Elevate Your Workspace: Top 10 Best Monitor Stand Risers for Better Posture

Are you tired of feeling hunched over your computer screen all day, suffering from aches and pains? It’s time to take your workstation to the next level with the best monitor stand risers on the market. These innovative devices can help you achieve better posture, reduce eye strain, and even increase productivity. In this blog, we’ve rounded up the top 10 monitor stand risers to elevate your workspace and improve your overall health and wellbeing. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a more comfortable and ergonomic work environment with these top-rated products. So, without further ado, let’s dive in and discover which monitor stand riser is the best fit for you.

Best Monitor Stand Risers in 2023

Monitor stand risers have grown in popularity in recent years as a way to enhance posture and reduce eye strain. These simple but effective devices allow you to raise your computer monitor to a more comfortable height, allowing you to maintain a more ergonomic posture and reduce neck and back strain. The best monitor stand risers are made to fit a wide range of monitor sizes and weights, and many are customizable to meet your specific requirements.

Monitor stand risers, in addition to giving ergonomic benefits, can also aid to simplify your desk by providing more storage space beneath your display. This is especially useful in smaller office settings where desk space is limited.

There is bound to be a monitor stand riser that matches your demands, whether you want a simple and inexpensive model or a more complicated model with various capabilities. So, why not invest in one today and reap the benefits of a more comfortable and productive workplace? When looking for the best monitor stand risers, consider elements like adjustability, weight capacity, and overall design.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

Budget Pick

The WALI Free Standing Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand is an affordable option that offers basic functionality and can hold two monitors securely on a desktop stand.

Editor’s Choice & Most Reliable

The VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand Heavy Duty Fully Adjustable is an excellent choice for its sturdy build, versatility, and reliable gas spring arm that can support two monitors with ease.

Best for the Money

The Klearlook Monitor Stand Riser offers great value with its adjustable width and built-in storage for phones, tablets, and pens. It’s also sturdy enough to hold up to 55 lbs and has an ergonomic design that can help prevent back and neck strain.

Most Features

The HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand provides an extensive range of motion, including rotate, swivel, articulating, and tilt. It also has a full motion design, adjustable height, and fits various monitor sizes and brands. Plus, it comes with both C clamp and grommet kits for easy installation on different desk types.

Read on to learn more about the best monitor stand risers to buy in 2023:

WALI Monitor Stand Riser

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Key Features

  • Metal Material
  • Ergonomic
  • Ventilated
  • Desk Mounting


The WALI Monitor Stand Riser is a stylish and functional addition to any office setting. Its ergonomic design relieves neck and back strain by lifting the computer display or any device by 3.9 inches, 4.7 inches, or 5.5 inches, resulting in a more comfortable and healthy viewing position. Its sturdy metal shelf can hold most flat-screen monitors, computers, and printers weighing up to 44 lbs (20kg), making it a versatile solution for a variety of devices.

Overall, the WALI Monitor Stand Riser is a practical and stylish option for anyone wishing to add a strong and useful monitor stand to their office. The big, durable base has ventilated holes that prevent overheating and keep gadgets cool. Furthermore, the stand’s sleek and sophisticated black appearance gives a sense of sophistication to any workplace while also giving additional storage space underneath.

Zimilar 2 Pack Monitor Stand Riser

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Key Features

  • Steel Material
  • 3 Height Adjustable
  • Strong & Stable Design
  • Save Space & Get Organized


The Zimilar 2 Pack Monitor Stand Riser is an excellent solution for anyone seeking to enhance their posture and alleviate discomfort during lengthy workdays. This ergonomic computer monitor stand adjusts to three different heights (4.13″/ 4.92″/ 5.71″), allowing for a comfortable viewing position that alleviates eye strain, back pain, and neck pain. The retractable phone holder is also a useful feature for individuals who frequently use their phones.

The Zimilar 2 Pack Monitor Stand Riser is a practical and economical alternative for anyone looking for an ergonomic and tidy workspace, with easy assembly that requires no equipment. The sturdy construction of the stand can support up to 44 pounds, making it suitable for heavy monitors, while the adjustable feet with anti-skid rubber pads give stability and avoid scratches on the desk surface. The star mesh platform improves airflow and heat exchange, keeping electronics from overheating.

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BONTEC 2 Pack Monitor Stand Riser

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Key Features

  • Steel & Metal Material
  • Ergonomic
  • 3 Height Adjustable
  • Easy to Assemble & Use


The BONTEC 2 Pack Monitor Stand Riser is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a pleasant and ergonomic desk. This monitor stand riser, which has three height adjustment choices, aids in improving posture and relieving eye, back, and neck pain throughout the workday. It is made of high-quality black coated steel with a rustproofed surface, making it sturdy and safe to bear up to 44 lbs of weight.

This monitor stand riser is an excellent gift idea for anyone wishing to improve their computer comfort and efficiency. The device is simple to assemble and requires no equipment, allowing users to set up their workstation rapidly. The platform has a mesh surface to increase ventilation and minimize overheating of electronics. This feature also contributes to a clean and tidy desk by offering ample room for a keyboard, notepad, and other office materials.

EVOOMI Back Saver Monitor Riser Stand with Drawer

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Key Features

  • Alloy Steel & Metal Material
  • Sturdy & Secure
  • Tabletop Mounting
  • Back Saver


The EVOOMI Back Saver Monitor Riser Stand with Drawer is a wonderful solution for anyone who wants to enhance their working posture, performance, and circulation. The ergonomic design encourages appropriate posture and circulation, decreasing strain and soreness in the neck, shoulders, and back. This monitor stand provides for maximum productivity by freeing up desk space, providing you with an extra 5.5 weeks of work per year.

The sleek and contemporary design is ideal for any business or home, and the lifetime durability ensures that this will be your final monitor stand purchase. With a capacity of up to 44lbs, the heavy-duty steel frame and anti-skid rubber feet give a strong, wobble-free platform for your gadgets. CoolMesh is strategically placed to avoid overheating, lengthen the life of your devices, and lower replacement expenses.

Overall, the EVOOMI Back Saver Monitor Riser Stand with Drawer is an excellent purchase for anyone trying to better their work environment and health. The risk-free trial period allows you to test it out and decide for yourself whether it’s the best desktop organizer you’ve ever used.

VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount

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Key Features

  • Aluminum Material
  • Articulation & Height Adjustment
  • Easy Installation
  • 90 Degrees Maximum Tilt Angle


The VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount is an excellent solution for people who want to maximize their desk space and work productivity. This strong mount can support two monitors ranging in size from 13″ to 30″ and weighing up to 22 lbs each. The adjustable arm has a wide range of motion, including a +90° to -90° tilt, a 180° swivel, a 360° rotation, and height adjustment along the middle pole.

The VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount is a terrific investment for anyone trying to maximize their workstation, with a solid steel design and a 3-year manufacturer guarantee. The heavy-duty C-clamp connects effortlessly to the back of your desk (up to 3.25″ thick) or the optional grommet mount. The mount is simple to set up, with detachable VESA bracket plates and wire management clips to keep your workstation tidy.

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WESTREE Dual Monitor Stand Riser

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Key Features

  • Wood Material
  • Monitor Stand with 2 Drawers
  • Ergonomic Design Stand
  • Sturdy


The WESTREE Dual Monitor Stand Riser is an excellent alternative for individuals seeking an ergonomic and fashionable way to elevate their computer monitors. The riser is composed of high-quality wood with a rustic brown finish that gives a distinctive and appealing touch to any office. It has two slide-out drawers and plenty of space for storing goods such as writing utensils and mobile devices.

The stand can hold up to three monitors and is appropriate for both laptops and desktop computers. Its ergonomic design reduces eye and neck strain while also providing a comfortable viewing experience. The stand is solid and steady, and it can support up to 100 pounds, making it a dependable option.

Marbrasse Monitor Stand Riser

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Key Features

  • Conform to Ergonomics Height
  • Space Saving
  • Sturdy Structure
  • Easy to Assemble


The Marbrasse Monitor Stand Riser is a well-made and durable gadget that elevates your computer screen to an ergonomic height, minimizing eye strain and boosting posture. The stand is made of MDF and solid wood particle board and is both durable and environmentally friendly.

The 2-tier desktop organizer has a maximum holding capacity of 66lbs and is ideal for arranging office supplies and other items. The stand has rubber cushions to increase stability, a phone holder slot, a cable management hub, and plastic caps to cover screw locks to make it seem prettier. The simple-to-assemble stand comes in the ideal size of 16.5″ L9.3″ W5.5″H.

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AMERIERGO Dual Monitor Stand

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Key Features

  • Polycarbonate Material
  • Extra Multi-Functional Slots
  • Customizable
  • Easy to Assemble


The AMERIERGO Dual Monitor Stand is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a multi-functional and ergonomic stand to improve their working environment. This black stand is made of sturdy polycarbonate and includes additional slots for carrying office supplies, cell phones, and tablets. The stand is simple to put together, requiring only two minutes to set up, and you can adjust the angle to suit your needs.

Lifting your monitors off the desktop allows you to tidy up your workspace while also improving your posture and minimizing stress caused by long-term employment. Overall, the AMERIERGO Dual Monitor Stand is an excellent purchase for anyone wishing to improve their workspace.

Klearlook Monitor Stand Riser

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Key Features

  • 3 Width Adjustable
  • Space Saving
  • Sturdy & Stable
  • Ergonomic Design


The Klearlook Monitor Stand Riser complements any workstation. It has an adjustable width and can support up to 55 pounds, making it appropriate for a variety of monitors, laptops, and printers. It also has a phone or tablet holder, a pen holder, and a little storage drawer to keep your desk clean and neat.

Overall, this is a versatile and useful device for any workspace. Its ergonomic design puts your display at a comfortable eye level, preventing back and neck pain when working for long periods of time. It can be used as a monitor stand, printer stand, laptop stand, TV stand, or even a desk shelf.

HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand

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Key Features

  • 35 Degrees Maximum Tilt Angle
  • Swivel & Tilt Mounting
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to Install


The HUANUO twin Monitor Stand is an excellent choice for a twin monitor stand that offers versatility and comfort. The gas spring technology in the stand enables for seamless adjustments, making it simple to tilt, swivel, spin, and modify the height of your displays to your favorite viewing angle. It also takes only ten minutes to assemble, which is a huge time saver.

The stand’s strong construction and stable clamp/grommet base provide a secure hold for your monitors, ensuring they remain in position. The stand is universally compatible with 13″ to 27″ flat or curved monitors with Vesa patterns of 75×75 and 100×100.

The HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand gives a pleasant and customized viewing experience whether you’re working, gaming, or streaming. This monitor stand also encourages excellent posture by elevating your monitors to eye level, relieving pressure on your neck and shoulders. The ergonomic design of the stand provides a more comfortable working and aids in productivity.

best monitor desk risers in 2023

Final Words

In conclusion, investing in a monitor stand riser is a wise decision for anyone who wants to improve their posture, productivity, and overall work experience. With the range of options available on the market today, finding the best monitor stand riser can seem like a daunting task. However, after considering the features, materials, and customer reviews of the products highlighted in this blog, you can be sure you’re making a well-informed decision. Whether you’re looking for an adjustable, multi-functional, or space-saving design, there is a monitor stand riser out there to fit your needs. So why wait? Treat yourself to one of the best monitor stand risers today and enjoy the benefits of a more comfortable and efficient workspace.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a monitor stand riser?

A monitor stand riser is a device that is used to elevate the height of a computer monitor, laptop, or other device. It helps to improve ergonomics and reduce strain on the neck and back.

What are the benefits of using a monitor stand riser?

Using a monitor stand riser can improve posture, reduce strain on the neck and back, increase desk space, and improve organization. It can also improve air circulation around your device and prevent it from overheating.

Are monitor stand risers adjustable?

Yes, many monitor stand risers are adjustable. They can be adjusted for height, angle, and width to fit a variety of devices and user preferences.

How much weight can a monitor stand riser hold?

The weight capacity of a monitor stand riser can vary depending on the product. It is important to check the weight capacity before purchasing to ensure that it can hold your device(s) safely.

Are monitor stand risers easy to assemble?

Most monitor stand risers are easy to assemble and come with clear instructions. However, some models may require more assembly than others, so it is important to check before purchasing.

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