How to Choose Bathroom Mirror Frame Color?

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”

We know these are the fantasy words that go through your mind every time you stand in front of your bathroom mirror. However, all your fantasy would be futile if the mirror itself doesn’t look good or match [or contrast] your bathroom interior properly. An unmatched mirror is surely going to kill the whole vibe of your place.


So, how do you match the mirror with your bathroom?

Well, a matched frame with the right color combination can do magic to the place. The perfectly colored mirror frame would balance the overall vibe of the bathroom and pop it up even more.

How to Choose the Right Color for Your Bathroom Mirror Frame

How to Choose Bathroom Mirror Frame Color

When it comes to picking a color for your bathroom mirror frame, your personal choice always gets a preference. However, you also need to keep in mind a few things to make the mirror stand out and change the feel of the whole place.

  • Consider Your Personal Preference

Your personal choice matters. It’s you who is going to use the bathroom and see their face in the mirror. And therefore, when picking up the right frame color, try to work with colors that you love. This will bring a very personal tone to the space and make it more welcoming for you.

  • Keep in Mind the Bathroom Style

In addition to your personal favorite, you must also consider your bathroom style before hanging a frame on the wall. Remember that it should seamlessly blend with the interior of your bathroom.

You can opt for dark molding for the frame to bring depth and dimension to the place. If it doesn’t go well with the bathroom style, try out other popular light shades [beige, gold, silver, hues of pink] for the frame to stand out.

If you are really confused and don’t know what frame color(i) would be right for your bathroom, adopt a brown wood folding. It matches almost all interior and is one of the safest options to try!

  • Work On the Feel You Want

Not all the colors give the same feel. While some shades give a warm feeling, others offer cool and calm sensations. And while choosing a frame for your bathroom mirror, consider the ambiance and feel you want in your place. If you are looking for a bright, blazing atmosphere, try incorporating a warm-colored frame on the wall. And otherwise, cool shades would do wonders to the overall aura of your bathroom.


Q. What color should my bathroom mirror be?

The color of your mirror should match or contrast the bathroom interior or the vanity. You can adopt any color scheme, from white, blue to gold or bronze in your mirror. However, make sure that it aggress with the interior, rather than stick out of it.

Q. What color to paint the bathroom mirror frame?

When you are choosing a color to paint your bathroom mirror frame, take your personal preference into consideration. However, it doesn’t mean that you choose a color that doesn’t go with the bathroom interior. Try to pick a shade that goes well with the color palette of your space rather than taking any risks!

Q. What should your bathroom mirror match?

If you match the mirror with the bathroom vanity, it would be nice and beautiful. However, it’s not always that you “MUST ‘match it with the other fittings. Even if the mirror doesn’t match, it might still look good if you hand a piece that blends with the overall surrounding.

Q. How can I make my bathroom mirror look better?

There are a whole lot of ways you can adopt to make your bathroom mirror look better than ever before. For starters, you can add a sophisticated, statement frame to it that blends with the vibe of your bathroom. You might also try out a tile mosaic border or stick a few interesting stickers on the wall to make the mirror stand out better than ever.

Q. How do you paint a bathroom mirror frame?

To paint your bathroom mirror frame, start off by prepping and cleaning it first. Make sure that there is no dust and dirt left on the frame surface.
Once you are done with the cleaning process, sand the mirror frame with sandpapers to wipe off the top layer. this process ensures that the paint will stick to it for a longer period.

After sanding, apply primer and the paint and let them dry precisely before handing the mirror back on the wall.
Don’t forget to cover the shiny mirror surface with paper and tape to protect it from the paint.

Q. How do you paint over mirrors?

Painting over the mirror is not as hard as you might have thought of. In fact, it is quite easy. All you need to do is, first, apply a thin layer of conditioning primer over the mirror surface and let it dry completely. Then, paint over it with an air-dry glass paint and allow it to dry out too. And, you are done.

Q. Should all my bathroom vanities match?

It’s not always necessary that you have to match all your bathroom vanities to make it look better. You can always mix and match the vanities, faucets, and other accessories to make the interior of each bathroom to stand out.

Q. What size should a vanity mirror be?

The vanity and the vanity mirror in your bathroom should be according to the size of the space itself. Before hanging it on the wall, take into consideration the overall size of the bathroom, height of the ceiling, and the width of your vanity so that you get just the right-sized mirror for your most intimate place.

Q. How wide should my bathroom mirror be?

The width of a bathroom mirror must be less than the width of your sink or vanity. It’s a rule of thumb to make it look alluring. If you have a sink that measures 50 inches in width, make sure that your mirror is several inches less than the sink width.

Q. How do you spruce up a mirror frame?

You can spruce up a bathroom mirror frame in a lot of ways. For instance, clean it properly with the right cleaner to bring back the sparkle. You can try out a new, catching color in the frame to spice it up greatly. Or, try out adding “paste on” lights to the frame so that it looks gorgeous than ever before.

Q. Can you frame a bathroom mirror?

Even though there are a lot of frameless bathroom mirrors available in the market, you can always buy different types of frames to frame them for convenience as well as enhanced looks.

Q. Why is my bathroom mirror turning black?

There are several reasons a bathroom mirror can turn black. For starters, if it is not silver-coated, the moisture and water droplets can ruin it and make the surface black.
The glass can also turn black due to age, incorrect glass cleaners, or several other reasons.

Q. What type of mirror is a bathroom mirror?

Bathroom mirrors are concave mirrors. The spherical, inward curved surface of these mirrors creates an illusion of largeness and hence, lets you see every detail of your face.

Q. How high should the mirror be above vanity?

While hanging a mirror over your bathroom vanity, make sure that it is 5 to 10 inches above the vanity sink. You can also hang it a few inches above the vanity faucets.

Q. How do you choose a mirror?

When choosing a mirror, your personal preference matters the most. Get the one that you think is the best for you. But then again, make sure that the one you are getting is roughly two-thirds of the size of the vanity or sink you want to hand it above. This will create an excellent focal point and won’t make the place look unflattering.
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