7 Best Granite Composite Sinks

If you want a hard-wearing but luxurious-looking sink for your kitchen, nothing works better than a granite composite sink. It is a gorgeous alternative to porcelain or traditional stainless-steel counterpart.

However, what really makes this product so impressive is its capability to resist scratch- and chemicals. This means you won’t have to spend extra effort and hours to keep your workhorse neat and clean.

But choosing the best granite composite sink can seem like a challenge. With so many brands and varieties of designs available on the market, it’s hard to pick the best one.

To help you make an informed choice, we’ve created this comprehensive list of 7 sought-after models.

Go through our granite composite sink reviews to find them out!

Our Top Picks

Below, you’ll find a table with a breakdown of our recommended 7 models for the best granite kitchen sinks.

  • Best Workstation Kitchen Sink: Kraus KGUW1-33WH Bellucci: A uniquely designed white kitchen sink that features quality construction, impact, anti-stain and thermal shock resistant, heat-safe up to 500 degrees F, a naturally hygienic finish that repels bacteria, and a deep bowl for washing large cookware.
  • Best 60/40 Double Bowl Kitchen Sink: BLANCO, Cinder 441474 PERFOMA SILGRANIT: This dual-bowl cinder sink offers extra functionality of a dual/single bowl sink, features a low divider that makes it easy to wash your pans, 10-inch deep bowls, solid construction that makes it durable, and has a non-porous surface.
  • Best White Kitchen Sink: BLANCO, White 440195 Diamond SILGRANIT: A stunning kitchen sink that features an elegant design and touch, generous bowl size, patented granite composite material construction, resists heat up to 536 degrees F, has a non-porous surface, and boasts versatile mounting options.
  • Best for the Money: Kraus KGD-54BLACK Forteza: This unit offers superior durability, is heat safe up to 650 degrees, features a non-porous surface, a spacious and deep bowl for uninterrupted workspace, a gently sloped bottom for perfect drainage, and gently rounded corners to compliment your kitchen décor.
  • Best Dual-Mount Single Bowl Kitchen Sink: Ruvati RVG1080BK epiGranite: A midnight black kitchen sink made from 80% crushed granite, features a 10-inch bowl, a hydrophobic surface, withstands high temperatures of up to 650 degrees F, doesn’t scratch or discolor, and ensures perfect water drainage.
  • Best 50/50 Dual Bowl Kitchen Sink: Kraus Quarza KGD-433B: This model features solid construction, is highly heat-resistant, has a non-porous surface, is extra deep to accommodate large dishes, features gently rounded corners that make it easy to maintain, and comes with all mounting hardware.
  • Best Cheap Single Bowl Undermount Sink: Elkay Quartz Classic ELGRU 13322GS0: An affordable undermount sink made from top-of-the-line materials for durability, is heat resistant up to 535 degrees F, has a silky, hygienic, and non-porous surface, spacious single bowl, and features proper drain placement.

Best Granite Composite Sink Reviews

In our research, we’ve found the following seven models stand out among the competitors. They offer a wide array of features.

To learn what these brilliant kitchen sinks do that make them so fantastic, keep reading continue.

1. Kraus KGUW1-33WH Bellucci – Best Granite Composite Workstation kitchen Sink

Kraus KGF11-33WH Bellucci

If you’re looking for something more functional than a simple kitchen sink, the Kraus KGUW1-33WH Bellucci workstation is right for you.

The design redefines farmhouse style with enhanced functionality that delivers modern aesthetics and practicality.

As its name says, this is a workstation. It is not a simple sink like others where you can only wash pan and pots. Instead, this model comes with a practical set of accessories for more usability in the kitchen.

With this product, you’ll get a heavy-duty cutting board and a roll-up dish drying rack. The unique design with an integrated ledge lets you work directly over the bowl with accessories. Thus, it is easy to wash, dry, or just do anything from meal-prep to clean up, saving space on the countertop.

KGUW1-33WH has the most fantastic construction that lasts a lifetime. The granite composite materials offer the feel and look of natural stone. It also adds a superb anti-stain, impact, and thermal shock capacity.

This composite sink won’t crack from hot plates and cookware, thanks to its heat-safe capacity up to 500-degree F. More importantly, the finish is naturally hygienic that repels bacteria for a healthier and cleaner kitchen. Plus, its color is fade-resistant to prevent discoloration over time. Conveniently, it is easy to clean.

This farmhouse-style sink focuses on a stylish design. The bold flat apron front features sleek horizontal grooves that create a captivating look.

Whatever you expect your sink to do, it will. The high-capacity and single deep bowl is perfect for washing large cookware and stack of dishes. The rear off-set drain increases workspace in the bowl and storage space underneath the sink.

What is even better, the gently sloped bottom provides the ideal angle to prevent water or waste from getting stagnant inside. Of course, the slopes are optimized to avoid fragile glassware from tipping.

When it comes to mounting, this model is installation-ready with mounting hardware included. The farmhouse installation style adds modern aesthetics and creates a seamless transition from countertop to sink.

To sum it up: Everything this farmhouse-style workstation sink has will make you get entirely in love at first use –even at first sight with its functional and ionic design.


  • Made of advanced quartz composite materials
  • Looks like natural stone made
  • Highly functional and high-capacity
  • Spacious and deep to wash large items without making a mess
  • Unparalleled resistance to impact and thermal shock
  • Stain-, UV- and fade resistant
  • Anti-microbial protection
  • Designed for perfect drainage
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Handcrafted in Italy


  • The white color makes it easy to get filthy.

2. BLANCO, Cinder 441474 PERFORMA SILGRANIT – Best 60/40 Double Bowl Undermount Kitchen Sink with Low Divide


If you’re looking for a dual-bowl sink with the single bowl functionality, you won’t go wrong with BLANCO, PERFORMA SILGRANIT 441474.

A low divider between the two bowls takes this sink’s functionality to another level.  This unique design offers the extra functionality of a dual bowl with the utility of a single bowl sink.

The low divider makes washing oversized items like pots, pans, and cookie trays easier. Again, you can use both bowls independently for washing and prep.

Notably, the bowl configuration is 60/40. The large (left) bowl exterior is 18-inch long and 17.5-inch wide. The small (right) bowl is 12-inch long and 17.5 inches wide. Both the bowls are 10-inch deep.

Its unique rectangular shape is exquisite when it comes to appearance. And this beautiful product blends and works on any kitchen decor you can imagine. It fits amazingly well. Additionally, the reversible design makes any kitchen sink specification easy to achieve.

The SILGRANIT (80% solid granite) construction of this piece makes it long-lasting. It holds the most challenging kitchen tasks and defies scratches, and chips. It is pretty resistant to heat up to 536-degree F.

The best of all, the surface is non-porous that is pretty hygienic. It is also resistant to all household acids and alkali solutions. Conveniently, it is easy and quick to clean. So you’ll get a sink that looks beautiful for years.

Lastly, you’ll find a wide range of color options to complement your countertops. From biscuit, anthracite, café brown, concrete gray, metallic gray, truffle, and white, you can pick one that best matches your kitchen décor.

To summarize, whether you pick it for its exceptional design and shape, for top-notch quality, or for its color and looks, you’ll get everything you want without any disappointment.


  • Made of patented materials for ultra-durability
  • Highly functional and versatile
  • Spacious and convenient dual-bowl design
  • Defies scratches, chips, and stains
  • Resistant to all household acids and alkali solutions
  • 100% hygienic and food-friendly
  • Reversible design for installation
  • CSA code complaint
  • Originated in Canada


  • No issues found

3. BLANCO, White 440195 DIAMOND SILGRANIT- Best White Kitchen Sink


BLANCO 440195 is one of the most sought-after options you’ll have in the market.  From bowl capacity to easy-to-clean, every detail has been considered to make your everyday life in the kitchen easier.

If you have a slightly contemporary or modern-looking kitchen, you’ll find this granite composite white sink fits amazingly well.

BLANCO 440195 White is extremely beautiful and delicate when it comes to looks. Its elegant design and touch add unparalleled beauty to your any kitchen’s interior.

This super single bowl kitchen sink is popular for its functionality and generous bowl size. The large single bowl design provides plenty of room for washing, soaking, and more. You can maneuver large items such as pots, pans, baking sheets inside the bowl easily.

When it comes to build quality, nothing compares to Silgranit. This patented granite composite material construction ensures that it can stand even the harshest of uses. At the same time, it keeps scratching, chipping, and cracking from happening. It also resists heat up to 536-degree F.

The best of all is that the non-porous, hygienic surface makes the bowl resistant to stains, household alkali, and acid solutions. Moreover, you can rest assured that it won’t lose its shiny touch. As if it’s not enough, the bowl is straightforward to clean and maintain.

What sets this model in terms of design better is its versatile mounting options. The versatility allows it to go mounted as a drop-in or under-mount without any problem. More importantly, it’ll work well however you install it up without leaving its excellent looks behind.

Apart from white, this sink is available in a wide range of colors. So, you have the option to pick the best one to fit your kitchen décor.


  • Highly functional
  • Made of premium-quality materials
  • Elegant and rich looking
  • Spacious single bowl design
  • Low maintenance; easy to clean
  • Withstand both impact and heat
  • Dual mounting options
  • Available in nine attractive colors


  • The white color may be a little too easy to get filthy.

4. Kraus KGD-54BLACK Forteza Granite Kitchen Sink – Best for The Money

Kraus KGD-54BLACK Forteza

Kraus KGD-54BLACK Forteza blends the highest standards of quality and beauty.

When it comes to quality, this product will never disappoint you. It is designed to last a lifetime. Made with 80% natural granite, the KGD-54BLACK offers superior durability and the luxurious look of natural stone.

While it is incredibly strong and sturdy to stand up to heavy use, it is also unlikely to suffer scratch, stain, and impact from dropped objects. More importantly, it is heat safe up to 650-degree F to stand up to your hottest cookware.

Best of all, its non-porous surface is naturally hygienic. It keeps food from sticking to the surface. Thus it prevents the spread of bacteria and other germs.

If you prefer dark color, this black sink is the right choice for you. Of course, it is also available in grey color. It is worth noting that the Kraus Forteza is colored all the way through. That means the rich color penetrates throughout the entire thickness, not just the surface. So, it remains unaffected even with direct exposure to sunlight.

A spacious and deep high capacity bowl creates an uninterrupted workspace for washing your largest cookware without making a mess. Off-set drain for increases workspace in the bowl and storage space underneath

Its gently sloped bottom ensures perfect drainage and prevents standing water in the bowl. What is even better, the optimized bottom keeps glassware from falling over when placed in the basin. Notably, the advanced granite composite material naturally absorbs sound to minimize vibration when using the sink.

The gently rounded corners combine the traditional and modern styling that complements any kitchen décor. Plus, it makes the bowl easy to clean.

When it comes to installation, this model offers you versatility. The dual-mount design lets you install it as a drop-in or under-mount for seamless integration with any countertop.


  • High-quality and insanely durable
  • Extremely resistant to impact and thermal shock
  • Highly resilient to stain and chemicals
  • Fading and discoloration preventive
  • Naturally hygienic and antibacterial protection
  • Convenient dual-mount installation option
  • Designed for easy draining and cleaning


  • Poor packaging that may cause the sink to break during shipment.

5. Ruvati RVG1080BK epiGranite – Best Dual-Mount Granite Composite Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

Ruvati RVG1080BK epiGranite

Ruvati RVG1080BK is a gorgeous-looking sink that offers exceptional performance, quality, and long-lasting durability.

If you want to add some color and character to your kitchen design, the RVG1080BK from epiGranite series is an elegant choice.

80% crushed granite construction gives this piece exceptional durability plus the feel and look of natural stone. It’ll never chip or crack, so you can do whatever you need without damaging the finish. Moreover, it can withstand high TEMPERATURES up to 650-degree F.

You’ll appreciate its natural matte midnight black stone finish. Notably, it is colored all the way through for a consistent look that will NEVER scratch-off or discolor. The proprietary treatment makes the matte finish resistant to stains, bacteria, and mildew.

Excellent drainage system ensures your sink will remain clean and dry all the time. The surface is hydrophobic, which means it repels water. Additionally, the bottom of the bowl is slightly curved towards the drain. It ensures perfect water drainage.

The interior is 30-1/4″ by 17-1/2″ with a 10-inch deep bowl. This creates ample space for stacking dishes and cleaning large pots and pans. Bowl’s corners are gently rounded, which makes it easy to clean.

Ruvati epiGranite sink comes in eight attractive colors ranging from pure Arctic White to elegant Midnight Black. Whichever you pick, it’ll truly reflect your style and personality.

The dual-mount style makes it perfect for installing on any countertop. What’s more convenient, it comes with five partially drilled knockout holes for the soap dispenser and faucet installation.


  • Sound-absorbing and noise-free
  • Resistant to chemicals, germ, and mildew
  • Extremely durable and resistant to heat
  • Rich and consistent look
  • Stain, fade, and discoloration proof
  • Drop-in and top-mount installation
  • USA and Canada UPC codes and standards compliant
  • CSA certified
  • Proudly made in ITALY


  • Packaging issues

6. Kraus Quarza KGD-433B – Best 50/50 Dual Bowl Granite Kitchen Sink

Kraus Quarza KGD-433B

Kraus Quarza KGD-433B is a modern kitchen sink that looks striking in a variety of settings. It combines quality craftsmanship, style, and functional design.

80% natural granite construction gives it the look and feel of real stone. Thoughtful design and clean line details highlight the natural elegance of granite that provides this piece contemporary appeal and an eye-catching look.

The thermal finishing process makes this piece highly resistant to heat (up to 650-degree F), impact, and chipping. What’s more, the non-porous surface prevents scratching and discoloration. It is hygienic and non-affected by household acid and alkali solutions.

The sound-absorbing nature of these materials dulls the echoing type of sound that most stainless steel sinks have.

Quarza KGD-433B is a workhorse. The 50/50 double bowl design provides you versatility and flexibility for a variety of kitchen tasks. It is extra-deep to accommodate and soak large dishes with ease.

Of course, the gently rounded corners make bowl maintenance simple. Its low maintenance smooth surface is highly resistant to dirt and grime and easily wipes clean.

The basin is self-rimming that creates a finished look for your kitchen. You have options to choose from under-mount for a seamless look or top-mount for easy installation. For easy installation, all mounting hardware and cutout template is provided.

Top-quality basket strainer assembly comes equipped with the unit for added convenience. Notably, it creates a tight seal to prevent debris and food from clogging the drainpipe.


  • Extra-deep 50/50 dual bowl design
  • Made extremely well, thoughtful design
  • High-quality materials and craftsmanship
  • Highly resistant to heat, chipping, and discoloration
  • Soundproof thick construction
  • Engineered for easy draining
  • No-porous surface; easy to clean(1)
  • Gently rounded corners for easy maintenance
  • Limited Lifetime warranty


  • Several customers complained about poor packaging issues.

7. Elkay Quartz Classic ELGRU13322GS0 – Best Cheap Single Bowl Undermount Sink

Elkay Quartz Classic ELGRU13322GS0

Elkay ELGRU13322GS0 Quartz Classic is a perfect choice if you want a strong yet beautiful sink for your kitchen that won’t break your bank.

This affordable, single bowl sink has a lot to offer you.

First of all, it boasts top-of-the-line materials to withstand the test of durability. Molded from fine quartz sand, this piece resists scratches, impact, chipping, and banging. Moreover, it is heat safe up to 535-degree F to protect it from hot pans.

What’s even better, the surface is non-porous, silky, and hygienic. It resists the beverages and foods from sticking on the surface to prevent bacteria growth. Plus, clean up the surface is a breeze with soapy water and a damp cloth.

Single bowl design provides uninterrupted workspace to stack dishes and completes all your washing tasks with ease. No worry, it is naturally quiet, so it absorbs noise when washing in the bowl.

The proper drain placement provides more usable space in the basin and cabinet below.

This Greystone color will complement your kitchen décor. Of course, it is available in a range of attractive colors to match your style and preference. All these colors are UV-stable, meaning they won’t fade.

Undermount installation allows you to mount it beneath the countertop. It creates a seamless appearance between the countertop and the sink.


  • Impact, heat & scratch resistant
  • Easy to care for and maintain
  • Stain and smudge resistant
  • Spacious, single bowl design
  • Easy to install
  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Affordable price


  • Sink only; no accessories included


To make your life in the kitchen easier, bring any of these 7 best granite composite sinks in your kitchen.

Whether you’re replacing an old damaged sink or refreshing your kitchen, pick one that best meets your needs and complete the entire look of your kitchen!

Nothing compares in durability and beauty to these models.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us or leave a comment below!

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