Do Alkaline Water Pitchers Really Work?

If you are keen enough, you might have noticed a growing interest in alkaline water. The water is rich in health benefits, especially for persons with high blood pressure and diabetes.

And that’s how alkaline water pitchers come into play.

The best alkaline water pitchers on Amazon #Ad work by filtering tap water, adding minerals, and raising the pH of the water. And unlike conventional whole house filters that take a lot of space and are high-maintenance, alkaline water pitchers are compact and require little servicing.

So, do alkaline water pitchers really work? Keep reading and get the answers to this question and more in this post.

What is an Alkaline Water Pitcher?

Do Alkaline Water Pitchers Really Work

An alkaline water pitcher is a filter pitcher with a special type of water filter. It also has a standard filtration media that traps contaminants.

The pitcher also contains ceramic balls and minerals that boost the pH of your water, making it more alkaline on the pH scale (8.0 to 10.0 pH).

Do Alkaline Water Pitchers Really Work?

Yes, alkaline water filter pitchers work by removing contaminants from water. They also add essential minerals and improve the taste and health properties of the water.

The pitchers are an effective and easy way of not only filtering your water but also boosting its pH level. They use a variety of filter media, including ion exchange resin and activated carbon filter, together with a pH enrichment or remineralization media.

How Do Alkaline Water Pitchers Work?

Listed below is a step-by-step process of how an alkaline water pitcher works:

  • Fill the pitcher with tap or well water.
  • The water enters the pitcher’s filter cartridge thanks to gravity.
  • Different contaminants like heavy metals, chlorine, and chloramines are removed depending on the type of filter cartridge material.
  • The remineralization media in the filter alkalizes the water, raising its pH and restoring healthy minerals. Different models add different minerals to the water.
  • Water collects in the pitcher’s bottom chamber for you to use.

Like with any other water filtration system, you’ll have to purchase replacement filters for the alkaline water filter pitcher when the filter life lapses.

Are Alkaline Water Pitchers Safe?

Are Alkaline Water Pitchers Safe

Alkaline water filter pitchers are safe as they help eliminate harmful contaminants from water. They also add healthy minerals to the water, making it more beneficial(Today’s Best Deal, Check Price on Amazon).

Just don’t use them to increase the alkalinity of water with a pH of more than 7.0. You don’t want to lower your stomach acidity levels.

Excessively alkaline water can also irritate your skin and cause gastrointestinal issues.

Can an Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher Work for Well Water?

Some alkaline water pitchers can work for well water if the water isn’t too acidic. Others can even remove contaminants in your well water and adequately boost its pH.

However, if the well water is too acidic, the pitcher might not be capable of boosting its pH. Your well water might also contain contaminants that the water filter pitcher can’t remove.

How Will You Know Whether an Alkaline Water Filter Works?

Although you might be able to tell the difference in taste between unfiltered water and that which has been filtered with the pitcher, it’s not the best method.

The best way to know for sure that your alkaline water filter pitcher works is by testing the water. All you need is a basic at-home test kit to carry out the test.

Start by testing the incoming water straight from your tap. Note its acidity and any other parameters that the pitcher can adjust.

Next, test a sample of the filtered water from the alkaline pitcher. If it’s working, certain contaminants from the water should be removed and the pH of your water higher.

What are the Benefits of an Alkaline Water Pitcher?

Discussed below are the benefits of an alkaline water pitcher.

Improves the Taste of Water

Tap water has a metallic taste that comes with it. In fact, a sip will tell you that you are not drinking quality water as it doesn’t taste good at all.

An alkaline water filter removes contaminants like chlorine that affect the taste and smell of your water. It makes you take more water than before thanks to the great taste.

Creates a Healthy Body pH Balance

By increasing the alkalinity of your drinking water, an alkaline water pitcher helps you maintain a healthy pH balance.

Tap water is usually highly acidic, and when it’s added to your body (especially if your body is highly acidic), your body will have to work overtime to maintain a comfortable pH.

Aids Detoxing

Alkaline water helps you detox. It flushes out nasty toxins from the body that give your health complications. Add in fresh veggies and fruits, and you’ll detox perfectly.

Wondering how this works?

Well, it raises the pH levels in your urine, improves the way your kidneys function, and detoxes your body using healthy kidneys.

Boosts the Immune System

Drinking alkaline water boosts your immune system to fight all the germs you encounter. It helps your immune system clean any toxins in your body.

In fact, some alkaline water pitcher brands claim that alkaline water has high oxidation-reduction potential, meaning that it’s rich in antioxidants.

Drinking the water helps reduce free radicals, increase immunity and boost energy levels.

You Hydrate Better

Our bodies can only function well if hydrated. Alkaline water hydrates you faster than tap water. And as aforementioned, you’ll take more of this water daily now that it tastes great.

The more water you take, the more hydrated you become. And you need this for your body to function properly.

Slows Aging

Experts say that alkaline filtered water helps your body detox and improve metabolism. Drinking the water will most likely help you live longer than individuals drinking regular tap water, which reduces metabolic activity.


Most alkaline water pitchers come at a very affordable price(less than $50). Annual filter replacement changes cost around $50 as well, thus very budget-friendly.

With the filter, you’ll enjoy clean and filtered, alkalized water in the comfort of your home without having to break the bank.

Do Alkaline Water Pitchers Have Setbacks?

Of course, anything with benefits comes with drawbacks as well. They include:

  • Can Lower Stomach Acidity Levels

Although alkaline water is safe, drinking it for a prolonged period can affect your stomach acidity levels, which target bacteria and pathogens and prevent them from entering your bloodstream.

  • Can Cause Metabolic Alkalosis

Drinking alkaline water for a long time can also upset your normal body pH levels. This causes a condition referred to as metabolic alkalosis.

Symptoms of metabolic alkalosis include headache, muscle twitching, confusion, nausea, and vomiting. Alkalosis can also reduce free calcium levels in the body and negatively affect your bone health.

  • May Not be Useful

If your water is already mineral-rich and alkaline, using an alkaline water pitcher won’t make any difference. You actually don’t have to spend your money on one.


Alkaline water pitchers work. They remove certain contaminants from your water, raise its pH and make your water taste nicer.

However, you need to be extra careful when getting one for our home. Some alkaline water pitchers aren’t worth your money as they won’t work.

To ensure that you end up with the best alkaline water pitcher, do your research and go through reviews from industry experts before paying for one.

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