Frizzlife PD600-TAM3 Review

If looking for a high-quality, budget-friendly under the sink RO system, you can never go wrong with Frizzlife PD600. It comes in a tankless design and boasts the highest filtration rates among other Frizzlife filtration products. It can remove about 99% of all contaminants in the water.

The system comes with multiple filters, has a high flow rate, and features a smart LED display. Sounds outstanding, right? Well, this system also includes a remineralization stage where nutrients are added back into the water.

In this post, we will review this product by digging deep into all its essential features.

But, before that, you can take a glance at the listed features for an informed buying decision if in a hurry.

Frizzlife PD600-TAM3 with Alkaline Remineralization

Frizzlife Tankless Reverse Osmosis System with Alkaline Remineralization – PD600-TAM3: Key Features at a glance

  • 2 in 1 composite filter
  • Alkaline remineralization filter
  • 600G RO membrane
  • Smart LED display
  • 600 GPD high water flow
  • 0.41 gallons per minute
  • 1.5:1 low drain ratio
  • Remineralization and alkalinization
  • Built-in pump
  • Measures 18 x 17.6 x 15.6 inches
  • Weighs 28 pounds

Frizzlife PD600 RO Reverse Osmosis Review

frizzlife ro reverse osmosis under sink water filtration system

1. Tankless Design

Frizzlife PD600 comes in a tankless design. The compact and sleek RO system with a small convenient footprint takes up less space hence saves storage under your kitchen sink.

Also, no tank means no secondary pollution. You are therefore guaranteed ultra-pure, safe, and clean water when using PD600.

2. Water Flow Rate

This system has a maximum daily output capacity of 600 gallons. With it, you definitely won’t be sitting around the sink waiting to fill you’re your glass. Instead, you’ll get a cup of water in a snap!

With this high capacity, this system is best suited for you if you have a large family. In addition, water flow is fast and stable as it can fill a 330ml glass in about 10 seconds.

3. Drain Ratio

Frizzlife PD600 has a drain ratio of 1.5:1, and thanks to the advanced saving technology, this system maximizes efficiency. It can save water up to 450% compared with standard RO systems on the market.

This system makes your water bills more affordable. Actually, experts argue that the system pays for itself in water savings.

4. Filters

PD600 comes with a 2 in 1 composite filter and an MRO filter. The filter removes lead, fluoride,chlorine and other heavy metals.

One important feature of this system is remineralization, made possible by the TAM3 alkaline remineralization filter that comes with the system. This filter assists the system in replacing the essential minerals. It also adjusts the PH of your water to about 7.5.

5. Filtration Process

Frizzlife PD600 uses a high-grade RO membrane with 0.0001 micron filtration accuracy.3 filters purify water in 7 stages as follows.

  • In stage 1 –  The 3 in 1, the composite filter blocks fine debris and removes particles such as silt, sand, rust, and insoluble impurities. In addition, it conditions the water and prolongs the service life of the RO membrane.
  • In stages 2 and 3 – High grade 0.0001 MRO membrane gets rid of 99.9% of more than 1,000 contaminants, including fluoride, chlorine, lead, mercury, VOCs, chloramine, heavy metals, arsenic, and more.
  • In stages 4-7 – The alkaline remineralization filter restores the natural minerals in the water, balances the alkalinity of RO water, reduces bad odor, taste and polishes the flavor.

6. Smart LED Display

This system features a smart LED display panel that tells real-time TDS and the remaining lifetime of the filters. In addition, the built-in TDs constantly monitor the quality of the water 24/7.

The display will always remind you of when to replace the filters.

7. Installation and Maintenance

frizzlife reverse osmosis review

Frizzlife PD600 is very easy to install since it comes with all installation hardware. It also comes with well organized and easy-to-read step-to-step instruction manual. And as if that’s not enough, the installation video guide is available on the Frizzlife channel to make things easier for you.

Since this is a tankless system, you won’t have to worry about cleaning like other models with tanks. All you should do is replace the filters when the time is right. Nothing more!


Frizzlife PD600 is a tankless under-the-sink RO system with a fast water flow rate of 600 gallons per day and 0.41 gallons per minute. It is, therefore, the best for persons with bigger households or operating small companies.

The system comes with 2 filters (composite filter and MRO filter) that purify water and an alkaline remineralization filter that restores essential minerals and adjusts the pH of the water.

The system comes in a compact, space-saving design, is easy to install, and comes at an affordable price compared to other models.

Pros & Cons


  • Saves much-needed countertop space
  • Saves up to 450% water
  • Simple installation with minimal tools
  • Low ppm readings after remineralization
  • Attractive, sleek design
  • Alkaline and pH balancing technology
  • Smart LED display
  • Restores essential minerals to your water
  • Affordable replacement filters
  • Easy filter replacement
  • Water has great taste


  • Requires electricity to operate
  • The motor hums every time you dispense water
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