How to Apply a Glitter Tattoo ( 6 Steps)

How to Apply a glitter tattoo

Glitter tattoos are temporary types of tattoos. This is especially for people who love to have tattoos but not permanent ones. This is also for the ladies who want some attractive thing drawn on the body when they go to parties.

The glitter tattoo application doesn’t include any heavy-duty equipment, needles, and pain.

The application is as simple as applying a sticker to your skin. The glitter tattoo will last from 3 to 10 days if applied properly.

In this article, we will guide you about how to apply a glitter tattoo.

How to Apply a Glitter Tattoo

Application of glitter tattoo:

Consider the following steps if you are going to apply the glitter tattoo for the first time.

  • Sterilization of the skin: First cleans the skin part on which you are going to apply the glitter tattoo with the rubbing alcohol swap to make it sterilize and free of debris and dust.
  • Choosing and peeling of the stencil: Choose the stencil of your choice. Once you are done with choosing the stencil, peel the stencil off leaving the white paper behind.
  • Adjusting the stencil on the skin: Place the stencil on the skin area where you want to make a glitter tattoo. Decides the skin part boldly before putting the stencil on that part. Otherwise, the stencil will not remain reusable due to lost stickiness.

It is recommended, not to apply the stencil on the face and the other sensitive skin areas.

  • Peeling: Once the stencil gets settled on the desired skin area, peel the upper transparent tape from the stencil.
  • Glue application: Apply the transparent glue all over the stencil covering the skin gap also. Wait for some time for the glue to get transparent.
  • Glitter sprinkling: Sprinkle the glitter on the stencil, more on the skin gap that the stencil has. Wait for some time until the glitter gets settled and stick on the skin. After that remove the stencil.

Your glitter tattoo is already to get showcased. This remains on your body for 3-10 days depending upon the treatment you are giving to it.

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What glue should we use for glitter tattoos?

The body-safe adhesive is highly recommended while doing a glitter tattoo. This is medically testified and hence fewer chances of the infection when you use this body adhesive.

How long do glitter tattoos last?

The average life of the glitter tattoo is 7 days. But it can last a maximum of 10 days depending upon how you treat your glitter tattoo.

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Application of the glitter tattoo is very easy. It’s just as simple as applying a sticker, has two additional steps.

This temporary type of tattoo looks attractive and also can last up to 7 days on average.

Hopefully, above-mentioned steps will help you while applying a glitter tattoo to your skin

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