Does Reverse Osmosis Water Dehydrate You?

Every healthy decision starts with drinking enough water per day. And there are plenty of safe drinking water options, such as reverse osmosis water.

RO water is free of contaminants like lead, mercury, nitrates, sulfates, bacteria, and viruses that can negatively affect your health.

In fact, reverse osmosis water is the purest form of water available.

However, although clean, safe, pure, and healthy, there have been claims that the water can dehydrate humans.

So, does reverse osmosis water dehydrate you? There’s virtually no tried and tested evidence to show that reverse osmosis water dehydrates. The claims are simply misleading and inaccurate.

Does Reverse Osmosis Water Make You More Thirsty?

Does Reverse Osmosis Water Dehydrate You

Drinking reverse osmosis water will keep you hydrated all day long. Make you more thirsty? Not at all.

One of the major advantages of reverse osmosis water is that it’s great-tasting. Although taste is subjective, some individuals can’t take any other type of water.

Additionally, blind taste tests have shown that RO water is more preferred over tap water. Why would people like this water if it makes them more thirsty?

Removing contaminants from tap water makes it cleaner, fresher, and tastier than tap water.

Is Drinking Reverse Osmosis Water Bad for You?

Reverse osmosis water is highly beneficial to your health. It is free of harmful contaminants like lead, which causes many diseases like nerve damage, infertility, and high blood pressure.

Drinking reverse osmosis water also lowers the risks of anemic conditions and brain damage. It also eliminates disease-causing parasites that might be present in your tap water.

Reverse osmosis water is low on sodium, which is removed during water filtration. Excessive consumption of sodium can lead to high blood pressure, which triggers health issues such as heart diseases and liver/kidney problems.

Reverse osmosis filters out parasites like cryptosporidium, which affects the small intestines leading to fever, cramps, and diarrhea. The parasite also causes malnutrition and dehydration in kids.

The process also eliminates giardia, another parasite that causes intestinal complications in kids.

Why would drinking reverse osmosis water be bad if this water is free of all these contaminants that can harm your health?

The water is also the safest for cancer patients. However, radiotherapy weakens their immune system, and drinking contaminated water could further compromise the condition.

What Does Reverse Osmosis Water Do to Your Body

Drinking reverse osmosis keeps you safe from diseases that arise from drinking contaminated water.

As aforementioned, reverse osmosis water filtration dispels harmful contaminants like mercury and lead that can degrade your health over time. It also removes sodium, which contributes to high blood pressure.

The elimination of these impurities makes the water clean and refreshing to your body.

Are There Disadvantages to Drinking RO Water?

Although reverse osmosis water is pure and healthy, it’s also free of all beneficial minerals. These minerals, necessary for your body’s health, are removed during filtration.

Calcium and magnesium are some of the essential minerals eliminated from the water during reverse osmosis. Remember, these minerals are highly beneficial for growing kids and adults.

Therefore, if you only drink reverse osmosis water, ensure that you incorporate a healthy diet to supplement the minerals.

You can also choose to remineralize the water by adding mineral droplets, a pinch of Himalayan pink salt, or electrolyte blends. Getting an RO system with a remineralization #Amazon Link stage is also a smart move.


Drinking reverse osmosis water is a smart and healthy decision. The water is free of almost all contaminants that can negatively affect your health, like lead, mercury, sodium, and bacteria, among others.

The water will keep you hydrated all day long since it’s clean, pure, healthy, and refreshing. It’s also great tasting and might help you cut down on sugary drinks like soda.

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