Does a Water Dispenser Filter Water?

Staying hydrated is a key to good health, and a water dispenser makes it convenient for you to get your daily intake. This appliance eliminates the use of bottled water by transforming your home’s tap water into purified and great-tasting water.


A water dispenser is helpful in many situations. You can use the appliance in residential homes, offices, hospitals, and even public spaces.

These appliances are known to provide clean, filtered, healthy, and safe water at all times. The fact that they deliver filtered water leaves people asking, does a water dispenser filter water?

Well, some water dispensers provide filtered water from replaceable bottles. However, other dispensers (mostly point-of-use water dispensers) filter water and thus come with built-in water filtration systems.

Water Dispensers with Filtration

A water dispenser with filtration can filter and treat tap water into clean and direct drinking water. And due to the high filtering precision, water from these dispensers can be taken raw.

It is actually more fresh and sanitary than bottled water. It also has more extensive uses and is more sanitary for cooking.

The quality of ice making from the water is also higher and has no peculiar smell.

Should you use the water for your humidifier, steam iron, beauty instrument, or any other household appliance, the white powder will not appear.

Most water dispensers with filtration use reverse osmosis to filter the water. Impurities such as heavy metal ions and bacteria are removed from the water, making them clean and pure.

Benefits of Water Dispensers with Filtration


Getting a filtered water dispenser for your home is an affordable option. Think of the water you use to cook and carry out other domestic chores, a lot, right?

How much would you spend if you were to rely on single-use plastic bottles?

Getting a dispenser with filtration seems like the best option. These devices transform your tap water into tasty purified water.

Ease of use

Every time water is dispensed from a dispenser with filtration, it auto-replenishes. This means that you don’t have to worry about switching out the water gallon or repurchasing a new case of water bottles.

It’s the best option for busy families who might actually forget to replace the water bottle.

Built-in Filtration

These dispensers feature a built-in system that takes your tap water through advanced levels of purification before it can be dispensed. Each level is specifically designed to improve the taste and quality of your water.

The different filtration stages get rid of sediment, chemicals, contaminants, and pollutants in your tap water. Strange tastes and odors that might be present in the water are also removed.


Filtered water dispensers offer a sustainable solution that minimizes the need for plastic water bottles. Although plastic water bottles have been popular for a long time, they contribute to waste that ends up in landfills.

Remember that plastic takes a long time (hundreds of years) to decompose. This contributes to landfill overflow, with most plastic waste ending up in the ocean.

Plastic waste is not only harmful to the marine ecosystem but also contaminates the air by releasing toxins into the air.

With a filtered water dispenser, you get an unlimited supply of purified water and eliminate the need for plastic.

Minimal Maintenance

Once installed, minimal work is required on your end. You just need to wipe the exterior once per week to prevent dust.

Some even come with a self-cleaning feature that makes cleaning a breeze. Without this feature, you only need to deep-clean the unit every 6 weeks.

Worried about filter replacement? This shouldn’t bother you much. Most water dispensers require filter replacement every 6 months or once per year.

Keeps Your Family Hydrated

This is the main benefit of these units. They provide fresh and pure water on demand. You can also use the water for making beverages, cooking, and carrying it with you when going on trips.

Water from these devices encourages everyone in the family to skip sugary drinks and drink more water.

Choosing the Right Water Dispenser

Does a Water Dispenser Filter Water

Water dispensers come in different sizes. Some can fit in small spaces like countertops or tabletops in homes or offices, while others fit in large kitchens.

These appliances are popular because they add convenience to your daily needs. Remember, everyone needs water every day, and water dispensers fill that need.

Choosing the best water dispenser highly depends on the necessity.

If filtered water that can be cooled or heated is what you are looking for, then a point of use or bottled water dispenser is what you need.

And if all you need is the simple access to water, a standard mounted water dispenser will do just fine.

Choosing between the 2 options will depend on the available circumstances. If the dispenser is easy to hook up to the main water line, a POU makes the best option as it’ll provide you with an unlimited supply of pure water.

However, if you don’t have access to the main water line, get a bottled water dispenser as it can supply you with clean filtered water.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: What is the difference between a water filter and a water dispenser?

A water filter removes floaters, bacteria, heavy metals, and other contaminants. On the other hand, a water dispenser provides/dispenses clean and filtered water at your convenience.

Q: Is dispenser water safe for drinking?

Water dispensers provide safe, clean, and purified water with a preference for either moderate, cold, or hot options. It helps keep your family hydrated all day long.

Q: What are the benefits of a water dispenser?

A water dispenser offers clean and safe water at your convenience, encourages a sugar-free diet, is space saving, serves more people at a go, is eco-friendly, affordable, saves time and money, and is easy to use.

Q: Do water dispensers use tap water?

Point of use water dispensers use tap water and therefore don’t need to use bottles as their main water supply.

Q: Why are water dispensers bad?

If not properly maintained, water dispensers can be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. You, therefore, need to clean them from time to time to prevent this from happening.

Q: How long do water dispensers last?

The average shelf life of a water dispenser is five to seven years. If made from high-quality materials, it can last up to 10 years.

Q: How does an automatic water dispenser work?

An automatic water dispenser works by fetching water from bottled cans and dispensing it. It comes with a silicone tube that inserts into the water bottle.
To dispense the water, you just need to press the dispenser’s soft button.

Q: Can a water dispenser work without electricity?

Electric water dispensers can’t work without electricity. However, some non-electric models don’t require electricity to operate.
Non-electric water dispensers don’t have cooling or heating options.


And there you have it! The answer to the question – Does a water dispenser filter water? Some do filter water, while others dispense filtered water from water bottles.

A filtered water dispenser is worth investing in as it’s not only affordable but also a long-term solution to your water needs (1). And since maintaining proper hydration is important to your daily life, why not get a filtered dispenser for your home?

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