How to Assemble a Tattoo Gun (7 Easy Steps)

How to assembly a tattoo gun

You are new to the tattoo machines? Don’t know how to assemble it before use? Nothing to worry about! We will here to guide you about how to assemble a tattoo gun

The tattoo machines work as same as that the doorbell. It works on electromagnetic waves. The armature started to move up and down when we allow the current to pass through the coils of the machine.

In this article, we will give you step by step guide that how you can assemble your tattoo gun.

How to Assemble a Tattoo Gun

Assembling of the tattoo gun:

Follow the following steps to get your tattoo gun assembled properly.

  1. Get into the parts of the gun: First familiarize yourself with the parts of the tattoo gun, their specifications, and their working.

You should know that when current passes through the two coils of the machine the armature starts to move up and down. This happens when we connect the machine to a power source.

None of the machine parts can be removed or replaced. If we do so the machine will not work properly as a result.

  1. Barrel assembly:  Inspect the grip of the machine. There are two sides to the grip. One for attaching the tube and the other is the tip to which the needle will be added. Set these two at the preferable lengths.

The needle’s length shouldn’t exceed 2mm or not remain less than 1mm.

  1. Setting up the needles: You will be given different sizes of needles with your tattoo machine. Go for the one you need to use during the time of assembly.

Put the needle in the machine from the backside of the gun and moving it forwards towards the tip of the gun.

Keep in mind that doesn’t get the needle dull while inserting it into the gun.

  1. Securing grommet: The grommet is also known as the nipple.  This is placed to secure the end of the needle. Place the grommet on the pin of the armature bar. Now, fasten the needles end into the grommet.
  2. Needle adjustment: Once you have set up all the parts of the gun together now you have to adjust the length of the needle. Adjust the needle’s length by moving a screw placed in between the armature bar and the needle.

If you will observe heavy bleeding during the tattooing then this is occurring because you have adjusted the increased needle length.

  1. Connecting to electric power: Choose a power supply for connecting it to your tattoo gun. Go for the one for which you don’t have to pay a large amount.

Before connecting it to the gun, check for its fuse, proper working of the footswitch.

If all the things are working ok connect the machine with the power supply. There is a place at the bottom of the gun where you have to connect the power supply. Ensure that you connect the power supply properly to the gun.

  1. Final testing: The machine is all set now for its first tattoo making. It’s recommended not to test the gun on the skin directly. Test it on the fruit for the first time. If the testing goes well your machine is all ready to make tattoos on the skin.


How deep should the needle go in the skin while making a tattoo?

A professional tattoo artist keeps this point into consideration that the tattooing needle should not go more than 1/16th inch inside the skin. Some tattoo artist’s also estimated this by keep on checking that the needle should not go in the third layer of the skin.

If this happens. The customer may face some skin allergies and side effects which can go from minor to complex infections.

Why tattoos are so expensive to have?

Having tattoos on the skin are so expensive because of their makings. Most of the things used in tattoo making are disposed of by the artist after one time of use. The only thing that remains thereafter making a tattoo on your skin is its machine.

The needles, inside ink, will all get disposed of and not remain reusable by the tattoo artist on another client. If the artist does so, this will be against the hygiene practices and can cause serious skin infection to the client.

The machines that tattoo artists are using are also expensive.

Can I push or pull while tattooing?

No, don’t do the push or pull practice during tattooing. While holding a tattoo machine in your hand just go forward with the needle settling on the skin. If you do some harsh movement during making tattoos then this can cause complications. The needle can get into the skin deeper than the normal causing skin infections.

It’s recommended for a tattoo artist, remain steady while interfering with the customer’s skin with the tattoo gun

Do coil tattoo machines hurt more than rotatory tattoo machines while tattooing?

The pain that a customer felt during the tattooing is not machine related. Every kind of tattooing machine will give the same pain.

The only difference is coil tattoo machines produce more sound than rotatory tattoo machines and it is perceived as tattooing with coil tattoo machines is more painful.

Keep your headphones with you when you go for tattoo making, this can greatly help you from diverting your attention from pain.


Let’s end the discussion here with a brief conclusion

Setting up a tattoo gun is an easy thing to do. If you are a beginner you may find it complex but with time and practice, you will get used to it.

Assembling the tattoo gun becomes easier when you know well about its parts and their specifications. The part’s specifications will give a brief idea about how to assemble it.

If you don’t know even a bit about the tattoo guns then we have briefed you above in detail.

Thank you for reading this article. If you like it let us know in the comment section below. You can also ask for your queries and questions related to this article in the comment selection.

Your response will be appreciated.


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