5 Best Goose Creek Candles ( Reviews 2022)

You want to keep your home smell refreshing day and night as it soothes your home as well as you from inside. Large range of options from classic jar candles and tea lights to room sprays and scented plug-ins, you can always find whatever will be best suited for your home.

Goose Creek is different from other candle companies. In terms of scents, the candles from Goose Creek prove to be one of the best candle companies over time. The fragrances of their products are designed on their own to target a wide range of customers and to provide the best of the scents to the customers. Here are detailed reviews about the goose creek candles.

Along with the classic range of scents, there is a wide range of unique and complex blends available that fill your home with fragrance in Nano-seconds. Goose Creek well represents the variety of candles that feature mouth-watering scents inspired by home-cooked baked goods fresh from the oven.

One of the best features of the Goose Creek candles is that they are available in the number of aromas that fit best for all seasons. These aromas are close to nature and are attracted by masses. These scents are safe for families as they are non-toxic and are also lead-free that make them more acceptable for the consumer. These fragrances are approved by the international fragrance association that is also one of the plus points of the Goose Creek Company.

So, without wasting our time let’s dive into a list of the Goose Creek Candles for you.  All of the Goose Creek Candles listed here are best suited for heavenly fragrance and offer more features than simply being a simple candle.

Goose Creek Candle Reviews 2022

 1.Goose Creek Cherry Pie Large 3-Wick Candle:

Goose Creek Cherry Pie Large 3-Wick Candle

If you are looking for a soothing fragrance then this flavor is the best to go as the top layer of this candle gives the luscious sweet aroma that you get from a newly picked cherry pie. Then comes the next note of a sweet and natural mixture of sugar water and the fragrance of ripe crust along with the baked cherry. Finally, the last layer of this candle is the soft bitterness you’re given from a lemon swirled together with a light fragrance of vanilla. Together, this will give you the tropical cherry fragrance you want.



An age-old recipe comes back to life spending time with grandma in the kitchen. Prominent scent notes Baked Cherry, Pie Filling, Sugar, & Pie Crust. It has the High-Intensity Fragrance. Our large three-wick candles provide 3x the intensity, giving you more fragrance than ever before in a large, three-wick candle jar. Goose Creek candles fill your room with scent much quicker than average candles. The fragrance lingers much longer after you blow them out.


The material used is the Soy Wax Blend that contains No Lead and other Banned Ingredients. All the materials used are TIFA registered.


Size is one of the first features that attract the customer it is available in 14.5oz and is 3-Wicks that are 100% Cotton.


It is available in that jar pack that is very convenient to tackle as compare to the other candles that are not packed properly. Because if the jar packing the clean-burning occurs.


 It is in a gray color that fits best in any environment.

  • High-Intensity Fragrance
  • Candles contain harmful ingredients.
  • Candles are eco-friendly
  • 100% lead-free
  • Takes 2 to 3 days to get burned.
  • After burning for some time, the aroma becomes weaker than it was at the start.

 2.Goose Creek Brown Sugar Toast Large 3-Wick Candle:

Goose Creek Brown Sugar Toast Large 3-Wick Candle

The 3-wick candle is best for your home, more often in the springtime. The attractive gray candle will make you feel refreshed by the delicious, real scent of sugar toast. The very first impression you get from the candle is of the sugary goodness together with sugar crystals. Next, you’ll be given the impression of the soft cream and dough. Finally, the impression you’ll be left with is all sweetness with the delicious fragrance of sugar combined with morning toast. Overall, you will get the pure spirit of brown sugar toast in a candle.



Good morning! Nothing says home like sugared toast in the morning. Prominent scent notes Morning Toast, Brown Sugar, Soft Cream & Dough. High-Intensity Fragrance


Soy Wax Blend – No Lead or Banned Ingredients


14.5oz 3-Wicks 100% Cotton


Jar packing is done that is consumer-friendly.

  • Provides strong intensive aroma.
  • It is non-toxic.
  • The scent of these candles stays for a good time.
  • Contains a large amount of fragrance oil than other scented candles.

3.Goose Creek Baking a Cake Large 3-Wick Candle:

Goose Creek Baking a Cake Large 3-Wick Candle

The lively Goose Creek baking a cake candle will bring you the thirst-quenching memories in the center of summer. You will get a tart scent that is wrapped in sweetness to create the perfect cake smell. It is the best candle to burn in summer when you are longing for the sweet release from the warmth that the sweet smell brings. Your first impression from this candle will be the juicy sweet and sour scent of vanilla. Your second sense is the secret ingredient to add some natural sweetness to your buttercream cake, the fragrance of warm vanilla bean. Lastly, you will have the impression of vanilla sugar to make your bitter candle finish off with a sweet aftertaste. Blended together, the candle is a pure essence for the summertime.



It’s mom’s recipe; memories come to life as this warm, baking cake turns golden brown.

Prominent scent notes Fluffy White Cake, Buttercream, Cake Batter, & Warm Vanilla Bean. High-Intensity Fragrance baking a cake candle truly smells like a freshly poured glass of lemonade You’re given a stronger scent throw than candles from rival brands After extinguishing this candle, the scent lingers for a long time. This fresh and clean fragrance is perfect to burn during the summertime.


Soy Wax Blend is used in the making of this candle that is so soothing for the summertime. There is not lead along with the other Banned Ingredients used in this candle. All the ingredients used in this candle are approved by the international fragrance association.


The size of the Goose Creek Baking A Cake Large 3-Wick Candle is 14.5oz and all its three-Wicks are 100% Cotton.


The packing used for this candle is of a jar that is 100% convenient to handle by the consumer and is also very important for cleaning purpose as the clean-burning occur.

  • The additional wick also creates more ambient light.
  • These candles burn cleanly all the way through.
  • Totally lead-free.
  • It Burns a little fast.

4.Goose Creek Scented Candles Pumpkin Pie Large Jar Candle:

Goose Creek Scented Candles Pumpkin Pie Large Jar Candle

The bright Goose Creek pumpkin pie candle is a brilliant blend of pure pumpkin, vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Both the wax color along the fragrance will make your home completely ready to welcome summer. You will be greeted with a fresh and energizing fragrance that will motivate you up for the welcome of summertime. The top note of this candle will bring you the colorful and moist scent of pumpkin pieces, attracting you a sweet odor. Next, the second layer will give you more sweet and tart scents deriving from vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg. The last note will leave you with the scent of fluffy White Cake, Butter-cream, Cake Batter, & Warm Vanilla Bean



It contains the scents that come to life as the warm, baking cake turns golden brown. Prominent scent notes Fluffy White Cake, Butter-cream, Cake Batter, & Warm Vanilla Bean. High-Intensity Fragrance Pumpkin Pie Scent Large 24 Ounce Jar Candle Maximum Fragrance Per Jar


Soy Wax Blend – No Lead or Banned Ingredients Premium Grade Paraffin Wax Delivers a Clean, Consistent Burn. Non-Toxic made of finest quality ingredients. Provide a wonderful blend of pure pumpkin, vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg. These candles are non-toxic


The size of this candle is 2.2 pounds and the Dimensions are Lx W x H 3 x 3 x 7 inches and it is a Double Wick with 120-150 hours burn time.


Clean Burning happens in the Goose Creek Scented Candles Pumpkin Pie Large Jar and the jar is made up of glass that is unique and best suited to a decent environment.

  • These candles are smokeless.
  • Every candle has the maximum amount of fragrance per liquid ounce
  • Goose Creek Candles are the most fragrant cleanest burning candles.
  • Weighs a little large.

5.Goose Creek Buttermilk Pancake Candle:

Goose Creek Buttermilk Pancake Candle

Goose Creek Buttermilk Pancake candle is best suited for any occasion. It gives a great blend of the scents that are linked to celebration times. The colors of this candle fit best to the feeling of joy. The top note is that you will smell first. In a Goose Creek Buttermilk Pancake candle, the first note is made of the fragrance of Warm Pancake Batter swirled with caramel. The second layer you will smell, the center layer that will be the Buttermilk that lifts your mood. At last, the base note of the Goose Creek Buttermilk Pancake candle will be the smell of Vanilla beans enough to make you feel relaxing.



The scented jar candle’s smell of buttermilk pancakes swirled with warm maple syrup caramel, brown sugar, butter & pecans lift your mood. The candle suits perfectly the joyful day of celebration. The smell of buttermilk pancakes and warm maple syrup fills the air. Prominent scent notes Warm Pancake Batter, Caramel, Buttermilk, & Vanilla Bean.


Goose Creek Buttermilk Pancake candle is made up of Soy Wax blend. Enjoy good burn time from the lovely candle made with a lead-free wick and infused with a long-lasting fragrance.


The Goose Creek Buttermilk Pancake candle comes in a jar that ultimately leads to the clean-burning helps to keep the environment sound, the wonderful home decor candle is a great housewarming gift or perfect for any occasion.


The size of this candle is 14.5 oz. scented candles and are made in the USA.

  • Strong Fragrance.
  • Fragrance Lasts long.
  • Takes a little bit more space.

Buying Guide of Goose Creek Candles

What does a candle remind you of? The soothing sound of a crackling fire, the romantic lighting, and that feeling of coziness. Buying candles for your home is an easy way to create a cozy atmosphere without much effort. However, not all candles are created equal. To help you make an informed decision when buying a candle, we have compiled this Buying Guide on Goose Creek Candles!


The size of a candle can vary depending on the type and manufacturer. For instance, votives are typically smaller than candles that come in jars or containers. Goose creek candles offer customers 4 different sizes 24, 16, 14.6, and 7 ounces


The fragrance is an important consideration when buying a candle. There are many different fragrances to choose from and they can be categorized by type – fruity, floral, woody, or spicy. Goose Creek Candles offers customers the following fragrance options: Cinnamon Spice (fruity), Madder Root Gardenia (floral), Fresh Linen (woody), and Warm Amber Spice (spicy).

Wax Type

Wax type is another consideration when buying a candle. If you want the aroma to last, it’s best to choose “paraffin” wax, which will have a higher melting point than soy or beeswax candles.

Next, you need to decide on the type of wax. Candles come in soy-based or paraffin waxes. Soy candles are more environmentally friendly but also a bit less fragrant than other types of candles due to their lower melting point.

Goose creek candle is one of the best budget-friendly candles.

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 Frequently Asked Questions:

Goose Creek Candles are good or not?

The goose creek candles are the best available candles in the market they smell so great and make you feel so refreshing it has a soothing last long scent and it goes for a long period of time even when used daily it is completely worth it to buy goose creek candles.

What is the origin of Goose Creek Candles?

The Goose Creek candles are made in the USA. These candles are made from the scents approved by the international fragrance association TIFA. These are non-toxic and free of harmful materials completely safe to use by humans as well as are eco-friendly.

 Which Goose Creek Candle should we buy?

There are several types of Goose Creek candles available in the market but the few best to go with are:

  • Goose Creek Summer Bali Candle
  • Goose Creek Apple Pumpkin Candle
  • Goose Creek Bora Beach Candle
  • Goose Creek Citrus Lavender Candle
  • Goose Creek Strawberry Lemonade Cupcake Candle
  • Goose Creek Scented Pumpkin Pie Candle
  • Goose Creek Baking Cake Candle
  • Goose Creek Cherry Pie Candle
  • Goose Creek Brown sugar Toast Candle


The Goose Creek Company is providing a large range of candles with several different fragrances and also the material used in these candles are safe to be used at your home as they are environmentally friendly and are approved by the TIFA and it does not fill your home with unwanted toxins. They provide a wide range of soothing fragrances that make you feel relaxed and fill your home with a sweet aroma.

So this review makes it clear that it is worth it to buy GOOSE CREEK CANDLES.

If you like our article and want to learn more about the candles let us know in the comment section below it will be highly appreciated.

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