Difference Between Water Dispenser and Water Purifier

Ever thought of how difficult your life would be if you lacked a constant supply of clean and healthy water? You need it for drinking, washing your dishes, serving your guests, cleaning your clothes, and many other personal and household activities.

To ensure that you get clean water for your family conveniently and at all times, you’ll need a water purifier or a dispenser.

Water dispensers offer safe, purified, and clean drinking water, while a water purifier ensures that your household has a constant supply of clean and purified water as well.

So, what are the differences between a water dispenser and a water purifier?

Stick around, and you’ll find that out soon enough.

What is a Water Dispenser?

Just like the name implies, a water dispenser is a device that dispenses water. It provides clean and purified water as no dirt goes through the appliance.

Some water dispensers provide filtered and clean water from replaceable bottles (bottled water dispensers), while others provide water from a municipal water line (mounted water dispensers).

There are also those that come with an inbuilt filtration system (point of use water dispensers) which filters sediments, contaminants, and bacteria from the water.

Water dispensers provide easy access to drinking water. Actually, people tend to enjoy water from a dispenser than from a sink. This is because many water dispensers provide the option of having cool or heated water.

How a Water Dispenser Purifies Water

As earlier stated, a water dispenser offers an unlimited supply of pure, safe, and clean drinking water. So how does it purify the water?

Most water dispensers run the water supply through a 3-stage purification process that includes:

  • Carbon filtration
  • UV purification
  • BioCote surface protection

Carbon Filtration

The first stage involves carbon filtration, a process that helps to improve the quality of your drinking water. Highly porous pieces of carbon used here help to remove all impurities that impact the smell, color, and taste of your tap water.

Some of the impurities removed at this stage include chlorine, petrochemicals, and other toxins.

UV Purification

This is the 2nd stage, and it uses microbiological purification with UV light to remove 99.99% bacteria from your drinking water.

Most dispensers combine this purification process with Firewall technology, which is chemical-free and helps eradicate microorganisms like salmonella and E.coli.

BioCote Sanitation

This process helps to inhibit the growth of bacteria. In addition, it provides a sanitization layer around areas that you frequently touch, such as the levers or buttons.

Reasons Why You Need a Water Dispenser at Home

Better for your health

Water from a dispenser is healthy to drink. It’s clear of chlorine, bacteria, and other contaminants that can cause serious health problems.

Another winning point for water dispensers is that they don’t remove naturally occurring minerals from the water. Therefore having water from a water dispenser is just like having mineral water.

Better Dehydration

Drinking water from time to time is healthy as it helps to keep our bodies hydrated and rejuvenated. Water from a water dispenser is tasty, a feature that encourages people to take more water each day. In addition, it contains all minerals, unlike water from filtration systems, which tastes flat.


Water dispensers keep water at everyone’s exposal. It means that the whole family can get water at any time of the day with ease. Your kids won’t have to wait for you to help them fill up their glass as well.

Encourages a sugar-free diet

Since RO and distilled water tastes bland, it discourages many from taking water. As a result, majority choose to take sugar-added drinks like soda to quench their thirst, which is not healthy.

Water from a dispenser is tasty, and even kids love it. With one, your family will reduce the need for these sugary, flavored, and unhealthy drinks.

Saves you space

With a water dispenser, you won’t have to store lots of water in your fridge. It, therefore, saves you valuable space where you can store other beverages.

It saves time and money

A water dispenser helps you save time; it only requires you to press the knob for a glass of water. You won’t have to wait for your water to boil for you to prepare your coffee in the morning before you rush for work.

In addition, since a water dispenser can hold about 3 to 5 gallons of water, it saves you the hassle of purchasing small containers. The cost of refilling a dispenser is also less compared to buying new water bottles every time.

Water Purifiers

Water purifiers are a necessity for every household. They ensure that you get clean and safe drinking water for your family at all times.

They are actually referred to as systems that remove more than 95% of contaminants from your drinking water. A water purifier usually removes living organisms like protozoa and bacteria, which filters might not remove.

How a Water Purifier Purifies Water

Water purifiers come in different designs and use any of the following technologies to remove contaminants from your water:

  • Reverse osmosis
  • Distillation

Reverse Osmosis

RO system uses a semi-permeable membrane to separate contaminants from the water. During the process, clean water passes through while the unwanted large contaminant particles are blocked and removed from the water.

This process filters contaminants such as pesticides, ions, and other chemicals from the water.

Reverse osmosis happens to be one of the most effective water filtration methods and removes about 99%of contaminants from the water.


Distillation works differently from RO. During this process, water is separated from contaminants by boiling it.

The clean water turns into steam, where it’s collected while the contaminants remain behind.

Why You Need a Water Purifier at Your Home

Reduces the risk of medical conditions

Water purifiers reduce the risk of dangerous diseases such as cancer. They remove heavy metals, bacteria and chlorine that significantly affect your health when you drink the water.

Using a water purifier ensures that your family takes germ-free water at all times. You are, therefore, generally protected from diseases that can harm your health.


Removing contaminants from a large quantity of water using water purifiers is a less time-consuming process. In addition, these purifiers provide an easy way to remove germs at the convenience of your home.

Protects from Skin problems

Drinking impure water might cause skin allergies. Water that is rich in chlorine and other volatile chemicals can irritate your skin and cause great harm.

Water purifiers make your water clean and safe for consumption. You won’t have to worry about skin problems. Your skin can stay hydrated and healthy at all times.

Improves the taste of water

Impurities in the water influence the flavor and taste of the food we cook in it. A taste that may not be to your liking. Water purifiers help improve this situation.

For instance, RO water purifiers are greatly recommended when your water tastes salty. This is because it softens, sweetens the water, and retains only pure drinking water.

Which is Better, a Water Dispenser or a Water Purifier?

The biggest advantage that a water dispenser has over a water purifier is that you can get water at a temperature of your choice with it. So if working in an office and need to prepare a cup of coffee, a water dispenser comes in handy.

Water purifiers help remove heavy metal and higher levels of contaminants that other filters may not remove from the water.

These purifiers also provide an added level of protection compared to inbuilt filtration methods from water dispensers. For instance, RO purifiers can remove contaminants, which might bypass other filtration technologies.

Using water purifiers also helps to cut back on plastic, a practice that helps protect the environment. By installing a water purification system in your home, you can access clean, pure, and safe drinking water in your home in an environmentally friendly way.

Although a water dispenser helps dispense pure water with ease, it would be better for you to get both the dispenser and the water purifier for your home. You’ll enjoy lots of benefits if you have both.


Although water dispensers and water purifiers enable you to get a constant supply of clean and pure water. They work differently, carry out different functions, and are different in nature. What to get for your home will depend on the type of water available, the convenience you seek, and your budget.

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