How to Fix a Pink Screen on a Laptop and Computer-10 Ways (Latest Guide)

People who are using the laptop for a long while may come across a dilemma named a pink screen. Those who do not have faced this problem in their life are luckier ones because the pink screen on a laptop is indefinitely irritating. If you are facing this issue, then do not worry. We will guide you on how to fix pink screen on laptop and computer in this post.

What Does a Pink Screen on a Laptop Or PC Mean?

In general, the pink screen is a discoloration in the display of your laptop or PC. The monitors use RGB colors to display various colors. On the RGB color mixer indicator, if the red color is at its maximum, blue is near its peak and green is in the middle then pink screen will show.

Moreover, the pinkish shade can cover up the entire display, looks like lines streaming across the display, or specific zones comprising pink pixels.

Why is My Laptop Screen pink?

The causes of a pink screen can be of two types: software and hardware. The first thing to address is whether the pink screen problem is due to a fault in hardware or software.

The hardware-related problems that can pose pink screen issues are as follows:

  1. The temperature of the GPU is not optimum.
  2. Loose cables
  3. Drive dysfunction
  4. Flawed monitor
  5. Faulty wired connections

The issues regarding the software segment are:

  1. Virus
  2. Tampered applications and software
  3. Installation of the software from unknown sources
  4. Outdated Graphics drivers

Moreover, to check it out, connect a dedicated monitor with your laptop’s HDMI port. If the dedicated monitor has a pinkish hue means there is a problem with the software. But, if the dedicated monitor does not have any pink shade, it indicates the fault is in the laptop’s display.

How to Fix Pink Screen on Laptop and Computer?

Below given are some techniques to fix the pink screen on laptop and computer monitor:

1. Detaching the Peripherals Devices For Fixing Pink Screen:

Sometimes the peripheral devices attached to your laptop are the culprits behind the pink screen. So, detaching them can fix your irritating problem handily. Before separating the peripheral devices, you need to turn off the system and then disconnect them. Also, double whether the mouse or monitor are still connected or not.

2. Restart Your Laptop to Fix Pink Screen:

Maybe the pink screen is because of the messy day, and there is nothing wrong with it. We often joke with this phrase that “Did you apply the on and off technique.” But in reality, this trick can be handy in resolving the pink screen problem.

All those hefty programs running in the background may stop, which are resulting in a monitor pink tint.

3. Updating the Graphics Driver For Fixing Pink Screen on Laptop and Computer:

A laptop pink screen can be due to an outdated Graphics driver, and there is an easy solution to this issue. With only graphics driver updates, you will get rid of the bright pink screen. To upgrade the graphics driver, you have to follow the below-given steps:

  • You need to press Windows + X at a time; as a result, a list will appear, and from that, you have to pick “Device Manager.”
  • After clicking on the Device Manager option, you will further get multiple options from which you have to click “Device Adapters.”
  • Now right-click the “Graphics Card” displayed after clicking the “Device Adapters” option.
  • By doing that, you will see the “Driver Update” choice you have to select.
  • Now go with automatic search for graphics driver update.

After successfully updating the graphics driver, restart the laptop, and if the computer screen pink is associated with the old driver, then it should be resolved. But if the problem persists, then we need to proceed with the next solution.

4. Checking the Temperature of GPU:

The frustrating pink screen on laptop can be due to overheating resulting from excessive use of the GPU. Maybe the internal fans become insufficient to cool down the GPU because of the dust piled on them because they are not cleaned for too long.

To evaluate the GPU’s temperature, you need to rely on another application as Windows does not have that feature.

With the help of EVGA’s Precision X1, you can check the temperature of the GPU quickly. Moreover, it also tells how much GPU is consumed by apps and the display.

If you find that the temperature of the GPU is high as it could be, then internal dust cleaning is a must. By doing so, cooling fans will function better, and the GPU temperature goes down.

5. Clean up Temporary Files to Fix Computer and Laptop Screen Pink Problem:

 When we uninstall some applications, they omit the temporary files. These files can be the cause of the pink shade you are experiencing on your laptops’ screen. There is no rocket science to clear temporary files, but in some cases, they are out of sight.

You can take the help of third-party applications to find and delete these unwanted files. After cleaning the temporary files, you may be able to restore the natural color of the display.

6. Reset Display Setting:

By resetting the display setting from the original display, this issue can be resolved.

7. Re-installation of Apps:

If you have recently installed a piece of software or application from an unknown source and after that, you have noticed other apps are not running well.

It is due to the tampering of data from the app installed from an unknown source, creating a pink screen issue. To sort it out, you have to uninstall all the programs and install them again.

8. Use New Connector Cable:

Maybe the connector cable is damaged, and that results in a pink hue on display. Besides that, a new connector cable is not expensive, and it will solve the mystery of the pink tint on the screen.

In addition, the faulty connector cable can also short circuit your laptop, so replace it as soon as possible. 

9. Replacing the Display:

If the problem still occurs after trying all the tips and tricks, it’s time to change the display because the fault is in it. Moreover, if the warranty is left, you can claim a free replacement or repair of the monitor from the manufacturer.

But if the warranty period is over, be ready to replace the display to get rid of the computer screen pink tint.

10. Night light:

Another very simple way to fix this problem is that on your device, there is an option of night light switching it ON accidentally.

It may be the reason of the problem if this happened suddenly and you had no problems with this pick screen before. Obviously it is a very simple and straightforward method; you just have to switch off the night light.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pink Screen on Laptop

Ans: The pink shade can irritate your laptop, which is fixable with the tricks mentioned above. It can happen due to the overuse of your laptop, the excessive GPU temperature, the installation of notorious software, and many more.

Ans: If your laptop has optimum screen color, but the dedicated monitor connected with it through the HDMI port has a pink shade means there is a fault in the HDMI port, connector cable, or in some cases, the dedicated monitor is defective.

Ans: Bizarre low and elevated contrast and brightness grades can mess up the shades displayed on the laptop. You can fix this issue by altering the color quality setting on your laptop’s onboard video card.

It can become a stressful situation to cope with, but, thankfully, there are solutions available. The first thing that needs to be done is back up all important data on your computer before doing something because there is nothing worse than losing everything due to a hardware failure or other unforeseen circumstances. Now make sure that your computer’s settings are set up correctly and ensure it’s plugged in after that follow the above methods to rectify your problem.

Conclusion of How to Fix a Pink Screen on a Laptop and Computer:

We hope that you have solved the pink screen issue of your laptop after implementing all the tricks and procedures mentioned above. Moreover, this guide is also on how to fix pink screen on laptop and computer as there is not such a difference in the working or laptop and PC except for the portability.

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