How Much Does a Laptop Weigh?-2022

How much does a laptop weigh? When looking at laptops, it can be hard to figure out how much Weight will be too heavy for your needs. If you plan to carry the computer around often or do a lot of traveling with it, this question is fundamental. In this article, we cover the average weights of different laptops, what factors affect how heavy they are, and what kind of impact your life.

One of the most significant factors that determine how much a laptop weighs is its size. Laptop sizes are measured in both length and width, so some laptops can be very long but not very wide while others are wider than tall.

The most appropriate weight of the laptop should be between 2 and 2.5 kg (4lbs to 5.5lbs). A laptop’s weight is governed by a variety of factors, which we shall go over in detail here.


It is a question that often pops up, and one whose answer varies depending on the laptop. However, an average weight can be between four pounds for older models to about seven pounds. If you want something lightweight but still durable enough for travel use. This will also depend largely upon what features it has as well as how much storage space there is available onboard or via external drives (which may take up additional volumes).

In general, though we recommend consulting with your particular model before making any final decisions regarding which bin size would best suit its needs because everyone uses their devices differently.

Averge Weight of Laptop


There is a lot of variety when it comes to the weight of laptops. The average person will have no problem with just about any size, but if you are looking for something small enough so that your bag does not feel too heavy, then 13 inches might be perfect for what you need as well.

Do not stick here, we have many 14-Inch laptops having less weight than 13-Inch Laptops.


The average laptop weighs around 1 kilo and is 14 inches in size. The Lenovo x1 carbon, at just under 2 pounds (less than the MacBook Pro 13 inch), has been able to shrink down into a smaller form factor while still providing all of its features for day-to-day use.


From a few years ago, I think there is no real reason to go for 13 inches nowadays. Let us compare the  13” model with its larger sibling, the 15″ version. You will notice that this newer one has an edge when it comes to downsizing versus weight. Plus, space is not limited on your lap either since they are both pretty thin AND full-size keyboards can also fit.

The 15-inch laptop is a little bit thicker than the 14-inch model, but there is enough room for an even full keyboard with numerals and special characters.


Laptops are divided into five categories.

1. UltraBook & Chromebook

2. Ultraportable

3. Luggable

4. Desktop replacement

5. Thin and light

1. UltraBook & Chromebook

The Ultrabook and Chromebook are ideal for those looking for a light laptop.These laptops were made by Intel & Goggle to meet people’s needs in this area of needlessly heavy machines that are not as good at what they do- sometimes even breaking down on top of everything else.

Average Weight and Dimensions

Laptops are an essential part of life for many people. Lately, there has been a shift away from the bulky laptop that used to be commonplace towards thinner and lighter ones like Ultrabooks or Chromebooks with dimensions between 9-13.5 inches long by 8 -9 wide, weighing in at about 2-3 pounds total weight.

2. Ultraportable

These lightweights, portable devices can be taken anywhere without noticing and have little power for when you need it most. Traveling from place to place or working away from an outlet in your office space up close by some other folks who happen share their electric outlets as well. Some examples include HP EliteBook, Apple Macbook Air (although those tend more towards heavy-duty than light), Acer Swift 7.

Average Weight and Dimensions

The lightweight ultra-portables are available in different sizes and weights depending on what kind of tasking needs to be done at any given moment. They range from about 2 pounds for an 8-inch screen model up through 5 or 6 lbs with 13 inches displays.

3. Luggable

Many laptop users are interested in lugging their computer around like a desktop. These types of laptops do not currently sell the cases to make them, but there is hope that DIY’ers can create these type machines with some creative ingenuity on online forums or blogs. An interesting comparison would be this old Compaq Portable II which weighed over 15 lbs.

Average Weight and Dimensions

How much does an average laptop weigh? The luggable series is the most extensive and weighs more. These sizes of laptops are between 18 inches to > 13-inch screen size, with screens weighing up above 8 pounds.

4. Desktop Replacement

If you require a laptop with greater power than usual, an example would be one of these: desktop replacement laptops. These can range from higher-end gaming ones like MSI GP73 Leopard- 209 and Alienware 17 R5 to cheaper versions such as MSI GT75 Titan 17 3″ 4k Laptop or ASUS FX705GM 15.6″. They are designed for people who want nothing less than top performance while still being portable enough not to disrupt their work by having something bulky sitting on your desk all day.

Average Weight and Dimensions

A desktop replacement laptop is a clunky, hefty beast. They are generally >15″ x 11″ x 1-2 inches in dimension and weigh around 4 pounds – perfect for those who need to lug their computer with them wherever it goes.

5. Thin and Light

The thin and light laptop category has been on the rise in recent years. As their name suggests, these laptops are lightweight but still pack enough power to handle any task you throw at them without issue. Thanks mainly due to an aluminum build that keeps weight down while not compromising durability or performance for added discretion from prying eyes who may want a peek into what is going inside your device. Some popular models include The Microsoft Surface Book 2 13 .5 ”, Google Pixel book Lenovo Yoga 920, Dell XPS 15, Apple MacBook Pro 13”, etc.

Average Weight and Dimensions

The dimensions of thin and lightweight gadgets are 11-15′′ x 11′′ x 0.5-1.5′′. It weighs approximately 3-6 pounds.

Which Hardware Components Add to The Weight of a Laptop?


As a laptop gets heavier, it is not just because of all the electronics inside. Taking into account fans and their corresponding weight can add up too. For instance, a typical fan might come in at around 1-3 ounces per unit (depending on size). If you have two or three installed, that will end up being 3 -6 ounce differences between your average gaming laptops weighing 8 pounds versus 10 lbs., respectively. To ensure these devices work as desired without overheating, they also need larger heatsinks that require much more space within cases for air circulation and heat dissipation.


A laptop with additional ports will be heavier than a standard laptop. Some examples include DisplayPort/mini DVI, SD Card Reader USB Type-A, and HDMI, but many laptops have been coming out with minimal numbers, such as 12″ Apple Macbook where it only includes one USB type C port.


A laptop with a bigger screen will be heavier than one that has an average-size display. Larger screens start at 9 inches and can go up to 18 or more in size.

Selecting The Best Laptop For You

Selecting The Best Laptop For You.

It is time to find the perfect laptop for your daily needs. There are plenty of possible combinations with options like ultrabooks, chromebooks and thin & light laptops on the market. These three categories have screens up to 13″, lightweight bodies with dimensions suited specifically towards Weight. They are also easy to use to take them anywhere without being too bulky or heavy when needed most.

For those who are not constantly on the go, a desktop replacement laptop is an excellent choice. They tend to be heavier but come with powerful hardware that can compensate for this inconvenience of carrying around something so large and plump all day long at work or school.

Luggable computers are a type of computer that many people use to work from home. They are not very convenient for transportation, and you need an outlet nearby if the laptop is going to turn on at all, making this ideal only if there won’t be any traveling involved with your job or school workload. Desktop PCs would make more sense because they offer increased power over comparable laptops, but keep in mind size should also play into what kind of machine works best for you.


Some people think they need to go with a lightweight laptop to be helpful, but I am here to tell you it is not valid. Laptops are made of different weight classes depending on what kind of work or adventure you embark upon.

Here are some of the lightest 14 and 15-inch laptops around:

Acer Swift 5 weighs 970 grams, while Dell Inspiron 15 7000 comes in at 1.7kg (3 pounds).

Although for its performance, it is one of the lighter laptops that can be found even though there are models from different generations with less than 1kg weight – such as a 2018 model at under 500g.

Dell Inspiron 15 inch is a unique product, and most of the laptops on this market will be very different. The weight is essential for weight and performance, but what I stated last about version is relevant, mainly because the 15 laptops are larger.

There is more capacity in the chassis for more cooling and more robust components, but a 14-inch laptop typically has a weaker u CPU and a weaker MX 150 or MX 250.

A 15-inch variant can contain both an H CPU (which means it is a 45-watt chip instead of 15 watts) and a more powerful GPU, as well as one fan to keep the system cool.

The Dell Inspiron 15 7000 is a powerful laptop with enough space for storage and upgrade options. In this scenario, the 14-inch model has only one RAM slot that cannot be upgraded. Dell RAM, on the other hand, can be upgraded. But on the other hand, Dell RAM is upgradable.

So I can buy ram up to 32 gigabytes and install it myself, making it a lot cheaper to have a super-powerful computer than if I had to build it from the ground up.

Some Recent Best Laptops Available In Market

This laptop list is being prepared as per the latest technology in laptops. So before purchasing, overview these laptops as well.

Newest HP 14″ Thin Light Laptop

This lightweight laptop is released and having a weighs just 3.08lbs.

ASUS ZenBook S Ultra-Thin & Light Laptop

This is one of the most recent laptops available.The incredible feature of this laptop is i7 processor and weights just 2.2 lbs.

Lenovo Chromebook 3

The Lenovo Chromebook has 4GB of RAM and an Intel N4020 processor that runs at 2.8GHz. It has excellent mobility, and its average weight of 3.09 pounds makes it simple to move.

Note: All these models are considered light laptops because they weigh less than 5 pounds. The weight does not matter too much when deciding which laptop to get since higher-end models are denser and more compact, which means they take up less space in your bag, backpack, or purse. So if you do most of your computing at home, weight is not an issue, but if you are constantly on the go, lighter laptops will suit your needs better.

Frequently Asked Question About The Weight of Laptops

What is the General Laptop Size?

The best laptops come in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit your needs. The most common and appropriate dimension for laptop computers today is 13 inches, but 3D screens also exist that can go as high as 17″. Suppose you are purchasing one with an aesthetic screen (meaning it is not very thin). In that case, it might be wise to consider getting either the 11-inch range or even the 17-inch model, depending on what features are essential for usage like gaming, etc.

How much does an average laptop weigh in pounds?

The lower end is about 3 pounds (1.4 kg). There are some decent options below 3 pounds now, like the Dell Inspiron 11 3000 11.6-inch Laptop (about three pounds).

How much does a dell laptop weigh?

The average weight of a Dell laptop might range between 2 and 2.5 kg. The weight of the device will vary depending on its size, make and model.

How much does a notebook weigh?

A notebook can weigh anywhere between one or three pounds.

How much does a hp laptop weigh?

The Weight of Hp Laptops is between 2 to 2.5kg but depends on the model. With different models, weight changes as per laptop specs.

How much does a laptop weigh for shipping?

Less than 10 pounds. The amount of weight you are shipping will depend on the size and shape of your laptop, as well as any protective material you wrap around it.

Is a 5LB Laptop a Heavy Computer?

The 5LB Laptop is not much heavy.

Most 15-inch (38-centimeter) laptops weigh roughly 5 pounds (2.3 kilograms), which is reasonable to transport from home to work every day.

Anything less than 13 inches is considered ultra-portable. A laptop with a 14-inch or larger screen is also suitable. However, compared to today’s modern, lightweight, and ultra-portable laptops, a 15-inch laptop is weighty.

What is The Weight of a 15.6 Inch Laptop?

The weight of a 15.6-inch laptop depends on your specifications, as different laptops have different weights. But an average weight is between 2.4 and 4.4 pounds. The laptop maker and its characteristics determine it.

Do Laptops Gain Weight With Time?

Laptop Hard Drives weigh less than their desktop counterparts because they have been optimized for increased portability. This means that laptops can store more data in smaller spaces – which helps reduce weight. So, do not worry about it; it will get a little heavier, but we are talking about picograms or something similar. Information is stored on drives as 1s and 0s. A 1 contains electrons in some movements, but a 0 does not.

Is a Laptop Weighing 2 Kgs Heavy?

A 2-kg weight could make the perfect fit. We researched what people considered “lightweight” and found that it ranged between 2-2.5 kgs. As a result, a 2kg laptop is considered to be reasonably light.

Is it a Laptop of 1.6 KG Light?

PCs were bulky, heavy, and thick in the past, but not anymore. Because a PC’s primary function is to serve as a convenient workhorse for you, it should be light. We recommend a laptop weighing up to and including 1.5kg for comfortable transport. It is barely noticeable in your backpack, and it is not overly hefty on your lap. The weight can be varied by a few grams. Even a laptop weighing 1.53 kg is manageable.

Is a Laptop Of 4 lbs Heavy?

With a weight of 4 lbs, the laptop may seem heavy to some people. But in reality, it is not too much, considering all its tech and specifications are on board.

What is The Weight of a 17-Inch Laptop?

A 17-inch laptop is a heavy machine. You might think that because it is just an inch longer than your average computer screen, but this size brings with it its own set of problems when transporting them. The weight of a 17-inch laptop is between 2 and 3 kilograms.

Is it Harmful to Put Weight on a Laptop?

Yes. Laptops are designed for lightness and will crack or bend. Because if you have something heavy, then the computer is likely going to break from being stacked, so never perform these experiments. Placing large items on your laptop can crush the optical drive (CD-ROM) and, if a disc is present, destroy it as well. And also, avoid putting anything too big or pointy near them.

Avoid stacking the laptop, as the average laptop weight will be about how much a computer weighs in grams. This has nothing to do well with maximum weight capacity of a laptop.

What is The Normal Lifecycle of a Laptop?

A laptop’s lifespan may be shorter than you expect, with experts estimating an average of 3 to 5 years. However, this can vary depending on how it is used and maintained.

Which Laptop Is The Lightest And Most Powerful?

The lightest and most powerful laptops of the current era are given below. Click Here

  1. Dell XPS 17
  2. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 9
  3. HP Elite Dragonfly G2(
  4. Dell XPS 15
  5. HP Spectra x360

What Is The Average Weight of an Apple Laptop?

When it comes to the Weight of Apple laptops, it is determined by the laptop’s size and model. With laptops being so lightweight, you might be surprised to know that Apple laptops have an average 2.4-3 pounds for their devices. MacBooks do not need any introduction, as they are one of those things that everyone knows and loves.

Which Laptop is The Heaviest?

There are a lot of heavy laptops out there, but with a weight of 18.76 pounds, Acer Predator 21X takes the cake.


In the end, you must know how much does an average laptop weigh to make an informed decision about which one best suits your needs. Luckily, as technology advances, more and more laptops are becoming available in stock. The excellent thing is that choosing the best medium-weight laptop is no longer a challenge.

Before you start looking for a new one, make sure it weighs within your comfort zone by figuring out how much weight limit this particular product has? It is essential to look at its size and consider what features are most appealing to you or if durability will be a factor when purchasing something like this.

Scientists have discovered the perfect weight for a laptop. The ideal weight ranges from 2-2.5kg, but up to 3 kg is considered safe. In LBS, a laptop weighs between 4 and 5.5 pounds, which is the typical weight.

Now that you know how much the average laptop weighs, I hope these tips will help make your decision a little easier.

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