Fiwotttda Air Purifier Reviews

FIWOTTTDA Air Purifier Reviews

Fiwottda Aircifier is an advanced air purifier that removes 99.97% of smoke, dust, allergens, pollen, pet dander, and other impurities from the air you breathe. It only takes a few minutes to install and can be used for medium to large-sized rooms.

  • The air purifier comes complete with a true HEPA filter and a carbon pre-filter, and it features a three-speed fan for customized airflow.
  • This air purifier is designed to cover up to 1540 square feet and features a true HEPA filter that lasts up to three years.
  • The filter is washable, so you do not have to replace it as frequently as a replaceable filter.
  • You can select between 4 fan speeds so you will be able to select a speed that will be perfect for your room.
  • This unit features a stainless steel body that is very durable.
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How To Use It:

Step 1: First, you want to make sure your FIWOTTTDA air purifier is plugged into an outlet.

Step 2: Next, you want to take out the new carbon filter and plastic bag from the box.

Step 3: Then, you want to place the new carbon filter inside the air purifier. Once the filter is installed, you will want to close the lid.

Step 4: For the last step, you want to take the plastic bag and slide it over the carbon filter.

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