How Long Does Filtered Water Last at Room Temperature?

If you just bought a filtered water system, you might be wondering how long filtered water can last at room temperature.

You can never go wrong with filtered water, as it is clean, delicious, and free of harmful chemicals and bacteria. It has a longer shelf life than food.

How long filtered water lasts depends on the environment and the container it is stored in.

In this post, we discuss how long filtered water can last at room temperature and in other environments. We’ll also help you understand the meaning of room temperature and the benefits of filtered water.

What is Filtered Water?

Filtered water is municipal tap water run through carbon filters to remove chemicals like chlorine, bacteria, and other contaminants to enhance the taste. After filtration, the water is ozonized and bottled.

It is the bottled water you find in grocery stores.

What is Room Temperature?

There’s no set temperature or range for room temperature. However, most popular beliefs and sources say that it means about 70 degrees F (21 degrees C)

Room temperature is a comfortable temperature range that is neither too nor too cold.

How Long Does Filtered Water Last at Room Temperature?

Although some individuals enjoy drinking water at room temperature, it’s not the best temperature to store your water.


Your water won’t last long.

Room temperature is usually quite warm and exposes your filtered water to heat and other elements in the air. Although invisible to the human eye, the elements can pollute the water.

They can add bacteria to the water causing illnesses or changing the taste of the water.

If you want to drink filtered water at room temperature, avoid leaving it for hours before drinking it. You don’t want to expose it to contaminants that might be looming in this environment.

How Long Does Filtered Water Last in A Refrigerator?

Filtered water lasts a little longer when stored in a refrigerator. All you must do is ensure it’s stored in a clean container.

The container needs to be airtight as well to prevent external contaminants from food or air from entering the container.

A glass or plastic bottle makes an ideal solution to your storage problem.

However, although filtered water lasts longer (a few weeks) when stored in the refrigerator, it’s always best to drink it within the shortest time possible.

Manufacturers use strict bottling methods to ensure the longevity of filtered water in supermarkets. The bottling method isn’t easy to replicate at home.

How Long Does Filtered Water Last – Bottled Water

Bottled filtered water comes with an expiry date. Although the water doesn’t expire, the bottle it’s contained in expires and starts leaching chemicals into the water.

The chemicals will not only affect the taste of the water but can also create a health hazard. They can disrupt the endocrine system causing various cancers, reproductive issues, and neurological problems.

If you want your bottled water to last longer, do not expose it to direct sunlight.

What Are the Benefits of Filtered Water?

Listed below are some of the reasons why you should be drinking filtered water.

  • Chlorine-Free: Filtering your water removes chlorine present in your tap water. Chlorine in large amounts can have negative effects on your body.
  • Free of Toxins: Impurities like sediment, dirt, mold, and rust are also removed from filtered water. These usually come from dirty and rusty pipes your water runs through. Drinking filtered water helps you avoid consuming these foreign impurities. Additionally, filtered water, especially alkaline ionized water, is highly effective at maintaining a healthy pH balance in your body.
  • Tastes Better: Tap water is less appealing as it comes with an unpleasant smell and weird taste that isn’t very inviting. Having your water filtered helps improve its taste. The tastier the water, the more you’ll drink in a day. You’ll take less sugary drinks and more water.
  • Food Tastes Better: Food prepared with filtered water is usually great tasting. Whether it’s your soup, tea, or pasta, your family will love all meals you prepare using this water. It’s also for this reason that most top-rated restaurants use the highest quality water filters in their kitchens.
  • Encourages the Drinking of More Water: If your family just started using filtered water, you must have noticed that your loved ones tend to drink water more often. This is simply because the water is tasty and without a foul smell. If your water has a funny taste or smell, your family tends to drink less than the recommended daily dosage. This can lead to dehydration.


Filtered water doesn’t last long at room temperature. It’s exposed to heat and contaminants in the air, which can make the water unhealthy.

Do not leave your filtered water at room temperature for long if you intend to drink clean and healthy water. If you want the water to last longer, store it in the fridge in an airtight container. visit for additional information

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