How Does Instant Hot and Cold Water Dispenser Work?

Thinking of ways to upgrade your kitchen? Perhaps one of the best things you can do is to install an instant hot water dispenser. With this, having access to hot water that can also be filtered, cooled, or both won’t be a problem anymore.

If you don’t like waiting for the water to boil over a stovetop or an electric kettle, this product sounds like a dream. To help you decide whether they are truly worth it or not, this article will explain how does instant hot and cold water dispenser work.

What Are Instant Hot Water Dispensers?

Before anything, do you even have any idea what are instant hot water dispensers? How different are they from other types of water dispensers on the market?

Made popular in the ‘70s, these are an innovative piece of technology that dispenses hot water on demand. Also sometimes called boiling water tap, they connect to your home’s main water supply and may come with a built-in filter and cooling function, too.

You will find different models of this machine, and your choice will largely depend on your household’s needs. Some units only dispense hot water, while others have a filtering and/or cooling mechanism at the same time. To help you decide, it might help to know how does instant hot and cold water dispenser work first.

How Does Instant Hot and Cold Water Dispenser Work?

Regardless if you have an under sink or over-counter tank unit, your instant hot and cold water dispenser will make your home life easier. It does so by giving you easy access to near-boiling water whenever you need to. This means you don’t need to invest in an electric water kettle or waste time and energy boiling water over a stove.

So, how do they work? Similar to shower heaters, this useful appliance makes use of a heating element that rapidly heats up water to almost 201 degrees Fahrenheit. Some units then store the heated water in a built-in tank until such time that you press the handle for the water to come out of a spout.

Basically, this means you can have a cup of hot water whenever you like and as easy as if you’re getting water from a regular tap. Even better, if you invest in a unit with a filtration system and a cooling feature, you won’t need to buy bottled drinking water anymore.

Are These Machines Energy-Efficient?

Do you think this is something you would benefit from when installed in your kitchen? If yes, then it would be wise if you thought about its energy efficiency, too. After all, among the most energy-consuming appliances are those that have a heating element.

If you compare it with regular hot water dispensers, you will find that a boiling water tap is not only more energy efficient but also cost-efficient. How so? Instant hot water dispensers heat up the water almost instantaneously, and they do so only when hot water is needed. for details go

For this reason, we think that investing in an instant hot water dispenser is more than worth it. But that’s just us. You would have to think about whether you will be able to maximize its potential to decide if your kitchen even needs one. If not, there are also reliable electric water kettles you can buy instead.


Now that you know how does instant hot and cold water dispenser work, it would be easier to determine if it’s really something you want. If you ask us, anything that would make our home life easier and less stressful deserves its own space in our kitchen.

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