How to Apply Mascara like a Pro ( Find out!)

How to apply mascara

Do you wish your eyelashes were longer, fuller, and fluttery? It only takes a few seconds to apply a good coat or two of mascara. As a beginner, you may need some assistance in maintaining your eyelashes, so they don’t look unruly and messy. It takes a bit of practice to perfect your application of mascara for stand-out eyes. We’ll teach you how to get thick, long eyelashes and how to apply mascara properly in this article.

New research shows that when people are seeking love, they look through their eyes. When men and women are looking for a partner, they give more importance to a person’s eyes than any other facial feature.

Adding mascara is an easy way to bring attention to your eyes and do so in a fun and flirty way. Adding mascara makes your eyes appear larger and more vibrant. Mascara can darken your lashes and lengthen and thicken them at the same time.

There is nothing more important than having great-looking lashes, no matter what eyeshadow you use. When you add mascara to your eye makeup, you will be able to create depth and open your eyes.

The steps laid out in this article will teach you how to apply mascara like a pro.

How to Apply Mascara like a pro

  1. Clean eyes and lashes

It is important to ensure the lashes do not have any makeup on them. The best way to prevent clumping is to have a clean base.

  1. Apply eye makeup first

Make sure you brush on any eye makeup you wish to use before applying mascara. You can prevent mascara smudges by putting other products around them.

It is possible to apply foundation and blush at any time since they are non-eye makeup elements. The best way for most people to apply makeup is to start with the face, then move on to the eyes.

  1. Make Your Eyelashes Curl

Lift and lengthen your lashes with an eyelash curler before applying mascara. That way, the mascara will adhere more tightly to your lashes. The best eyelash curlers are those with rounded upper pads that are easy to apply without pinching the lashes.

  1. Use Eyelash Primer

A primer-like eyelash primer will also give your mascara better staying power, just as you would use a primer before foundation on your face.

Moreover, it will help separate and thicken your lashes, allowing you to apply mascara with ease.

Wait at least 30 seconds after applying primer to your top and bottom lashes before applying mascara.

  1. Be sure to start from the middle

When opening the mascara tube, make sure all the excess mascara has been removed. The applicator must be placed at the base of the lashes while looking straight at the mirror.

Apply mascara to your eyelashes by moving the applicator upward from the base to the tip. Wiggling the applicator over the eyelashes will ensure that the eyelashes receive an even coating.

  1. Continue To the Corners

Now, let’s see how to line your eye corners. Place the tip of the applicator onto the corners of your eyelashes. Smoothly work from the base to the tip of your lashes. This will keep your mascara from melting or transferring.

  1. Apply a second coat

Apply another coat of mascara the same way. Layering mascara increases the risk of it drying on your eyelashes, clumping up the next coat.

  1. Bottom Lashes

You mustn’t apply too much product to your bottom lashes to prevent clumps.

Since lower eyelashes tend to be more delicate than upper eyelashes, clumpy sections will be especially noticeable there.

The tip of the wand should be used to apply mascara evenly around the roots of the lashes.

  1. Ensure smudges are cleaned up

There is a risk of mascara smearing onto the eyelids and surrounding skin. Everyone does it, even the professionals. But there is an easy solution. Just use an eye makeup remover to clean up any leftover product.

Some tips for Applying Mascara

  • You can create a fan-like effect by brushing outward from the outer and inner corners of your eyes vertically. This will make sure each lash has a decent amount of coverage.
  • There’s a twist to everything. It is easy to remove the wand from the tube by twisting it out and wiping it off with a cloth rather than grabbing and pulling it out. To prevent clumping, applying mascara with a lubricant is a must.
  • You should apply mascara to both sides of your lashes for maximum thickness and volume. Brush product on the outer side of your lashes from root to tip after applying to the inside. Take your time to curl your hair – you don’t want it to look ruined!
  • It’s easy to fix smudges, but they do happen. Using a damp cotton bud, wipe away each smudge. Doing so will prevent shadows from appearing on your eyelids.


Creating eyes that truly wow doesn’t require you to be a makeup artist. It is possible to achieve that wow look on your own with the help of your trusty mascara wand. A few swipes of mascara can transform your whole look, which is why it’s considered a classic makeup staple.

It’s possible to apply these tools in a variety of different ways, which means you have an almost endless number of options. If you follow the tutorial above, you will get a fluttery, flirty look instead of clumps and lumps when applying mascara.

When you know how to apply mascara, you can amp up your eye look. Don’t think about it. Go get yourself some mascara and let your eyes speak for themselves!


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