How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Laptop Battery?-Latest Guide 2022

If your laptop battery is not keeping its charge as long as it once did, or it won’t take charge at all anymore, you might be thinking it is time to purchase a new laptop – but how much does it cost to replace a laptop battery? While this sounds sensible, in some cases, you can have your old battery replaced with a brand new one saving yourself hundreds of dollars in the process.

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Replacing a laptop battery can be a daunting task. For most people, the laptop is one of the essential tools in their business arsenal. Without it, they cannot get work done, which will have a significant influence on your firm’s profitability.

Several factors influence the cost of an overnight replacement. This article will break down all the details, so you know exactly what you need to do when your battery starts dying.

What Is The Average Battery Life of a Laptop?

The length of time a laptop battery lasts is affected by a variety of factors. The age of the laptop, type of battery, and even what you do on your computer all play huge roles in this calculation.

Ordinary people can expect their batteries to live between two and four years with 1000 total charges before needing replacement.  Some manufacturers may say that there is an overall lifespan, but these numbers are not always stable.

How Do You Realize When it’s Necessary to Change The Battery in Your Laptop?

A laptop battery is typically designed to last for a period of 300 charge cycles. At this point, the capacity will be reduced by 50%, and if you keep using it at full charge without plugging out power from time to time, there is a risk that the cells may fail. While this does not mean you need to change the laptop battery immediately, if it is approaching its expected lifespan and some signs indicate your computer is not retaining power properly, it may be best to start looking into replacing the battery. Even your windows also alert you about the low battery capacity.

Some Important Signs to Replace a Laptop Battery

You should pay attention to some critical signs when it comes time for your laptop battery replacement.

Not Much Time to Use

If the device does not hold a charge much longer after being recharged, this could indicate trouble with either power sources or circuits within its mechanism.

Unpredicted Power Failures

When your computer shuts off without warning, it is usually an indication that the battery is either weak or badly malfunctioning – but sometimes there will be other factors at play, such as low power consumption from standby mode.

Unpredicted Power Failures can also lead to early laptop death, so keep track of how often these incidents occur to see if anything suspicious stands out. If you notice any issues with longer-lasting Battery Life after charging full-power multiple times, then chances are good something needs replacing ASAP before things get worse.

Charge Slowly

It is possible that your laptop battery needs to be replaced if it takes longer to charge or does not charge at all. The symptoms are typically slow-charging and lack of juice after being plugged in for an extended period – these are signs that indicate the device should be serviced.

Getting Too Hot

All laptops have built-in cooling systems that remove excess heat. Your battery may be overworking and unable to provide coolant for the procedure if your device becomes extremely hot, with no power source available but still being very noisy from fans working overtime as they try their best not to let anything happen.

It is always recommended you unplug any devices when too much warmth starts feeling uncomfortable due to electrical current passing through metal parts which can cause short circuits.


Your device’s power troubles may be related to its age. Generally, laptop batteries perform their best within the first three years if being used carefully. If you notice a significant decrease or complete failure in your battery life, it is probably time to replace your battery.

System Report

Many computers come with applications that can help you assess your physical health. The System Report is the best way for Mac users, a battery service notification will appear on your Mac. However, Windows users must utilize a battery report to determine the status of their battery.

You have to check if there are any signs that it needs replacing based on the message you receive.

You can now tell when your laptop battery needs to be replaced. However, even if the following indicators are present, the problem may not be the battery. As a result, it might not necessarily be because of anything wrong; check all possibilities before buying a battery. You should always ask your customer service representative or the vendor for more information.

Summary of The Costs For Laptop Battery Replacement

The costs of changing a laptop battery are listed below, along with their quantifiable costs , depending on who performs them.

Type of ReplacementPrice Range
Replacement Cost$50-$200
Battery Cost$20-$200
Labor Cost$20-$50
Professional Cost$20-$200
DIY Cost$20-$50

How Can You Save Above Mentioned Cost on a Laptop Battery Replacement?

Did you know that there are ways to save on your laptop battery replacement? First of all and primarily, we advise that you complete the task yourself. I have given detailed steps below for how you can replace a laptop battery. If you want to jump to battery replacement steps, then click here. Some people find this task too complicated and pay an extra $30-50 dollars just for battery service.

If possible, avoid paying extra money because there is no need to spend a lot on laptop battery replacement. The cost of a battery varies depending on where you buy it. You can choose between a low-cost and a high-cost battery.

Look up your exact laptop model and battery price on the internet to uncover cheaper 3rd-party battery options. If you know how much the original battery costs, you can get it for a good deal.

Summary of The Costs of The Leading Laptop Battery Brands

Acer Battery$20-$105
Toshiba Battery$20-$100
MacBook Battery$129-$199
Lenovo Battery$25-$200
Dell Battery$30-$120
Asus Battery$25-$125
HP Battery$20-$145

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Laptop Battery Brand-Wise?

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Laptop Battery in Macbook/Apple?

There are no one-size-fits-all answers when it comes to replacing your laptop battery. The price will vary, though, depending on the sort of MacBook or Apple product you have.

MacBook batteries, in particular, are pretty pricey, generally between $129 and $199 from the low-end model premium ones depending on your specific needs.

When your laptop is under warranty, Apple specialists will repair it in the service facility. If Apple’s warranty no longer guarantees the computer, your contract will be invalidated.

How Much is The Dell Laptop Battery Replacement Cost?

The cost of a Dell laptop battery replacement can vary depending on the model. The company offers an affordable and long-lasting lithium-ion battery. A replacement battery will cost between $30 and $120.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace an HP Laptop Battery?

The HP laptop battery replacement cost ranges from $20 to $145. New batteries can be purchased between $45-$145, and aged ones will run you $20 – $60.

These prices may seem steep at first glance but think about how much money you are saving on this one purchase over multiple years? Laptops by New Pavilion Models also have affordable prices-around $30 to $40.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Laptop Battery in Asus Brand?

The ASUS laptop battery replacement cost is generally $25 to $125, with new batteries running between $55 and $125.  For old replacement models, you can get them for 25-60 dollars.

Asus laptops offer many different choices, but their average lifespan is 8-10 hours.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Battery in Acer Laptop?

Acer laptops are known for their long-lasting batteries. A replacement battery costs between $20 and $105. New models range between $50 and 1-$105, whereas an older model costs between $20 and $50.

Since the globalization era, Acer has dominated this market. The average life expectancy is usually 2 to 4 years, so there is no need to worry.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Toshiba Laptop Battery?

Toshiba laptop batteries come at different prices. A new battery can cost between $20 and $100, while an older model will only set you back at around 20-30 dollars.

However, there may be an issue with older model’s batteries not being readily available at local markets in your area, which could cause them to hike their price slightly compared to online purchases via sites.

How Much Does a Lenovo Laptop Battery Replacement Cost?

The Lenovo Laptop Battery Replacement Costs vary depending on the model but range from $25 to 200. The price of an older battery with less life span is between 25-70 dollars.

Lenovo has been creating laptops for many years now with their wide variety of models available and different types of batteries that can last anywhere between 6 – 7 hours on average.

What Are The Advantages of a Laptop Battery Replacement?

Laptop batteries are consumable parts, which means they will need to be changed over the device’s life at a particular stage. Before you decide to purchase a new laptop, consider whether replacing its battery will return it to a like-new level of performance.

You can find free warranty replacements if you have any eligible warranties left on your laptop, but keep in mind that there will always be some difference after replacement- for better or worse. First of all, after installing my new shiny battery, it has given me 2-4 hours back-up.

A laptop battery replacement will solve your heating and power issues as well. When you unplug the cord from an AC adapter or if it shuts off automatically upon disconnection, this is because of a problem with either the battery itself in most cases. A new one can fix both issues.

What is The Procedure For Replacing a Laptop Battery?

The changing of a battery in a laptop is a simple procedure. After obtaining the right kind, you can do it yourself with ease and confidence in no time at all. The following are the instructions for this task:

Step-1: Figure out what kind of battery you require. You should first determine what battery is present in your laptop and then decide whether compatible batteries are available for that model.

Step-2: Turn off and unplug your device if plugged into an electrical outlet.

Step-3: Remove back panels with the screwdriver. Before removing the screws, make sure you know which ones hold in the forum covering the battery itself. Some batteries are held in place with one or two screws; others may have more than two screws for extra security. Make careful note of which ones go where, and remove any holding the panel in place.

Step-4: To retract the battery, you may need to push on it gently with your fingers. Now Remove it and throw it away.

Step-5: Insert your new battery into its position by aligning the connectors and pressing firmly until you hear a click or feel it snap into place. When closing the back panel over the battery, double-check that it is firmly in position.

Step-6: Screw your new battery into place, making a note of which screw positions hold it in. Some batteries may require you to use different screws than others do, so be sure that you’re putting them back in their original positions.

Step-7: After that, carefully position the back panel.

Step-8: Power on your machine to check that it is working correctly. Once the battery is in place, you should power up the laptop at least once before using it for more extended periods.

Step-9: Evaluate a fresh battery’s performance.

Note: Please keep in mind that if your laptop battery is not replaceable, you must contact the device’s authorized manufacturer.

Cost Factors to Consider When Replacing a Laptop Battery

Each laptop battery is identified by its unique number. Add all these figures together, and you will find the price of the battery. Technical words like mAh, wattage, voltage & cell count are used to calculate these numbers, so take time to scrutinize them before making your final purchase decision.

Brands: When it comes to replacing your laptop battery, several aspects affect the overall cost. Brand and model-specific requirements for replacement batteries vary depending on brand and which specific type is needed (e.g., Li-ion).

Models: Every laptop has its unique set of specifications. As a result, you’ll need to select the appropriate computer battery.

mAh (Milliamp Hours): The mAH (milliamp hours) indicates the initial storage capacity of your device’s power source, and this number, like 3000mah or 5500mah will appear on top with other metrics. This shows that how long it lasts after a charge. If this mAh capacity increases, the cost of the battery definitely will increase.

Number of Cells: Batteries come in different cells, such as 4 cells, six cells, or nine cells. Each cell has an extra capacity. For example, when comparing 12 cells to 8, there can be up to 50% more power in 12 cells battery. Practically, measuring power is difficult, but the price is simple. If you require additional storage, you will have to invest more.

Voltage (V): The power consumed by our laptops is determined by how much electricity they use. The method of determining battery volume in this manner is called Voltage. Batteries come in a variety of voltage ratings, depending on the manufacturer. You can purchase a storm in a variety of different voltage ratings. The voltage rating also determines the price of a new laptop battery.

Whr (Watt Hour): The watt-hour (Wh) is a measure of energy used by laptops. Watts or Wh is a unit that measures the power that is consumed by your device in one hour. The higher the Wh, the larger battery needed to power your computer and as such will be more expensive.

5 Important Laptop Battery Safety Rules

Laptops are great because of all their features, but it’s essential to care for your laptop battery. You should take five necessary safety precautions when using your laptop to ensure the battery lasts longer.

  1. Turn off any software running in the background when finished using them -Using multiple apps at once can deplete power and reduce life expectancy. Try not to exceed two applications simultaneously if possible.
  2. This rule also applies if WiFi is active or playing videos continuously due to video playback time consuming enough resources from RAM usage.
  3. You may be able to extend the life of your laptop battery by removing it when plugged into an outlet when you are using your laptop as a desktop PC. As your laptop is taking power directly from the outlet, so the battery is no more required. In this way, we can extend our laptop battery life. You can easily plug-in again your battery when you have to go outside.
  4. Never deep discharge or over charge your battery. If your battery drains to 60%, I will suggest charging it as soon as possible because deep discharging weakens the battery cells. Similarly avoid your laptop from over charging as well. Charge battery to 80% and then unplug the power. I had experienced this with a new battery and compared it with an old battery when I did not care about this factor. But now, my current laptop battery life improved by managing this profound discharge factor.
  5. Save your laptop from surrounding heat. As outlet temperature also weak laptop battery. Try to use your computer at a suitable surrounding temperature. In this way, laptop battery life increases. 35 degree or abve temperature is hamrful for battery.

FAQs-Laptop Battery Replacement

Is it possible to replace the laptop battery?

Yes, you can swap out a new one quickly. If you do not know how to install the battery, we have given detailed instructions above. Simply follow their instructions to change your laptop battery.

Is it possible to operate a laptop without the usage of a battery?

You certainly can. By removing and connecting your dead batteries, you will be able for this machine to work even if there is no power source around. The only difference between using one with electricity or not is how long they last before dying completely.

How long can a laptop be used continuously?

The answer is all up to you. When the battery life becomes an issue, some trade-offs need consideration; like putting its health on standby or risk losing it altogether depending on how much juice is left in them from constant usage over time. With laptops being used 24/7, resulting in shorter lifespans as opposed to those who might otherwise last longer without issues. This issue, however, is significantly more complicated than we understand.

Is it worthwhile to replace the battery in a laptop?

It is worth replacing your battery if it has died. The battery in any given model will wear out over time and need replacing before it can no longer hold its charge or provide the necessary juice for starting up the laptop.

Is it harmful to keep your laptop plugged in all of the time?

It’s terrible for the battery if you keep your laptop plugged in throughout all the time. If you want a long-lasting battery, don’t leave it on constantly. Take proper care of it by ensuring that you prevent heat from reaching and damaging its internal components, as well as unplugging when not using for an extended period because this can lead to a too-short life for your device’s power source.

How long should a laptop battery survive after it has been fully charged?

After being fully charged and removed from the power source, laptops generally have 2-6 hours of average life span. The battery usage level, capacity, age, and use of the gadget all influence the time. The capacity level decreases as battery ages, so if your device is used often or has higher demands on its resources, the longevity may drop even more quickly.

Is it safe to work on a laptop while it is charging?

It is generally considered safe to use your laptop while charging, but some precautions might be worth taking. If you are using your computer primarily when plugged in, remove the battery after 50% charge and keep it at a cold temperature to extend its life span.

Conclusion-How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Laptop Battery

Our goal with this blog post was to make you aware of what costs go into replacing your laptop’s battery so that you can budget for it or save money in other ways. Share your thoughts below. If you need help with any other computer repair, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are eager to hear from you because we want to help people like us who need an affordable, reliable way to replace their aging laptops.

Once again, thank you for thoroughly reading this article. We are confident that you will find these suggestions useful and interesting.

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