How to clean a beard brush ( 5 Easy Steps)

How to clean the beard brush

We all know cleaning is the key to prolong the life of any product. Brushes often get dirty by our hairs, dandruff, and other specks. You wonder how to clean a beard brush. No worries! You need to follow these simple steps about how to clean a beard brush.

Many types of beard brushes are available in the market including, board bristle and horn combs. Board bristle is better at catching debris so requires more maintenance than others.

Whatever type of brush you use. Its regular cleaning and oiling are also important. So, without wasting your time let us, straight dive, into the easy steps of cleaning the beard brush.

How to clean a beard brush

Loosening and removing of the hair:

First of all, you have to loosen the beard hair and remove the dirt specs on the base by using a cotton swab. It will help in further easy cleaning of the brush and removing the dead skin cell and specks. Next, you have to do is pull out all the loosened hair from the brush. You may observe that you have pulled out some bristles too but don’t worry this is normal.

Washing the brush:

Now take a bowl fill it with warm water, beard shampoo, and mix it well. Now move your beard brush in the bowl until you observe soap suds foaming. Do it for at least 90 seconds until you observe all of the specks are removed from the base.

Rinse it with Warm Water:

Once you have washed the brush now rinse it with warm water to ensure that all the shampoo is removed.

Drying the brush:

Once the beard brush is washed you can air dry it to use it again. Make sure to dry it at room temperature rather than at high temperature it may cause cracks on the wood.

Oiling the brush:

After cleaning the brush we recommend oiling your brush as well. Make sure that oil gets to the root of the bristles.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How often should I clean my beard brush?

As we all know frequent cleaning of the brush may damage the bristles. So, in order to get a clean brush, we recommend washing the brush once a month. We recommend you change the brush after every three to four months.

Why should we use a boar bristle brush on the beard?

A boar bristle brush can cover every one of the spots in your beard, including regions you may have missed by using fingers or a comb. It’s a compelling method of cleaning your beard instead of washing it daily that may dry out your beard hairs.

Final verdict:

In a nutshell, cleaning the beard brush easy. You don’t need to buy a new one whenever it gets dirty. You need to just follow the easy steps explained above and get your clean brush.

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