How Do Bottleless Water Coolers Work?

A bottleless water cooler dispenses water without a bottle. Unlike traditional coolers that come with a bottle on top, these dispensers take water directly from the waterline.

Bottleless water coolers combine the cooling system of traditional coolers with water filtration technology to offer you clean filtered water when you need it. They provide water purification in your home or office and eliminate the need to refill heavy water gallons.

These water coolers offer several advantages over bottled models. They are also known as point of use, mains, inline, direct line, plumbed in, and tankless water dispensers.

In this article, you’ll learn how these water coolers work and their advantages over traditional models.


How Does a Bottleless Water Cooler Work?

Most traditional water coolers use 3, 5, or 10 water gallons that go on top of a water dispenser stand. Bottleless water cooler dispensers, on the other hand, don’t use these gallons. Instead, they tap into existing taps or water lines, which allow them to supply an endless flow of pure water.

POU water systems use water filters to provide you with clean, refreshing water. Most purify water through carbon filtration. For this to happen, carbon filters strain water at a molecular level and remove chemicals and impurities.

Another type of filtration used in bottleless water coolers is reverse osmosis. RO is a water filtration and purification process that removes contaminants from the water. The method uses pressure that forces water molecules through a semipermeable membrane.

Although the RO filtration process wastes a significant amount of water, you are assured of clean and delicious tasting water at the end of the day.

You need to note that although often referred to as tankless, most bottleless water coolers have 2 tanks inside of them. The 2 reservoirs, one for cold water and the other for hot water, allow you to dispense the water at the perfect temperature at all times. You don’t have to wait for the water to heat up or chill.

Advantages of Using a Bottleless Water Cooler

1. Better Tasting Water

If the taste of your water is really important, consider getting a bottleless water dispenser on Amazon. With these models, water flows through dual-stage. As a result, the purified water tastes great and better than bottled water sits stagnant.

2. You won’t run out of water.

One of the biggest problems with bottled water coolers is that they have a finite amount of water they can hold. Therefore, should there be an issue with delivery, your home or office will run out of clean water to drink.

With a point-of-use water cooler, you get an endless supply of water right from your tap. As a result, you will never run out of water.

3. Highly affordable

One of the most significant advantages of bottleless water coolers is the cost. They are significantly cheaper than traditional water coolers.

These models don’t require heavy 5-gallon or 10-gallon bottles of expensive filtered water to be removed, thus saving you money on subscription costs.

4. Easy to use

Replacing water bottles in a traditional water cooler requires physical strength. What would happen if no one has the ability to complete the task correctly in a home or office? A bottleless dispenser eliminates this requirement, something that makes it easy to use.

Everyone can enjoy having cold or hot water at any time without having to lift heavy bottles.

5. Space-saving

Bottleless water dispensers help to save on space. All you need is just the space for the unit itself and nothing else, unlike bottled water coolers that take a lot of space.

These water coolers are actually the best for offices where the storage area is hard to come by.

6. Provides unlimited drinking water

With a bottleless water cooler, you won’t have to worry about running out of clean water before the monthly delivery. In addition, direct access to your tap provides you with unlimited access.

With a bottleless water cooler, you can handle the increased requirements of guests comfortably.

7. Requires minimal maintenance

Bottleless water coolers are very easy to maintain. After installation, most of these units only require an annual service appointment to replace the filter or check for operational issues.

In general, you don’t have to do anything to keep a water cooler running correctly.

8. Enables you to enjoy cleaner and healthier water

Traditional water coolers are highly susceptible to contaminants and airborne germs. Also, some water companies may use plastic bottles already exposed to other elements, making chemicals from the plastic leach into the water.

Bottleless water coolers don’t have bottles that need to be changed. As a result, nobody comes into contact with your water. And since the unit is entirely sealed, outside contaminants can’t get to your water. This highly reduces the risk of drinking contaminated water.

9. Eco-friendly

Water delivery services use trucks to transport heavy plastic jugs. They use gasoline and put out harmful emissions.

Also, water gallons are made out of plastic, a non-biodegradable material that can sit on a landfill. And although you can recycle the plastic, the continued demand for them leads to more production of the plastic, an activity that isn’t good for the environment.

Bottleless water dispensers purify the existing tap water and help you to reduce your carbon footprint on the world.


Bottleless water coolers provide easy access to clean water, filtered water. This water is filtered immediately at the point of use. Unlike bottled dispensers, it does not require regular replenishing or changing out several pounds of water after a few days.

These water coolers are also space-saving, safe for the environment, and ensure that you get a consistent supply of clean and filtered drinking water at all times.

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