DIY Guide to Painting Furniture


Painting furnishings is a fantastic way to give your old pieces a new lease of life. It’s likewise a cost-effective way to update your house style without damaging the bank. However, if you’ve never repainted furniture before, it can be a difficult task. Yet worry not, with this DIY overview to painting furnishings, you’ll have the ability to change your old furniture right into something new and gorgeous.


Before you start painting, it is essential to prepare your furnishings. This will certainly make certain that the paint adheres appropriately which the ended up item looks specialist. Below are the actions you require to comply with:

1. Tidy the furniture: Utilize a moist towel to wipe down the furniture and eliminate any dust or dirt. If there are any type of stubborn discolorations, make use of a moderate cleaning agent and also water to cleanse them off.

2. Sand the furnishings: Use sandpaper to roughen up the surface of the furniture. This will assist the paint stick much better. See to it you sand towards the grain as well as don’t sand as well hard, as this can damage the furnishings.

3. Fill up any kind of holes or fractures: If there are any kind of holes or fractures in the furnishings, usage timber filler to load them in. As soon as the filler has dried, sand it down so that it’s flush with the surface of the furnishings.

4. Prime the furnishings: Apply a layer of guide to the furniture. This will certainly help the paint adhere far better as well as will certainly also conceal any kind of discolorations or marks on the furnishings. Make sure you use a primer that appropriates for the kind of paint you’re using.


Now that your furniture is prepared, it’s time to begin paint. Here are the actions you need to follow:

1. Choose the ideal paint: There are several sorts of paint you can make use of to paint furniture, consisting of chalk paint, milk paint, and also latex paint. Choose the sort of paint that’s finest fit to your furnishings as well as the appearance you want to attain.

2. Use the initial coat of paint: Utilize a paintbrush or roller to apply the initial layer of paint to the furnishings. Make certain you use the paint equally and also do not apply too much at the same time, as this can trigger drips.

3. Let the paint completely dry: Once you have actually applied the first layer of paint, let it dry totally before using the second coat. This will make certain that the paint sticks correctly and also will certainly additionally avoid the paint from smudging.

4. Apply the second layer of paint: Once the initial layer of paint has dried out, use the 2nd layer of paint. Again, see to it you use the paint equally and do not apply excessive at the same time.

5. Let the paint dry: Once you’ve applied the 2nd coat of paint, let it dry totally before utilizing the furniture. This will certainly make sure that the paint has actually fully cured and also will certainly avoid it from smearing or abrading.

Ending up

When the paint has dried, it’s time to finish your furniture. Below are the steps you require to adhere to:

1. Sand the furnishings: Usage sandpaper to lightly sand the furnishings. This will aid to smooth out any harsh places and will additionally assist the paint adhere much better.

2. Use an overcoat: Apply an overcoat to the furnishings to shield the paint and also provide it an expert finish. You can utilize a clear wax, polyurethane, or varnish as an overcoat.

3. Let the topcoat completely dry: When you’ve used the topcoat, allow it dry entirely prior to using the furnishings. This will certainly guarantee that the topcoat has actually fully cured and will shield the paint from scratches as well as discolorations.


Paint furniture is a great means to upgrade your home decoration without spending a great deal of cash. With this DIY overview to painting furniture, you’ll have the ability to transform your old furnishings into something brand-new and also stunning. Keep in mind to prepare your furnishings properly, choose the best paint, as well as finish your furniture with a topcoat. With a bit of time and initiative, you’ll have a furniture piece that appears like it was skillfully painted.

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