How To Charge Laptop Battery Manually? [Latest Guide 2022]

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Everybody knows the importance of technology. Everyone has laptops, Pc, cell phones, etc. Many people prefer to work on laptops other than the Pc and Cell phones, because work on the laptop is easier than the Pc and cell phones. But many times we forget to charge the battery of the laptop. So, definitely you will worry about that How to Charge Laptop Battery manually.

I have solved your problem by easy ways. Your 10 minutes require only.

When we know the battery of a laptop is running out, and then many times electricity is not available for charging the battery and many other things because you are not able to charge your laptop battery, then we feel helpless.

Another possibility is that your battery is suddenly malfunctioned during your important working on laptop. And it is not get charging. In this situation you just think to replace the battery with new one to save your time. Even you don’t have money problem and you plan to change battery even the whole laptop altogether, definitely this process will take some time.

So, in this article we will brief you that how you come out from this trouble quickly instead of wasting your whole day in replacement. These all methods are verified from our end.

How to Charge Your Laptop Battery Manually?

There are many ways to charge your Laptop battery manually but before charging the laptop you must know the main problems through which the battery of the Laptop did not charge. Sometimes the problem is in the charger of the laptop and sometimes the problem is in the adopter.

How to Charge Laptop Battery Without Charger?

Now we will tell you about the solutions of your problems to charge your laptop battery according to your problems. So therefore you charge laptop battery easily just follow these techniques.

Through USB charge your Laptop Battery:

This is the simplest and easiest way to charge and supply your battery with the USB. You simply need to follow the following steps to charge your laptop battery.

  • Two types of ports are available in your laptops. The first type of port is A and the second type of port is B and sometimes port B is called portal C.
  • Port A used to charge the battery of the cell phones and it gives the power to charge your cell phones. 
  • When you attach the one end of USB to the port A and other end of USB to cell phones. Power supplies externally. Just because of this cell phone is charged.
  • Port B used to charge your Laptops, when you attach one end of your USB to the cell phone or Power ban and the other end attach to the Port B. Then power is supplied internally to charge the Laptop.

This is the way you charge your Laptops battery easily and do not face any problem. But this Port B is not available for all laptops. So make sure to read your laptop Manual and function of Port B, in some manual this Port B is mentioned as Port C.

If this port is not available in your laptop then you could not charge laptop without a charger.

Now we will tell you more techniques. Because of these techniques you charge your laptops batteries manually.

Supply Power with Universal Power Adapter:

Supply Power with Universal Power Adapter:

Universal power adapter is specially designed to Charge Laptop Battery without Charger. Sometimes when you leave the house, you forget your laptop charger at home. This device helps you a lot because you charge your Laptop easily and you have no trouble.

The main thing is that this device is so cheap. So therefore everybody buys this device easily. The main important thing is that when you buy this device. You check whether it is according to your Laptop Model or not. Because every model has different features and it is not attached to all Laptops.

Universal charger does not mean it charges all the laptops of the world. Different versions have different adapters. You purchase this device from any shop and online easily.

Charge Laptop Battery With External Battery Charger

Charge Laptop Battery With External Battery Charger

Externally charging your laptop battery is the most convenient way. In this way. you have to need the charger. plug your  charger directly to the battery. Before this must read the precautions which are written above the battery.

You buy that type of charger which did not heat the battery and did not overheat itself. When you purchase the charger you should make sure it does not take so much voltage because due to this we face the problem of the battery running out.

The great thing is that with this technique you take 2 or 3 batteries with you and  you have no problem charging your Laptop battery.

Charge Laptop Battery with Portable Charger:

Charge Laptop Battery with Portable Charger:

Adapter charger is convenient to use but it does not change the voltage according to the potential difference. But a portable charger manages the potential difference. Due to this your laptop battery is safe.

Because if voltage is more than the need, the danger is that it damages the battery of the Laptop and also Laptops. So we always choose the safest option.

Charge Laptop Battery Using a Power Bank:

Charge Laptop Battery Using a Power Bank:

You can purchase a laptop power bank from the market easily. But this works only for some specific ports. So therefore due to this reason we face problems. So when you purchase the power bank, you make sure that it is beneficial for you or not. Usually Laptop Port B or C is used for charging laptop battery.

When you purchase a power bank you also check that it is compatible with your DC adapter or not. Many power banks support multi DC adapters. So when you buy this device check the specification of the device.

Charge Laptop Battery with AC Adapter:

Sometimes your laptop does not charge because of the main fault in your adapter then through the AC adapter you charge your laptop battery. When you attach the adapter to your laptop then the light blinks.

Which means your laptop is starting to charge. If the fault in the adapter, then the light will not blink. Which means the fault is in your adapter, so you need to change your charger.

Charge Laptop Battery with Solar Energy:

Charge Laptop Battery with Solar Energy

Solar charging kits save you from trouble like electricity bills. It protects your laptop from damage which is caused due to high potential difference. Solar kit does not charge the laptop battery directly.

Therefore you charge the battery pack first. Then connect the charged battery to the laptop for charging. Once you charge the battery pack of the solar kit then you charge the battery of the laptop 2 to 3 times from this battery pack.

Through Using Super Laptop Battery:

Through Using Super Laptop Battery

For just using a super laptop battery you charge your laptop battery easily.

For this first of all you purchase this battery from the market. Then replace it with your laptop battery.

Now connect the laptop to the Supercharger of the super laptop battery. Once it charges complete then it gives you back up for up to 7 hours.

Purchase a New Battery:

When you try all techniques to charge your laptop but your laptop does not charge. It means the lifetime of your laptop battery is finished, then you go to market and purchase a new one. When you buy a new battery you make sure you buy a battery according to your laptop model and laptop company.

For better lifespan of your laptop battery you should charge your laptop battery only 40 to 80 percent because when you charge completely and over charge your laptop battery. Then the lifespan of the battery decreases. The battery damages early due to just a little bit of carelessness.

So when you charge your laptop battery almost 80 percent then remove the charger.

Conclusion of How to Charge Laptop Battery Manually:

Nowadays laptops have become a need of all people. People work and earn from home through their laptops. We always consider the laptop whose battery timing is great. If you wish your laptop battery does not damage early then you need to take care of your laptop battery.

Always Charge your laptop battery with the original charger of your laptop. Do not overcharge your laptop battery. If the fault occurs in your laptop charger then you use the techniques to charge your laptop which is mentioned in this article.

We suggest many techniques to charge your laptop battery manually in this article. We hope when you read the article it is beneficial for all. If you fix your problem after reading the article then share this article because maybe just because of your share it is beneficial to many people.

FAQs About How to Charge Laptop Battery Manually

As a reader you have many questions in your mind. So here we are trying to answer your questions.

Yes, it damages your battery timing because the lifespan of your laptop battery decreases because of overcharging and also overheating.

Yes, potential difference affects the battery timing. If the voltage is more than the requirement then the battery damages.

When you’re charging your laptop, do not forget that the power source must match its charger. Otherwise it could cause an unsafe situation and damage battery life. I recommend using official adapters which will ensure safety when charging any device.