How Much Does it Cost to Have a Reverse System Installed?

Reverse osmosis systems are a reliable, efficient, and popular choice for water filtration, but they are expensive.

You’ll pay more for a high-quality RO system, and as if that’s not enough, you’ll still pay for the unit’s installation. You are only exempted from installation costs if you get a countertop model.

So, how much does it cost to have a reverse osmosis system installed? Well, the exact installation cost depends on the labor put in and the items you need to pay for.

And although some models come with installation components, you’ll still find out that something is missing. This means a visit to your local hardware shop is inevitable.

In this post, we’ll help you figure out how much you should expect to pay to install an RO system in your home.

Under Sink Reverse Osmosis System Installation Price

How Much Does it Cost to Have a Reverse System Installed

Under sink RO systems are relatively tricky to install. However with excellent DIY skills, you can set up the unit without professional help.

A DIY installation is a great option, especially if you want to save a few bucks or working with a tight budget.

However, if you don’t have DIY skills or the required tools to help with the installation process, you’ll have to get a professional plumber to do the work for you.

It’s the same case for those who simply don’t want to go through all the trouble of setting up the unit independently.

Generally, the estimated cost of professional installation of under sink RO systems ranges from $150 to $300.The price might be slightly higher in case of changes or adjustments that need to be made to the existing plumbing.

If modifications or repairs are to be made, expect additional charges, increasing the cost up to $400.

Installation Cost of a Whole House RO System

Installation Cost of a Whole House RO System

Setting a whole house RO system is a complicated process and can’t be done by an amateur. You have to be a pro in DIY if you intend to install the unit independently.

The installation process involves a significant amount of labor, tools, and materials to set up the whole house unit.

Even if you are excellent in DIY, it’s still recommended that you get a professional plumber to do the work. You want to ensure that the installation is done correctly.

It’s pretty hard to estimate a whole-house unit installation cost since every plumber charges differently.

However, the bare minimum for most units ranges from a few hundred to around $500. This cost can also exceed $1,000 depending on the amount of plumbing work involved and the cost of additional materials.

Installation Cost of Countertop RO Systems

Installation Cost of Countertop RO Systems

One of the major selling points of countertop RO systems, aside from portability and affordable price, is that the units are easy to install and require no permanent setup.

These units don’t have much hardware compared to conventional models. Most are also designed to sit on the counter.

The installation process involves a simple attachment of the unit to a standard kitchen faucet within minutes.

No plumbing is involved, so you’ll have no installation cost to worry about.

How Much Should You Pay a Plumber to Install an RO System for Your Home?

It’s not easy to give the exact figure that you need to pay a plumber to install the system since different plumbers charge differently.

Note that labor costs largely depend on the complexity of the installation. While some installs may cost you a few hundred dollars, others might require you to part with more.

Generally, labor costs to install an RO system run from $300 to $500 on average. If the installation process is too complex, the price might reach $1,500.

Can You Install a Reverse Osmosis System on Your Own?

With excellent DIY skills, you can install an under-sink RO system on your own. All you need is the necessary tools for the job and, if possible, a pair of helping hands.

Setting up a countertop RO system is relatively easy since you just need to connect the unit to a standard kitchen faucet. So, yes, you can do it on your own. In fact, it’ll take you only a few minutes to get the system up and running.

The installation process is quite tricky when it comes to whole house units. To avoid future problems, get a professional plumber to install the system.


When going for a reverse osmosis system, you have to look beyond the initial price tag. You need to consider the installation and maintenance costs as well.

Paying a bit more to hire a professional plumber to set the system for you is ideal as you’ll get the value for your money. You’ll also be assured that your system is installed correctly and that you have nothing to worry about.

After going through the guide, we believe you now have a rough idea of the amount you should expect to pay to install your RO system properly. Cheers!

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