too sensitive so the hot water can cause pain. Then, wet your hands and pour the lukewarm water onto your tattooed area.

Make sure to rub the water gently onto that area in a circular motion until your tattoo is moist. Besides, rubbing can cause you awful pain but it’s fine and normal. You gotta bear it. Eventually, it will get better.

3. Use antibacterial soap:

Once you wet the area, use the antibacterial, alcohol-free, and fragrance-free soap onto your skin and rub it gently with your fingers.

Do not rub the soap so hard onto your skin but gently, ensure it makes the tattoo area slippery.

One thing to keep in mind is you don’t have to use the washing cloth soap or any used towel for rubbing. Only use your palm and fingers at least for a month. Make sure no soap is left uncleaned on the area. Then rinse it thoroughly with the same lukewarm water.

4. Rinse and Dry:

Now once you feel your skin tattoo is cleaned you have to make sure that it dries properly. For drying the area, either you can use paper tissue or let it dry naturally. In case you are using a paper tissue you have to ensure that it moist the area.

Just keep the paper tissue in that area and dry it gently by tapping it. And as you are done, pull it carefully and slowly as the tissue can also stick to your skin.

Further, For the first few days, you will notice some ink patches on the tissue while drying your skin which is normal. As long as you dry it gently, it won’t cause any damage or infection to your skin.

5. Hydrate the area by applying lotion:

After drying a tattoo, you need to hydrate your skin. So for that purpose, you have to use any good lotion or vaseline (petroleum jelly) on your skin.

This will also help you in recovering your wound. You have to ensure that you use the minimum amount of lotion that can cover the area of your tattoo.

Then apply it gently by rubbing with your fingers again in a circular motion. The lotion will help you in healing and will make your tattoo look shiny and slippery as well as will keep your skin hydrated. That’s it. You are done cleaning your tattoo.

Also, there are multiple benefits of using lotion. like, it lessens the dryness and itchiness of your skin. Also, will help in healing rapidly. Lastly, for the first month of the tattoo, repeat the same washing and cleaning process twice a day. This is very recommended.

Bottom line:

Although the cleaning process is not so time-consuming and tiring, it just needs some regularity and care for quick healing.

The cleaning process only takes 5 to 6 minutes so make sure to repeat it twice a day consistently for the first month. As an outcome, you will have a beautiful shiny and infection-free tattoo that will heal within 2 weeks.

Also, it will make you confident to show it off to people for the rest of your life without being worried about the damage and pain. Thus, the aftercare of the tattoo is a must.

I hope this article will be helpful for the one who is new and willing to have a tattoo. If you have any questions related to this topic, feel free to ask.

Thank you.


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