How To Fix Laptop Power Jack Without Soldering 2022 [Full Guide]

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What will you do if the laptop that you are using shows a low battery? You will immediately reach out of your laptop’s charger. Am I right? Yes, I am. After making so many attempts without success, you get frustrated and leave it. It’s a major problem that every laptop user might face at some time. Here I will guide you that How to Fix laptop power jack without soldering. Your just 10 minutes require and these 10 minutes will help you a lot to rectifying your laptop Power Jack issue.

Without being baffled, 

In this situation, we know you are shocked why the charger instantly stops working. There are significant chances of your power jack failure; hence how can you tackle this situation without soldering.

How Can Your Laptop Power Jack be Repaired Without Soldering?

You can repair power cord without soldering, but it relies on the dc power jack connection, and it is possible if you connect the laptop dc jack through the wire. However, if the jack soldered onto the motherboard directly, it is impossible. Also, you people can’t fix a broken or loose laptop power jack, don’t panic, and there is no need for a professional electrician; you can do it yourself. There are simple steps that anyone can follow.

How Can The Power Jack Work on Your Laptop?

DC Power is an important factor in a laptop as it keeps the laptop on and gives electricity to run. Primarily, laptops offer two connectors, including GND(Ground) and +VE, also known as negative and positive connectors. If the DC jack comes with wires, there is little chance of it’s fixing without soldering. And if the DC jack has no cables, when it is soldered directly into the motherboard, there is no change to prevent soldering.

Laptop Charger Power Jack Terminals

DC-in Jack With Wire

DC-in Jack With Wire

DC Jack Without Wire

DC Jack wIthout Wire

Four Causes of Failures in DC Jack:

  • The reason is the reinforcement within the motherboard and casing structure. Hence, when plugged in the jack, it can’t handle stress.
  • In case of extensive usage, by the time some part starts to lose.
  • It also happens while vacuum cleaning when you carelessly clean, sometimes the charger drops down, and its plug jerks.
  • In a dc jack laptop, DC jacks are not correctly soldered.

How You Can Find Failures in Power Jack:

There are few indications of the failure of the power jack, and its primary function is to deliver power consistently. When it fails to do that, it means there is a problem. Other ways to check failures are:

  1. Flickering of power light shows the on/off charging. It is because of a broken jack, and it switches intermittently from battery power to AC Adapter.
  2. When there is a need to wriggle the cable to fix it in the power socket, keep in mind your jack has some problem
  3. If your laptop charger is at an angle, Jack has a problem, not the laptop and battery. It’s a problematic situation never to use a laptop in this case because it may harm your laptop.
  4. In this case, sometimes, the laptop fails to run with an adapter.
  5. Suddenly the laptop shuts down.
  6. While inserting the adapter here, you will see sparks.
  7. The laptop stops to get power or get power at a specific cord.

How Do You Check The Failure in The Power Jack?

Before thinking about soldering laptop power jack, first, it is good to observe the problem and learn how the power jack repairs, then move towards other options. What to do to solve this situation? Follow the steps:

Check Power Jack With Multimeter
  1. Test power adapter by the multimeter. If they’re a bit different in voltage, it’s ok. But if the voltage is above 1 amp, it means there is a problem. Numerous people do not know their laptop’s voltage, so first, turn on the computer and see the sticker; here, you will find every detail of specs about the laptop. Voltage above or below 1 amp is dangerous for the laptop.
  2. Now make sure that your adapter is OK, then check if your power jack is faulty or not? For this purpose, turn the laptop, take the battery out, plug in the charger, and put a glimpse on VGA ports and other ports. Then again, take a  multimeter, press its negative probe, then connect the positive probe of the battery’s pin. The higher reading tells about fried motherboards, and if you see no task, it implies the jack might be defective. 
  3. Eventually, check the jack connector. Have a site on the connector that is connected with the motherboard pull it out. In the next step for the power supply, connect the adapter to the DC jack. Take the multimeter to check voltage; it shows no recording if your connector is defective. Moreover, for continuity, you can also identify the jack point; it includes four outer pins, the main pin, and the middle pin.

How Can I Observe The Exact Problem of The Power Jack?

It’s a major problem to repair laptop power jack in a power jack laptop if the laptop loses the power carrying capacity or if the power jack becomes loose. First, it is crucial to examine whether it occurs due to an injured power jack, loose power jack, and another problem. There are different kinds of problems in DC jack; sometimes, replacement is necessary, and in some situations, a minor fix is necessary, for example:

  • Just jack pin damaged
  • Whole jack damaged
  • Sparks generates from jack
  • Losing of power jack is also a significant issue

Physical Damage Problems:

You can replace the physical problems, for example, in pin and jack, and it is the safest solution. I suggest you never use glue; try any other steps to fix the jack. A wiggle connection affects the motherboard and is not able to provide power inflow. So, the best treatment is to prevent physical damage by replacing the jack.

Physical Damage Problem

Required Tool:

Before starting the operation, you must have the necessary tools; some are summarized below.

  • For holes boring, you need screws, a screwdriver, with hammer, nails, drills, and any other tools which you use for making holes.
  • There is a need for a multimeter, pliers, wire strippers, iron, solder, etc.
  • Zip ties and electrical tapes.
  • Empty highlighter barrel and empty shape.
  • A compatible AC adapter

Methods For Fixing The Power Jack of Laptop:

By Cords Joining:

Preparation of Barrel:

  1. Detach the marker tip and holder section of ink.
  2. On the barrels opposite side, build a hole

Cord Preparation:

For cord preparation, there is a need for cutting the laptop’s cord because, in this situation, we are handling generic and laptop ac adapters.

Generic AC Adapter:

  1. To desire length, cut the generic but keep in mind, the cord length should be enough long that it can use for other purposes
  2. Insert this cut cord in the barrel
  3. By stripping, wires are exposed

Laptop AC Adapter:

  1. Reduce the cord length for proper replacement
  2. Place the section of tip and place the cord
  3. Make sure that the exposure stripping wires

Cord Joining:

It’s the most crucial step in this to ensure the use of a multimeter for right use of wires.

  1. Connect the laptop and AC adapter and prevent contact between them. Also, check the negative and positive wires.
  2. Through generic and plug, you can test wires that have a little bit of connection with both the inner and outer plug connections.
  3. By wrapping tape around the last wires, protecting them, and with the help of video, join the inner.

After doing the given steps, carefully check to make sure that the barrel is sealed or not completely. Now add zip ties for protecting wires from losing; also, these zip ties protect the cables from disconnecting.

Cord Joining

By Replacing Power-Jack:

Follow the mentioned below for replacing the power jack on a laptop. These steps guide you properly for repairing laptop power jack:

  1. Disconnect the jack because it includes the wire connector.
  2. Loose the screw and pull it out.
  3. Carefully remove the soldered jack from the motherboard but ensure. that circuits tracts are not damaged
  4. Do all this with keen interest because a single mistake damages the motherboard.

By Fixing Laptop Power Pin OR Connector Wire:

  1. In the connector, you have to place the harmed cable, put a disconnected pin when there is a jack.
  2. Properly join the wire; also, you can solder pins when there is a jack.
  3. Check the voltage with a multimeter after fixing.

How to Fix Loose Laptop Charger Port:

It happens because of dry soldering, and stop forcing the jack because sometimes, the situation worsens. Use a simple procedure on the jack pin, apply a flux, then solder. 

Loose Laptop Charger Port

Due to Jack Pin Damage OR Motherboard Track: 

  1. Find the track that is burned, whether it is sensing signal, GND, +VE.
  2. Take a bulky copper wire for soldering laptop power jack to prevent burning also, and it will adequately designate and attach the pin directly.
  3. Use epoxy mixture and hot glue to reinforce the point because it delivers enough force to withstand pressure and connect it with the adapter. Use protective gloves to perform this step if your hands are sensitive to chemicals.
Laptop Pin Burnt
Motherboard Burnt

Note Major Issues:

  • Power Jack faults occur due to faulty batteries.
  • When wiring an adapter plug, the pin breaks in the jack and the laptop’s dc adapter is effective.
  • Apply adhesives to avoid pin-breaking.
  • The pins not only also break copper wires cracked.
  • It is easy to find replacement plus, but to find a plug that aligns with wire is impossible.
  • Check the polarity also before putting the jack.
  • Shape the lead after protecting the power jack.

The Thing Important to Know While Hiring Repair Technicians:

Still, if you can’t fix it by yourself, the last strategy is to call the repair center and hire a professional technician to repair the jack. The priority of many service centers is motherboard replacement. The cost of a motherboard is about 300-700 dollars while its replacement cost is 20-25 dollars. In various average shops, you will find no tools, equipment. That’s why we also prefer you to replace the motherboard instead of replacing the power jack because an unaware person with no equipment can damage the laptop also. Or go for a high-level professional repair center.

FAQs About How to Fix Laptop Power Jack Without Soldering

The first step is inspection, whether it needs repairing, re-soldering, or anything else. And also, it is necessary to learn whether issues are related to power jack or not.

There are some simple steps for the soldering of power jack:

  1. Inside pinholes, place the power jack.
  2. Apply flux.
  3. Solder every pin one by one with melting soldering wire.

This happens due to a faulty battery; remove if the battery is defective and make an effort to charge your laptop on the AC adapter; if it works means that the battery is faulty; otherwise no need to change it.

Nowadays, every laptop comes with an intelligent circuit that automatically stops charging when it reaches 100%. So, the overnight charge doesn’t harm the battery.

It is terrible to use different chargers; even if you purchase a charger from other brands, there is a chance that it plugs with it because different brands have different pin sizes. However, if it plugs with the charge over time, it starts to damage the laptop battery.

Yes it is possible, if the laptop includes a USB Type-C charger, otherwise no. And these types of chargers are capable of quick charging.

No, because it affects its shelf life. So, when your laptop gets fully charged, otherwise avoid it if you want that your laptop works for an increased life span.

Replace your laptop charger by following the steps given below.

  1. Find the model number of the laptop that you are using
  2. Search by using the formula charger+laptop model
  3. Check keenly before use that it is compatible with laptop or not

First, check the jack if it is ok, now checks overboard by a multimeter to detect the original problem.

If there is a problem with the power button, test it, then check any key fixed on the keyboard. Some models of laptops have this button while some do not.

Yes, first disassemble the laptop, but if some fractions are bound with glue, they create problems in its assembly and disassembly. In this case, take it to the center where professional technicians can repair it, but if it does not have such parts, then watch youtube tutorials to check how you can disassemble the laptop.

  1. Take a copper sheet for 1-to-2 lbs from eBay.
  2. Then similar to a jack, cut about 4mm or 8mm copper sheet and roll it.
  3. Now solder this copper tube.

Yes, for this purpose, you need a flat-headed screwdriver to fit the jacks. After fitting, a fresh solder coat is applied.

Please take out the battery from the laptop, charge it externally; after fully charging, put it again in the laptop and transfer data from this laptop to the newer one.

Take sandpaper, create a loop on it, then apply it slowly to the area where you want it to give a shiny appearance. But most modern laptops have small thin barrels, that’s why it is impossible to apply sandpaper.

A professional technician charges 20-25 dollars to replace a dc jack laptop. But if you do it by yourself, the expenditure cost will be only 1-3 dollars.

Final words of How To Fix Laptop Power Jack Without Soldering:

Hopefully, the above guide helps in finding the faults in the power jack and also guides you on how to solve these problems? Many peripherals in the laptop can be reused again. Also, laptops use a monitor, although many frustrations arise with serious charger problems. After disassembly, it is necessary to test the computer to learn whether it works well or not. If it works well, the battery notifications display battery charging.